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Cargo Lift: 600 t

Alterans' starter atmo XS cargo ship is available to the general public in large quantities. Call price at 4,300,000q A player without a pilot's skil can fly with 600 Tons Cargo on of Alioth or Sanctuary easily. Only atmospheric flight is possible. The hover engine will allow you to land safely in atmo environments. Stat on the third screen with no piloting skill ! The ship is sold with fuel. Engine list : 2 Basic atmospheric engine L 6 Flat Hover Engine L Ship sold with all element handling level 5 : lvl 5/5 space thrust (+65% space thrust) lvl 5/5 atmo thrust (+65% atmo thrust) lvl 5/5 retrobrakes and airbrakes (+65% power) lvl 5/5 hovers and vboost (+65% power) lvl 5/5 adjustors (+37,5% power) lvl 5 airfoils (+25% high altitude lift) lvl5 container proficiency (+50% cargo volume) lvl5 container optimization (-25% cargo mass) lvl5 atmo and space fuel tanks (+100% fuel storage) lvl5 fuel optimization (and container) (-56,25% fuel mass) Skin/buff : Cobqlt#8533 Enginierie/buff : Aranol#4393 Shop here : Adresse : ::pos{0,26,-5.7328,51.1860,41.0680} POD VR : ATS ALTERANS Selling by Token or dispenser. Due to price inflation and continuous increase. While waiting for the arrival of minning unites, prices will remain in the upper range.

Token: 4.3 Mħ
BP: 4.3 Mħ

436 XVD

The 16t Experience


Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

BP: 10 Mħ

Guardian VI

The 16t Experience


Space Thrust: 11.5 MN

A small core Ship for Shopping tour´s on any Planet. Burst into Orbit with it to reach your best Player Marked even faster. It comes with to 2 L Containers to fill up, Manuever Engines for low costs, Radar and 180° view out of the Cockpit to the those freacking Space Towers.

BP: 2.5 Mħ


The 16t Experience


Atmo Thrust: 6.22 MN

This one will get you and 2 more peoble everywhere fast and in Style. It is mainly made for Human transport but you can slap S Containers on it for some cargo space. It can do a suicide turn with almost no staling.

BP: 2.5 Mħ

TIE Reaper

Imperial Drive Yards


Cargo Lift: 350 t

Used by the Empire primarily as a troop transport and starfighter support. This one holds 2 L cargo containers and enough open space for your own personal touches. Take a look personally, VR to IDY Thades Station.

BP: 10 Mħ

Skip mk 1



Space Thrust: 1.1 MN

The skip is a part of the S-line of ships,in fact it is the first one of its line This ship is a warp shuttle for getting schematics or to travel to friends There are 2 versions of this , one that has tier 2 military atmo engines, and another one that has tier 2 maneuver atmo engines i would advice to use the military version , as i can personally barely leave alioth with the maneuvers and i have near maxed talents in piloting Also this ship hull shape has made the handling characteristics not optimal but then again this one is more about the looks , if you want handling take a look at the D-line version called Discovery Do note prices depend on market and if you are interested in getting current prices, you can ask in DU-creators discord or in-game from me You can visit my Ship showroom to take a look at my other ships VR:Forerunner ship showroom Updated 04.09.2021

Token: 12 Mħ

Star Jammer

Dragons Forge


Space Thrust: 1.92 MN

A stylish warp shuttle, designed with power, efficiency and flight handling in mind! With Advanced Maneuver Atmospheric & Space engines, the Star Jammer is both fuel and cell efficient, with flight characteristics that will appeal to both new and experienced flyers.

BP: 3 Mħ

IC Skyfire

Sabretooth of MetalLaires Industrial


Max Speed: 1,100 km/h

A 36K litres (3xS container) cargo vessel in the standard Imperial Class design 2 basic atmo engine M 4 basic atmo engine S 2 uncommon safe space engine M (will feature basic space M in the future) Hovers Vertical boosters Radar 1 vertical placed basic engine M for extra lift power. 2 vertical placed basic space engine S for extra lift power. 2 vertical placed basic space engine xs for descending in space on space stations. Head and tail lights (on/off switch) Landing and ambient lights (on/off switch) Interior light (on/off switch) 2 passengers seats Designed to be able to land/ride along on an M-core Skywalker.

Token: 1 Mħ

Xerxes SW

AeroFlex Dynamics INC


Max Speed: 1,468 km/h

Xerxes SW is a small, warp capable ship. Xerxes SW is quick, get's to space fast! Can shoot straight up, and into space. Sport's 4 xs cargo container's, and can carry 48.08T. Nice little ship to get to where you need to go. Can go 1200km in atmo before she start's to flame up. Fast and fun to fly. Look's cool! Contact me to get your’s!! Discord: Stryker2079#8057

Token: 10 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ

TIE/B Warp Shuttle

Imperial Drive Yards


Cargo Lift: 12 t

TIE Bombers were retro-fitted to fit many roles. This one had a warp drive added, some containers for your luggage and enough space to warp 8 of your friends with you. 13 warp cells to the farthest point, get out and explore the galaxy! Visit Imperial Drive Yards on VR at IDY Thades.

BP: 2.5 Mħ




Max Speed: 1,818 km/h

Get a shot by the syringe! No side-effects! It is a fast small pocketship with 2 small advanced military engines. It comes with Archaegeo-Orbital-Hud installed.

BP: 200 Kħ

Lego Man



No attributes :-(

It is plain and simple to see it is a lego man. Makes a good market runner for small items. Atmo only, 2 large engines. Takes off and lands vertical and flies horizontal, if you are a good pilot. I have priced this so cheap so that anyone can afford it! My hope is that many of you will buy a basic lego man and customize it into your favorite lego man like I have. See my lego batman for sale also! Lego iron man, lego superman or benny the spaceman, the possibilities are endless. As usual the interiors of my ships are almost entirely empty, this one included. I do exteriors and you can customize the interior however you like. For the most part I make pretty and functional shells that are able to be added to or modified if desired. Located in the The Toy Store tower. Use the elevators on any of the platforms to go all the way to the top.

BP: 100 Kħ

Flak mk 1



Cargo Space: 166 kL

The all purpose ship from forerunner Corp in the F-line of design This is the ship i use the most Has 1 L container with 2 mil engines and 2 atmos engines , the mil engines will only engage when throttle is over 79% Do note prices depend on market and if you are interested in getting current prices, you can ask in DU-creators discord or in-game from me You can visit my Ship showroom to take a look at my other ships VR:Forerunner ship showroom Updated : 05.09.2021

Token: 15 Mħ

Daedalus Cruiser



Max Speed: 997.2 km/h

Medium cruiser with 2 medium rail guns, 2 large containers, medium shield generator and plenty of comfort. Features 2 sleeping, a conference room and a revival room. Easily access the ship from underneath with automatic doors and a forcefield ramp. Has 8 large military atmospheric thruster and 4 large basic space thrusters. You can see a video of take off in to space and landing with some interior and exterior shots at the end here https://youtu.be/5hfg-7u_Jqc

Dark Scanner v2



Atmo Thrust: 8.1 MN

Here you have a scanner ship whit 3 scanners on and some cargo for fuel and scanns and a Landing pad VR station and Pod station for easier to make clams whit other characters. cheap ship to make only basic engens and T1 Honeycomb If you want to see it you can use VR station to Dark RevelantZ all stats lvl 5 upgrades and lvl 5 Piloting

BP: 200 Kħ
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