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The Kraken



Dry Weight: 2,640 t

As Featured by Novquark in the Dual Universe Update 0.24 Trailer. The Kraken Class Carrier is a must-have ship for you to carry and display your fleet in style. Inspired by the SC Drake Interplanetary Kraken this ship is as close to the original as possible whilst retaining full functionality within the DU Universe. The Kraken is a full space and atmosphere capable ship. Laid out over 5 decks, she boasts an Anti-Grav system, Warp Drive, and an arsenal of Rail Guns for defence. There are 2 Large containers as standard in the cargo hold and a large multifunction hanger situated below the flight decks for ship storage or up to 10 additional large containers for extra haulage. The bridge commands clear views out over the flight decks. The ship also has 2 luxury officer cabins, VR, Resnode, Sun Terrace, and Conference/Mess Hall. Functioning Navigation Lights. 6 Independently lit landing decks for your S and XS fleet. The Kraken comes fully buffed to level 5 and DRM free command/gunner seats and program boards for custom HUD and script installations. Space engines are basic 4 x XL and 4 x L so plenty of future upgrade options Main Atmo Engines are 12 x Military L The Kraken also has an additional 6 x L space and 4 x L atmo engines for full axis manoeuvres. This truly is a multifunctional ship, use it as a mining vessel, haulier, fleet carrier or mobile base. VR - The Kraken Contact me on Discord Tokens are available to order. 1-week delivery.

Token: 250 Mħ
BP: 50 Mħ

Can Scan Max

iNFiDeL Inc.


Cargo Space: 192 kL

Predecessor to the hit, Can Scan, the Can Scan Max takes scanning a step forward and utilizes the power of Anti-Grav, Space Capability, Warp, increased storage capabilities and best of all top shelf style! Though slightly slower between triple scan tiles than the original, the Max makes up for it by floating well above the surface avoiding those pesky mountains, valleys and deep waters. The Voxel work is by the legendary TonyTones which makes the max very much both beautiful and functional. Quit wasting time between scans, whether you are watching movies, studying or playing other games while scanning, no one likes to waste time, its your most valuable resource so spend it wisely. The Can Scan Max utilizes Advanced Maneuver Engines, Elevators, carefully placed Scanners, widely spaced pods and AGG to streamline the scanning process. Enough with the maneuver tooling and sprinting from scanner to scanner, get your Can Scan Max today! Check It Out Today! VR: Atlas Museum ::pos{0,2,49.8920,29.9000,4.3693} BP Sold Via Dispenser On Site / For Tokens DM: iNFiDeL#7187 ***NOTICE*** To Utilize Max Handling Displayed Below On BP, Deploy BP While In VR Only! This Insures Your Skills Do Not Disrupt The BP Skills. ***NOTICE*** Max Handling: lvl 5 atmo thrust (+50 atmo thrust) lvl 5 space thrust (+50% space thrust) lvl 5 airfoils (+25% high altitude lift) lvl 5 container proficiency (+50% cargo volume) lvl 5 container optimization (-25% cargo mass) lvl 5 vertical booster (+50% power) lvl 5 adjustors (+25% power) lvl 5 atmo fuel tank volume (+100% fuel storage) lvl 5 space fuel tank volume (+100% fuel storage) lvl 5 fuel optimization (-25% fuel mass) lvl 5 atmo element handling (+10% power to: atmo engines, hover engines and airfoils) lvl 5 flight element handling (+10% power to: retro-engines, airbrakes and adjustors) lvl 5 space element handling (+10% power to: space engines and vertical boosters) lvl 5 airbrakes (+50% power) lvl 5 retro-engines [space brakes] (+50% power)

Token: 50 Mħ
BP: 12 Mħ


Hagbard's Boards


Max Speed: 1,751 km/h

Parts: 100k Found at District 3 as seen in image. They are super agile, go vertical, can circle around a lamppost and the brakes feel like throwing an anchor... Basically the Hagboard has the smallest technically possible front cross section for a fully functional Atmo flyer. Its really fast whilst using almost no fuel. Ideal to race around or for that quick trip to a distant market. The Blueprint is free. Price for a full set of required parts: 100k Quanta. I'm refilling the BP container a couple of times a day, so there should always be some available. Cheers, Hagbard Contact Hagbard#8837 on Discord with questions.

BP: 1 ħ

MTI Trilobite

Bright Industries


Cargo Lift: 20,000 t

Introducing something long thought extinct, the Trilobite was underneath the waves of Jago- biding its time till your next hauling mission. Hand sculpted by Koriandah and engineered by BlindingBright, this ship is the undisputed king of M core haulers- and gives many of L core a run for it's Quanta. Carrying more than any other within it's weight-class, with over 21kt+ from the ground of Alioth, no AG, into space. "*Cackling* 21kt?! What... have we done?!" - Blinding Bright "It's existence is an affront to god, I've created a monster." - Koriandah "I need to get the MTI new hauler" - Cobqlt The-best-hauler in it's weight/size class compared to other ships on DU-Creators. 30L containers of internal storage, room on the top of the ship for cargo pods. 10 XL Maneuver Space Engines go brrrrrr 50 Large Military Atmos for pushin' power 32 Large Stabilizers... 32 LARGE STABLIZERS?!!! No. stacked. elements. With a focus on performance, she ain't too bad lookin' with a fully built out posh interior- made from some of the finniest wood & marble found in Helios. The bridge gives you beautiful views for you and all of your a̶l̶t̶s̶... or org mates ;) Fully built out crew & captains quarters, engineering bay, and built-in bar for your never ending party in space. If you want to come face to face with this monster, see it now on display at "Blinding Bright Ship Store", with a VR directly to it "MTI Trilobite"

Token: 135 Mħ
BP: 47.5 Mħ

The Pioneer

Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Lift: 12,000 t

The Pioneer. The re-release is coming soon! Large Core M AGG Warp Drive 42L Containers Can Easily lift 12KT+ off the ground on Alioth into space. To view - use the VR Station and visit CAPTAINS CUSTOMS to see it in person. https://youtu.be/A2vc3OUmD0Q


Tie advanced



No attributes :-(

now a free blueprint, gift from loaded industries my next start wars ship to my collection is this tie advanced small core ship comes with 2 advanced atmos engines and 1 space military engine does 1200km without damage when in burn mode, fitted with 67kl cargo hold for light market runs, stats show are what comes with token form with my boosts everything lvl 4 and atmos and space engines are lvl 5

Token: 10 Mħ
BP: 1 ħ

K 1200

Gerokz Aerodynamics


Cargo Lift: 3,200 t

The K1200 is an all rounder cargo transport with warp. video demo of the ship at high weight with my skills flying to space and back https://youtu.be/fKoeHGbE6ds Features: 3.2 kilotons cargo(4.31 kilotons total weight) lift from Alioth with my skills 2-4 in most flight skills 0 in a couple. 9g of braking at max weight for fast stopping and easy landing. level 5 container boosts 4 L containers inside room for more on top for when you need volume over weight. level 5 when placed boost on all engines level 5 boosts on adjusters, verts, brakes, wings

Token: 30 Mħ

Awakening i03

Objective Driveyards


Cargo Lift: 100 t

Designer: _Ieael_ Now being sold direct from Objective Driveyards! This XS core ship is atmo and space capable, can get 100+ tons of cargo to space within 4 S containers linked by a hub, reach 1000+ kph in atmo, carry 3 people seated and takes off with below 200km/h speeds, among other things. No less important, it looks cool af! There is also a warp-capable version available: https://du-creators.org/makers/Objective%20Driveyards/ship/Awakening%20i03%20Explorer Come check out this and all our other awesome ships in person at our Showroom (under construction) on Alioth at ::pos{0,2,23.15,73.25,0.0} or via Surrogate VR "ODY Showroom". Contact an ODY Staff Member via our Marketplace Discord sever at discord.gg/qKaFW857Qz to buy tokenized ships, or visit the ODY Blueprint Archive next door to our showroom to pick up a blueprint of your favorite ship. Disclaimer: Stats measured based on T5 buffs and T4 piloting. As always, performance can vary based on pilot skills.

Token: 6 Mħ
BP: 4 Mħ

VHAGAR ( Demeter Edition )



Cargo Lift: 7,000 t

HAPPY TO SAY THE VAHAGR HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED FOR WHEN THE BRAKES FIX GOES LIVE, anyone that has bought a vhagar in the past will be offered a free blueprint so you can update your version and also offering to boost the whole ship free of charge all to lvl 5 boosts Loaded Industries present the VHAGAR a medium hauler that will carry 7000 tonnes in the cargo hold out of atmos on alioth with 6 large fuel tanks full, all 27 engines are advanced and this ship is built with future proof placement nothing stacked/clipped so rest easy that this ship will always do what its ment to do with ease, all elements have lvl 5 placement talents aswell as container/mass/prof lvl 5, stats shown are with pilot skills 3/4 any questions please message me on discord, blueprints can be purchased at my location, can be viewed in VR search for loaded industries showroom ive had to adjust the price by 10 million because of the ore prices its just making all elements cost much more to make and purchase

Token: 65 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ


SNS Sentinels


Space Thrust: 385 MN

Build by Ch3w8a (Shenluan#8552), Akcroma#9718 and Nikto#8099 According to demand, there may be a waiting time for orders The Fury-class Imperial Interceptor was a starship used by the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War and its resultant Cold War. Fury-class, with our Arquitens, is one of our Star Wars ship for Scifi events, it has already been tested many times in great battles so the first big Star Wars event against BOO. It represents the first collaboration between HOZ and ATS which will later form SNS Sentinels. 8 Advanced Precision Laser L 8 Advanced Precision Railgun L 10 Container L 8 Uncommon Military Space Engine XL 8 Space Fuel Tank L Warp Drive L Homemade PVP and piloting script Honeycomb Gold 195m3 Iron 18169m3 Steel 50.3m3 Nickel 615m3 Luminescent Glass 4.27m3 High level weapons handling Other elements full 5/5 buff

BP: 50 Mħ

Kestrel FTL

Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Lift: 4,000 t

“And she was cast as a meteor into the heavens… A burning herald across the skies. Signaling the coming of the Goddess of the Wind! The Kestrel had come.” Unknown Author – possibly high on Nitron fumes. Frankly, this ship is astonishing. Gorgeous good looks, incredible finish, spacious and luxurious interior. That is what you first notice about the Kestral. But that’s not even half the story. This ship is 50m long, can carry 4Kt out of Alioth, and stops on a dime. For the love of all that is good in the universe! it can pull handbrake turns in the atmosphere and keep flying. It’s a goddam 861T speeder!!! If that’s not enough, it only really shines when you set it on fire! As the pilot platform for Captain’s Customs patented heat-shield tech, the Kestrel blazes a path through the atmosphere at 2000kph with minimal heat damage. Every time Captain Miller flies the Kestrel he can be heard screaming “Burn Mother f$%*…Burn!” This party-trick was developed deep in Captain’s Customs R&D department by a crew of scientists from Madis who thought life on Alioth was a bit too chilly for their liking. And the price? it's soul-destroying – for everyone else! Simply put, it is one of the best ships on Alioth for the best price. Imagine paying 25 Mil for a mid-range cart-horse when a 27 Mil Kestrel soars past you at 2000kph carrying more!! The Kestrel is a crowning achievement for Captain’s Customs – a technological marvel and work of art. Buy yours today in the greatest bargain across the system! Come see it in person at Captain’s showroom 15km south of Alioth District 7 ::pos{0,2,14.2029,102.3581,0.0000} or visit Captain’s Customs in VR Captain’s Custom – Burning perfectly good ships for years to come.

Token: 35 Mħ
BP: 15 Mħ

DT Polaris V1.1 - Multirole DISCONTINUED

Zenith Corporation


Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

The Polaris is a true multi-roll ship featuring a fuel efficient design and enough atmospheric thrust to roast your Thanksgiving turkey with the bump of the throttle. Not only is the ship blindingly fast in atmosphere, with its single XL Military Space Engine, the Polaris accelerates in space fast enough to make your face look like a slice of the turkey you just roasted. The Polaris offers superior flight performance without cargo, but when it comes to hauling ore, the Polaris shines as well. Equipped with 6 level 5 boosted cargo containers, an AGG, and enough airfoils to lift the Empire State Building, the Polaris can easily haul a million liters of ore across the galaxy or over 1,500 bonsai trees to your local black market. Without the AGG, the Polaris can lift a total of 3kt to space from Alioth. The Polaris also features a beautiful interior that doesn't compromise the ship's weight and simplicity. You can lounge on the sofa while blowing up pirates with the ship's dual cannons if you so choose. Change log: - Includes Saga's Autopilot HUD now - Includes BP for Warp Shuttle by Fembot (For Pad) - Expanded and cleaned up the interior a bit (Help from Sinclair) - Extended Landing Pad (For warp ship) - Slight price increase to pay for subscriptions included on this ship DM Virtual for more info! Built by: [ZC] Virtual Fulfilled by: [ZC] Virtual

Token: 52 Mħ
BP: 26 Mħ


Gerokz Aerodynamics


Cargo Lift: 650 t

In-Atmo Capacity: 800t+ Colors Available - Dark orange, Dark red, Silver, black, green, yellow. Custom coloring is available for 250k extra charge for time and material. Has a spot for warp drive but not included. Warp install is free if you bring one. Has 2 Medium Atmo and 2 Medium Space tanks. Contact gerok#9619 on Discord to purchase. ________________________________________________________ > Markee Dragon#7777: "I own one of these. I can 100% recommend!" > NeoCrypter#5266: "I have been flying the prototype of this ship for a week and a half and I think it is a great ship, Worth every Quanta!" >yafeshan#1614: "Perfect smoothing work there. Not a single warped point seen." >Incisiv3#1622: "I got mine a few days ago, 10000% worth it. Very happy with it's performance and capabilities." > Starac#7943: "Proud owner of this beauty. High quality build, fast friendly and professional service."

Token: 12 Mħ


Objective Driveyards


Cargo Space: 48 kL

Designer: Destrin Built by Destrin, one of ODY's greatest voxelmancers, this highly detailed Rocinante is constructed at a 1:1.2 scale. This is a showpiece perfect for those who admire fine voxel work, as well as fans of the Expanse. Come check out this and all our other awesome ships in person at our Showroom (under construction) on Alioth at ::pos{0,2,23.15,73.25,0.0} or via Surrogate VR "ODY Showroom". Contact an ODY Staff Member via our Marketplace Discord sever at discord.gg/qKaFW857Qz to buy tokenized ships, or visit the ODY Blueprint Archive next door to our showroom to pick up a blueprint of your favorite ship. Disclaimer: As this is a showpiece, performance statistics have not been measured. This construct is only equipped to fly in space.

Token: 30 Mħ
BP: 25 Mħ


Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Lift: 18,000 t

“Prowler goes prrrrrrrrrrr!” These were the first words that the shipwrights of Captains Customs heard when they pried the doors open to Captain Miller’s inner sanctum. He had been in there for 10 days straight… What they found inside was enough to send shivers down the spine of even the most hardened criminal psychologist. Wall to wall pictures of engines and drafting plans of a new form of space ship… one that was …over-powered, aggressive…. Bestial. The Prowler was born! Some say it’s a giant space motorcycle. Some say it's an oversized bank of engines with a cockpit mounted on top. Others still think that Captain Miller has “collected” the genetic code of a space Jaguar to grow this ship… All we know for sure is that this ship is a monster! Indeed the engineers speak about it in hushed tones… and share stories of interns going missing after being sent to clean Captain’s first Prowler… With 42 Large Advanced Military Atmospheric Engines churning out 259MN of thrust, the power of the prowler is unrivaled. Capable of muscling 18KT in orbit, the Prowler is more than just a show pony. The Prowler is Captain Miller’s baby and he’s willing to share it with you. Eager actually! Desperate?... Look, frankly, the wrongful death lawsuits from the interns are piling up and people have stopped applying! So stop delaying, release your inner beast and buy a Prowler today. Come see it in person at Captains showroom 15km south of Alioth District 7 ::pos{0,2,14.2029,102.3581,0.0000} or visit Captains Customs in VR. Captain’s Customs – The quality justifies the quanta-ty!

Token: 125 Mħ
BP: 45 Mħ
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