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Voxel Sets

XIS "Bull Frog" XS 1

XEVIAS Industries


Cargo Lift: 500 t

The "Bull Frog" XS 1 from XEVIAS Industries is the perfect atmospheric xs core hauler for the every day trip. It comes with 2 m containers linked with container hub. It can lift easy 500t. The top speed of 1300 km/h can be flown without damage. With the brake power of 36.4 MN a brake landing in every situation is guaranteed. As flight and control system the Saga Autopilot 2.2.2 and Damage Report 3.16 is pre-installed. You can see it in person and pick up your blueprint at the XIS Showroom on Alioth at ::pos{0,2,61.6620,67.5582,74.5637} or via VR "XIS Showroom" - DON´T BUY VIA VR For token or any questions contact me on discord Xevias#8086 Custom changes are possible for a fee.

Token: 1.5 Mħ
BP: 500 Kħ




Space Thrust: 1.46 MN

SOL Presents the IO HX 2, the epitome of style and efficiency, a leader in the warp shuttle market of the Novean System. Featuring our patented Pelvic Attachment Units for warp-safe, comfortable passenger, "seating," we channel the very spirit of Sol to bring into human enjoyment once more, this Chariot of the Gods. This ship has been tested and functions well without any piloting talents, but with even minimal talent investment, the ship perform with excellence, particularly in the deep void of space. Available in Cobalt Blue, Blood Pink, and Racing Orange TL:DR Warp Cell Costs: 6 Cells from Alioth to Locubus Pelvic Attachment Units: 2 Placement Skill Boosts: Space and Atmospheric Engines: Level 5 Space and Atmospheric Breaks: Level 5 Airfoils: Level 5 Everything else: Level 4

Token: 4.5 Mħ

Ceres HX 1



Space Thrust: 0.972 MN

SOL presents the Ceres HX 1, an optimised warp shuttle in an eye-catching frame, featuring our patented Pelvic Attachment Units for warp-safe, comfortable and secure docking of passengers. The form factor has 15.5m2 frontal cross section, allowing the ship to fly at 1900 kmph at 11% atmosphere, and 2000 kmph in high atmosphere. The ship has been tested and is able to function well without any piloting talents, but with level 3 talents, it's maneuverable, fast, and economical to run. TL:DR Warp Cell Costs: 6 warp cells from Alioth to Locubus Frontal Cross Section: 15.5m2 Max speed in 1% Atmosphere: 2000kmph | 11% Atmosphere: 1900 kmph without any damage Weight fully fueled with 20 warp cells in cargo: 55 t Pelvic Attachment Units: 4 Placement Skill Boosts: Space and Atmospheric Engines: Level 5 Space and Atmospheric Breaks: Level 5 Airfoils: Level 5 Everything else: Level 4

Token: 4.5 Mħ


Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Space Thrust: 706 MN

The Hornet Whether you're starting the fight or not, you want something strong enough to keep you alive till the end of it, Captain's Customs Hornet is built to fight through even the most intense battles and get you home to tell the story. Long-range heavy fighter, with extreme armoring. 16 Advanced precision railguns allow you to engage anything you can see, with enough armor that no single barrage can penetrate giving your repair engineers ample time to keep you in the fight as long as you want to be there.

Token: 175 Mħ
BP: 55 Mħ

The Hammerhead

Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Space Thrust: 329 MN

A fast patrol ship with multiple advanced large cannon turrets designed to get in tight and do massive burst damage to your opponent. If you want to get close enough to use them, you need to be tough. The Hammerhead has 3m thick iron armor covering every surface. It has an Aegis of 4x93k element armor on the nose, keep repairing it as you approach and it soaks the hits for you. Once the cannons disable your enemy's elements, the missiles will finish the job with a burst of power. This ship is designed from the ground up, everything from armor, element placement, voxel count, and more have been maximized for its sole purpose of wrecking havoc. Designed to work in Tandem with a long-range PVP ship such as the Hornet.

Token: 150 Mħ
BP: 75 Mħ




No attributes :-(

Dear ladies and gentlemen, creators of ships, Vortex Geometry want to provide you with an indispensable tool - a block for calculating the cost of your products, for a quick and correct estimate of the base cost of your creation. This block collects information about all the elements on any dynamic core (ship or otherwise), and then estimates its value in ore (including your production skills, as you wish). After counting in ore, it also converts automatically and gives the cost in quanta Thus, you will no longer need to constantly look at the market, prices, etc. A couple of clicks are all it takes to estimate the base price of a newly built vessel (or refurbished vessel) before selling. Now you can always find out exactly how much it costs you to build your ships with a minimum investment in time. The design can be packed in a nano-pack, which is convenient for transportation. We also provide a LUA update service when a new version is released free of charge (upon request). I am glad to give you this miracle, for a modest 7,000,000 quanta.

Token: 7 Mħ

Gilded Ox



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

To celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year, LiftOff presents the Gilded Ox. This M core hauler was built with you miners in mind. Meant for a crew of up to 4, this ship has everything you could need for a mining excursion, equipped with crew quarters, bathroom, engineering and med bays. This ship even has a built in docking port underneath for mining elevators and wheelchairs, as well as a small landing pad on top. If you don't feel like fighting off pursuers with the mounted railgun and missile launchers, you can jump out of the danger using the warp drive. It can easily lift it's 6 large containers worth of cargo to space with over 5kt of cargo lift.

Token: 75 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

The Vagabond from LiftOff is a small core hauler with a unique look and plenty of power. With a large and medium container for storage, it can make hauling easy with its 2kt cargo lift capabilities. Warp capable with atmo and space radar equipped in case it is needed, and 2 passenger seats for small group excursions.

Token: 25 Mħ

X-Wing (small core)



Space Thrust: 1.81 MN

A must for any star wars fan for your collection this small core X-WING is a fun run around and easily customized to how ever you like, you can make it a warp shuttle with ease a warp drive fits perfectly hidden in the nose of the ship more room for extra fuel tanks if you wised in upper engine bays maybe even add more engines inbetween wings, a pvp version, comes with 3 small containers for quick light market runs, the standard military does around 1000km depending on your skills and with rare military engines it will do around 1200km burning but no damage so has to be limited, you could also remove the space engines and make atmos only version with standard military engines and it will do the 1200km with ease, theres lots of possibility, stats speed shown are from the rare military engine version, location is ::pos{0,2,18.8477,99.0809,26.9367} 7km from district market 7 TOKEN PRICE FOR RARE MILITARY version is 10 million depending on that i can purchase the engines YOU CAN CHECK-OUT IN VR seacrh loadeds showroom, do not buy bp's in vr

Token: 5 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ

Polemos-Class Heavy Frigate



Space Thrust: 154 MN

THIS PVP SHIP IS SPACE ONLY! Based upon the MCRN design philosophies found in typical Martian warships, the Polemon-Class Heavy Frigate answers the Martian Congressional Republic's need for a small-frame heavy weapons platform. While a single Polemos-Class can already pose a great threat to smaller and even moderately large vessels, these heavy frigates greatly benefit from wolf pack tactics, engaging the enemy as small floatillas, supporting eachother and overwhelming the enemy with heavy fire from ranges they wont have to fear enemy projectiles to hit them from. With a tiny cross section, high maneuverability and great acceleration the Polemos-Class is a hard-to-hit target at the far engagement ranges this ship is designed for with its advanced railgun systems. The majority of the heavy frigate's frame is made out of thick layers of steel, reinforced with silver plating to further improve upon shielding the gunners and crew of the ship from any enemy projectiles that actually manage to land a hit upon it. Ship stats: - 8 advanced precision railgun L, split onto 2 gunner seats with an optimal range of 1.21su - can be controlled by one of the gunners using a remote control while being seated in the gunner chair - fairly balanced inertia matrix greatly reduces involuntary axis drift during maneuvers - 10.3g of maximum thrust, great for intercepting and retreating - 6.42g brake force - 3900m³ steel frame, reinforced with ~400m³ silver, 6-9 voxel layer thick exterior hull - almost all elements are easily reachable for repair within the hull, no need for any repairing engineer to leave the ship during battle - tiny frontal cross section of 426m² for an L-core PvP ship - very affordable non-brick pvp ship on an L core to dip your feet into PvP with This battle-tested railboat with the size slightly larger than an M-core ship, sitting on an L core, allows great firing distances and damage of L railguns while not offering much surface to get struck on. If you don't want to front a large amount of quanta on a ship you might lose in combat then the Polemos-Class Heavy Frigate might be for you, being both affordable and less likely to be struck by enemy fire! The token price listed applies to an unboosted token. Boosting the token to lvl5 engines, lvl5 radar lock range and targets, lvl5 seat capacity, level 5 container volume+weight, level5 space fuel weight, lvl4 space fuel volume, lvl5 railgun handling will add 10mil quanta cost onto the token price, to 60.000.000 total.

Token: 50 Mħ
BP: 12 Mħ

Metalla Currus v2 (MC02)

Shadow Templar


No attributes :-(

The famous Shadow Templar Mining Chariot has had a complete redesign in both the physical ship, and the software that runs it. Some features include: • Redesign results in smaller ship that can fit through nearly any doorway • Meticulously positioned force fields pull the pilot into the center of the platform • All engines upgraded to rare variants • Extremely fuel efficient; ship can hover indefinitely • Every element is placed with maximum talents (including fuel capacity & mass reduction) • Mining mode - will orient the ship 90° downward • Mining Up mode - will orient the ship 90° upward • Built-in ore trilateration with vector locking (will orient the ship towards the ore when found) • Custom vector locking - using commands in Lua chat, save your custom position or ::pos location • Toggle character movement on/off • Adaptive Cruise Control - when activated, ship will maintain a ten meter distance from the nearest obstacle • Four flight modes, each with it's own set of keybinds Only tokens will be available at this time for 20m. Currently located at: ::pos{0,2,40.5581,92.2868,3.0116} | VR: "ST Alioth Ship Shop" We now have a discord for Horizon support! Join for updates on new software releases, ship sales, and chat with other Horizon pilots out there: https://discord.gg/EQtmDVXcQH

Token: 20 Mħ

MK104A Kestrel



Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Not a ship I was going to sell, performed better than expected so thought people would be interested in it, the design isn't its strong point, unfortunately, as with all of my ships they do their functions perfectly, this ship was built doing 1.5kt comfortably, however, it can do 3kt comfortably, ( Ship is Full Level 5 Boosted ) specs: 6 ADV Military Atmo Ls 2 Basic XL space engines 4L Containers (Cargo) 3S Containers (warp cells and scrap) Warp Drive Optional AGG blueprint (6m bp) Thank you for looking

Token: 15 Mħ
BP: 4 Mħ

Hyaku Choxie



Cargo Lift: 750 t

The Hyaku Choxie is a multi-role Small-core ship inspired by Quatro Bejeena's MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki mobile suit from Yoshiyuki Tomino's 1985 masterpiece "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam". See it in person via VR station: "Barbarian Bay Construction Site" Located at ::pos{0,2,-71.8545,156.6510,33.8419} Listed stats reflect a model with all elements handled at lvl 4. It will start to see flames at 1140 km/h. Red Comet indeed Features: -Fully detailed luxurious interior with passenger seats and navigator seat. -Quality-of-life LUA scripts including Dimencia HUD, Damage Report, Warp Map and Inventory control. -An array of lights, all on toggle switches, set to imitate real-life aircraft; landing lights, indicator lights at the wing tips and tail, headlights, cabin lights etc -1 L-size container, tested with 179kL of hematite (over 750t) -Overtuned with excessive atmospheric and space thrust, as well as lift. Plus abundant adjustors and an even inertia-matrix ensure a smooth flight experience in and out of the atmosphere, without or without cargo. -Warp Drive; its made of gold and has several large engines, so it is not the lightest weight warp-capable vessel, but it is nonetheless fairly cheap to warp at ~32 warp cells from Alioth to Lacobus -GOLD This ships design philosophy was to cover as many bases as possible for the upcoming mission system. Able to carry passengers, a moderate amount of cargo, and light enough to be cheap on warp cells, this ship is ideal for solo freelancers or small operations looking for a general purpose machine. The elements used in the Hyaku Choxie may prove excessive or costly for some peoples' uses, so a voxel-only blueprint is available! Made of aluminum and steel, the empty-frame still features the luxurious interior and can be easily fitted with your desired elements. *The voxel-only blueprint reflects an older version of the Hyaku Choxie and has some extra voxel in the engine block area. It may require some minor work depending on the flight elements used. Check them both out at VR station: "Barbarian Bay Construction Site" Feel free to contact me on Discord, I am in the official DU and DU-creators channels. Inquire about handling services for all elements up to level 4!

BP: 2.5 Mħ

SxS Speeder

Objective Driveyards


Atmo Thrust: 0.23 MN

Designer: SGCam Looking for a fast, cheap and stylish personal speeder? Then look no further - this is the one for you. The SxS Speeder is compactible, rapidly reaches a top speed over 1200 kph in atmo, and has a recolorable stripe so you can give it a personal touch. Come check out this and all our other awesome ships in person at our Showroom (under construction) on Alioth at ::pos{0,2,23.15,73.25,0.0} or via Surrogate VR "ODY Showroom". Contact an ODY Staff Member via our Marketplace Discord sever at discord.gg/qKaFW857Qz to buy tokenized ships, or visit the ODY Blueprint Archive next door to our showroom to pick up a blueprint of your favorite ship. Disclaimer: As always, performance can vary based on pilot skills. Tests for this ship were performed with tier 4-5 pilot talents and tier 4-5 buffs.

Token: 800 Kħ
BP: 450 Kħ


Objective Driveyards


Cargo Lift: 1,300 t

Designer: Fulgrim This compact workhorse features the latest hybrid hauler technology. The Warthog uses the gyro flip to maximize both atmo and space performance, making it the perfect medium cargo shuttle. Here are some instructions on how to get the most out of your Warthog, as well as a clip from the competition it was entered in: docs.google.com/document/d/1xxlsGXgzXImCZIs8euwRM95N8sbcTo4lo7IN3NfRhJU Come check out this and all our other awesome ships in person at our Showroom (under construction) on Alioth at ::pos{0,2,23.15,73.25,0.0} or via Surrogate VR "ODY Showroom". Contact an ODY Staff Member via our Marketplace Discord sever at discord.gg/qKaFW857Qz to buy tokenized ships, or visit the ODY Blueprint Archive next door to our showroom to pick up a blueprint of your favorite ship. Disclaimer: As always, performance can vary based on pilot skills. Tests for this ship were performed with tier 4-5 pilot talents and tier 4-5 buffs.

Token: 25 Mħ
BP: 15 Mħ
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