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Voxel Sets

The Escobar / Speedboat by Hagbard & Singularity



Max Speed: 730 km/h

Do you live near water? You need this! The Escobar is a new Version of the Speedboat with a great hull designed by Singularity. (thx for that!) Test Ride Video: https://youtu.be/JvYPuHn7mYY It has the latest Version of my LUA Code for Speedboats which was optimized to re-create that real "boat feeling" in DU. - Feel the waves! When riding this boat you can "feel" the ship being moved by the waves. Get faster and crash through the waves. - Get out of the seat on the water without the ship "sinking". the ECU will keep the ship afloat. - up to 730kmh (depending on pilot and placement skills) - almost no fuel consumption. the used Hover Engine Tech assures that you will almost never have to refuel it. At full speed, the used xs fuel tank lasts for 2-3 days BP: 5m, available at my showroom ( ::pos{0,2,37.9178,63.4366,3.9365} ) and at IC Spaceport ( ::pos{0,2,8.0707,79.9866,82.9872} ) This is a boat, so except using the hover engine to hop on your dry dock for some cleaning etc., it is not capable of flying over ground surface. You can hover from a plattform to the water surface by using "space" and some thrust. i recommend to first cut throttle and hold brake key until the boat stabilizes ( stops going up/down). then accelerate and have fun. Trim Feature: if you want to go max speed, you can "trim" the boat. Just hold the left shift key whilst flying to take the bow of the boat down a bit and get max speed Blueprint Instructions: there is one manual step required after setting the BP. go to build mode and right click the backward facing hover engine. under Advanced=>"disable thrust along gravity" has to be selected for both hover engines if you want to have the original light colors, set back left to "255,0,0" and back right to "0,255,0" front light: enable blinking and set on duration to 0.1 Adjusting Lua Parameters: there are 2 parameters that influence how the boat performs on the water, and they might have to be adjusted depending on pilot talents and planet gravity. 1. YawSpeedFactor if your ship tends to go under the water when cornering, you can try to decrease this value in steps of 0.1 2. MaxPitchAngle if you use the planet on a low gravity planet, reduce this value to reduce the tendency to "fly" when accelerating

Token: 8 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ

Vader TIE (Adv.) Multi-Role

DU Creators


Cargo Lift: 250 t

The result of weeks of min/max testing, the TIE Advanced (IE Vader's custom fighter) fills many roles. While it hauls a meagre 300t off a 1g planet it hosts within it's tight frame a warp drive, the hubbed-XS equivalent of 2 S containers, extreme manoeuvrability and speed combined with a powerful array of four pilot-controlled front-facing advanced S lasers hooked to a high-tier radar. Uses Rare Military Atmo L, Adv Military Space M & S, fed by medium fuel tanks. 5 M Vertical Boosters on the bottom. Interior has two very small floors aside from cockpit. Enter via elevator on top of bulb into the 'office', down again to living quarters. Front has a hatch (1k hp) and voxels protecting pilot, idea is to fly with hatch open for 1st person but shut it when in danger. Can access cockpit internally. How can a pilot use 4 S lasers? You place the Gunner Seat S centrally with a nearby Remote Control. Sit in the Gunner Seat then hit the RC to fly, hit control+backspace to drop back to Gunner control then flip back as needed. While this beast won't lift vast amounts to space it is sturdy, very heavily armed, agile, warp-capable and it's steel carapace can take a heavy beating and still limp home. Will require some skills to augment put-down effects in order to use 4 weapons on one Gunner S.

Token: 10 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ

Can Scan Max

iNFiDeL Inc.


Cargo Space: 192 kL

Predecessor to the hit, Can Scan, the Can Scan Max takes scanning a step forward and utilizes the power of Anti-Grav, Space Capability, Warp, increased storage capabilities and best of all top shelf style! Though slightly slower between triple scan tiles than the original, the Max makes up for it by floating well above the surface avoiding those pesky mountains, valleys and deep waters. The Voxel work is by the legendary TonyTones which makes the max very much both beautiful and functional. Quit wasting time between scans, whether you are watching movies, studying or playing other games while scanning, no one likes to waste time, its your most valuable resource so spend it wisely. The Can Scan Max utilizes Advanced Maneuver Engines, Elevators, carefully placed Scanners, widely spaced pods and AGG to streamline the scanning process. Enough with the maneuver tooling and sprinting from scanner to scanner, get your Can Scan Max today! Check It Out Today! VR: Atlas Museum ::pos{0,2,49.8920,29.9000,4.3693} BP Sold Via Dispenser On Site / For Tokens DM: iNFiDeL#7187 ***NOTICE*** To Utilize Max Handling Displayed Below On BP, Deploy BP While In VR Only! This Insures Your Skills Do Not Disrupt The BP Skills. ***NOTICE*** Max Handling: lvl 5 atmo thrust (+50 atmo thrust) lvl 5 space thrust (+50% space thrust) lvl 5 airfoils (+25% high altitude lift) lvl 5 container proficiency (+50% cargo volume) lvl 5 container optimization (-25% cargo mass) lvl 5 vertical booster (+50% power) lvl 5 adjustors (+25% power) lvl 5 atmo fuel tank volume (+100% fuel storage) lvl 5 space fuel tank volume (+100% fuel storage) lvl 5 fuel optimization (-25% fuel mass) lvl 5 atmo element handling (+10% power to: atmo engines, hover engines and airfoils) lvl 5 flight element handling (+10% power to: retro-engines, airbrakes and adjustors) lvl 5 space element handling (+10% power to: space engines and vertical boosters) lvl 5 airbrakes (+50% power) lvl 5 retro-engines [space brakes] (+50% power)

Token: 50 Mħ
BP: 12 Mħ

The Odin



Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

It's here. If it's worth doing, It's worth overdoing. That's the idea here. This is for the businessman who has worked his way up from the coal mines to running the show. The Odin is an enjoyable blend of over-the-top and modest. The exterior exudes aggression and yet somehow also elegance in the right light. The interior is spacious, luxurious, but more importantly functional and efficient. No maze of hallways to get lost in. This ship is not a showpiece that you park in a hangar and never dust off the seat again. This ship is meant to be flown. You can see the stats are commendable and without the use of any stacked elements. Yes you can move and replace them without any trickery. Future-proofing is a huge focus for me. To that end, there is plenty of room for additions like a reactor when it comes (this area is currently housing a scanner). You have plenty of options when flying this beast, You can roll takeoff and land or use VTOL. You can cruise or haul with AGG (20L containers 10kt+ or cargo from surface of Alioth). You can leave atmosphere slow and steady or point straight up and burn some rocket fuel! Looks are important in this world. The amount of time that has gone into every part of the ship is immense and it shows. There is nothing to compare to Titanium. It's rarity, It's shades and shine.. Never before have we seen a ship of this size made of such material and the wait is over. I know you're rich and will be warping to every destination you seek to visit but It's good to be prepared. For this price tag, you need to know that you will be protected from the chaos of this world. The Odin has you covered... in Gold.. Behind the titanium and cobalt, half a meter to 1 meter of gold covers the entire ship (minus the wings). In addition to that, you have the capsule which houses a combat ready command and gunner position. This area has a minimum of 1.5 meters of extra gold up to 2.5 meters which you can see in the cutaway pictures. Reparability is important. To satisfy this need, there are dedicated areas of the ship you can easily walk through to repair. The guns, fuel and space engines are top priority and therefore have great repair access. The stabilizers and some other elements can only be accessed through the repair passageways. The number of essential elements is kept low for a ship of this size and capability. The decorative elements are kept to a reasonable level. This is all for performance. It's not fun flying a nice ship if it's at 10fps. 10 Ships will be produced. 4 have been sold and one is mine. That leaves 5 up for grabs. DM me or find Emerald Inc in the Utopia space guild. Minor changes or additions can be made to your copy prior to delivery. You can see it in person at the Atlas Museum VR and at Captain's Customs.

Token: 1,000 Mħ


Pulsar Industries


Cargo Lift: 650 t

Great S Core for planet exploration / scanning, and light hauling. Many hours of attention was given to make this little girl fly like a dream. Will sell token for 5m if you don't want/need the warp drive. 4 medium containers. Will carry 650T off Alioth or back with ease or more with pilot skills. Containers boosted Lvl 4 Fuel Tanks Boosted Lvl 4 Engines / V Boosters / Hovers / Adjusters Boosted Lvl 5 Brakes Boosted Lvl 5 Wings boosted Lvl 5 View in VR at "Pulsar Industries Alioth"

Token: 6 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ


New Genesis.


Cargo Space: 1,152 kL

Welcome to the dragonaut, a cutting edge serious pvp ship presented by New Genesis. It includes scripts to help repair, control speed, improve fuel consumption and boasts an operation time of two hours. The elements are upgraded with tier 5 placement talents and expertly positioned to prevent damage and maximize speed & control. The high speed of the dragonaut gives you the power to chase or escape any battle while easily outshining ships similar in speed, munitions and armor. Features : - 12x Advanced Precision Railguns - 10x Advanced XL Space Engines - 13.2g of Thrust - Perfect ratio of cross section and gun/element placement to reduce element damage - Scripts to help with repairs, fuel management and speed control. The Dragonaut offers high speed and low fuel (usage, maintaining combat grade acceleration while sustaining a flight time of over two hours). - Warp drive is included. - If you purchase the token we offer 1 hour of help, This will include how to fly the ship, how it's built, information on the scripts, speed management and tips to help you PvP effectively with the Dragonaut and more. - It does not use any methods such as jankomancy, gold voxel stacking or voxel obstruction. - This ship takes 1 pilot, 3 gunners and 1+ repairmen - It has the speed to let you choose your battles and is the perfect ship for new groups looking to up their PvP game. VR Viewing Station: NG Showroom Here is a video of the Dragonaut taking off from zero speed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FCmYglKjkE - Optional Customization We understand that not everyone is a ship builder, so as part of the 1 hour token package we offer to help customize your ship. Depending on your needs we can increase the speed of the ship and change some of the loadouts.

Token: 160 Mħ
BP: 45 Mħ

Razor Max

Pixelarts Aerospace Inc.


Cargo Lift: 1,800 t

A M core hauler with a Razor Crest vibe that can be efficient for mining/hauling. Also feature an unique interior design based on Bobba Fett colors and a awesome cockpit /bridge with nice details. 8 Military L / 4 Military Space L and 4 Military Space M gives more than enough power to lift 3 L containers with 1.8 KT from Allioth. Atmo radar and Warpdrive equiped give you all the tools for go anywhere. Elements boost lvl 4/Engines boost lvl 5 Visit us! - VR: Pixelarts Ships Showroom Coord: ::pos{0,2,7.3935,-178.5319,13.5431} 20 Km NW Market 11 - Allioth

Token: 22 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ

Fury class



Cargo Space: 3,000 kL

The Fury-class Imperial Interceptor was a starship used by the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War and its resultant Cold War. dedicated pvp ship for a crew of 3. he is equipped with 8 military engine XL which makes very efficient. 8 advanced precision railgunL and 8 advanced heavy laser L . 16 Containers L + 3 XL Ammo L ,Warp Full iron/steel ship with gold cockpit Honeycomb 19029m3 Full 5/5 buff Build by Ch3w8a, Akroma, Nikto.

Token: 120 Mħ
BP: 50 Mħ


Space Force One


Cargo Lift: 8,000 t

Serenity is a tri scanning hauler that will not only scan but give you 10L containers and enough power to lift them. It is warp capable and has optional AGG for the cost of the AGG and pulsars (around 6.5M). It is currently equipped with containers for all of your scans on each planet so you can keep your scans organized. Visit me in VR at "Serenity VR SPF1"

Token: 30 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ

Dhow Class Runabout **deprecated**

Utopia Planitia


No attributes :-(

This model has been deprecated, please see https://du-creators.org/makers/Utopia%20Planitia/ship/Dhow%20Class%20Runabout%20Refit

Token: 24 Mħ

The Murloc

Dark Lunar Corperations (Hyperion)


Cargo Lift: 3,250 t

created by Heartbeat The Murloc is an Heavy Hauler as an S Core Class Ship. Its designed for good efficency. Without any flying Talents you can bring up to 2,2 KT into Space from Alioth. With all Flying Talents to 4 Space / Atmo / Airfoil you can easily get 4 Kt into Space, maybe more 😉. With his Installed Warp Drive it is easy to go everywhere. The Ship brings some pre installed Scripts with it, like the mining Hud and the Space map with warp cell Calculator. In the Seat there is an script to toggle the Engines on and off. If you are cruising around the Planet you can turn off the space Engines and you are saving your fuel at 4000m. Per Default the Military Atmo engies are turned off for fuel efficency. VR: Dark Lunar Corps Showroom ::pos{0,2,8.6637,120.8858,27.6696} *statistics full tuned and with pilot skills

Token: 20 Mħ

Caterpillar XL

Shadow Templar


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

The Caterpillar XL is a standalone space elevator with up to 3kt lift capacity on Alioth. There are no tall elevator shafts required for this platform, and you can place it anywhere; all it needs is a flat pad to land on. The sophisticated code running the Cat XL will keep it in a straight line from the ground to your space station and back, with minimal deviation. Set your base station & space station altitude in the Lua parameters, then all you need to do is turn it on and press the button on the on-screen menu for where you want to go. You can still take manual control of the craft if you need to make any adjustments. "We are entering the era of tower-less space elevators in dualuniverse thanks to this impressive piece of engineering" - JC Baillie Tokens are 50m Currently located at: ::pos{0,2,40.5581,92.2868,3.0116} | VR: "ST Alioth Ship Shop" We now have a discord for Horizon support! Join for updates on new software releases, ship sales, and chat with other Horizon pilots out there: https://discord.gg/EQtmDVXcQH

Token: 50 Mħ
BP: 25 Mħ

TAS 25 Europa



No attributes :-(

Thasrion Aeronautics and Space presents the TAS 25 Europa Warp Shuttle. Built for those runs to the market on any planet. Passengers for 4 of your friends and Org members. Because of the low weight and cross section you can get to Thades with 4 warp cells. Please visit my VR POD @ TAS Show Room to get a close up look on Alioth. ::pos{0,2,50.2754,117.5824,3.1484} (Due to the r0.23 update, tokens will not be available for the time being)

BP: 1 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 80 t

Czar industries is Proud to present a new line of progression ships for newer players. Reasonably priced, easy to build and all with great functionality. The Sauler is an entry level xs-core ship to move goods between planets and moons. Based on a scalable design, this ship provides decent cargo, good handling and efficient use for the player just getting into space travel. Good thrust at 2.1g on Alioth, 78t weight means getting up to around 80-100t off Alioth shouldn't be much of a problem. 6 Container S with a container hub provide good cargo capabilities of 48KL base and bringing moon ore back with 14g of brake force means an easy and safe reentry. LUA for fuel and OrbitalHUD installed along with a switch for doors and the the fuel board. See it in VR at "A Newb Ship Shop by Czar"

Token: 1.1 Mħ
BP: 500 Kħ

SB-001 Roc

Avyan Enterprises


Cargo Lift: 1,200 t

Avyan Enterprises presents its first entry into the Hauler market - SB 001 Roc. Named after the legendary big bird of the skies, the ship itself dwarfs many others. Its a Hybrid Vessel capable of flying in Atmosphere and Space while carrying 1.2kt of cargo (tested) out of Alioth, it could carry more but careful flying is recommended past that point. It has a fairly empty interior with minimal interior design and plenty of space to customise as you see fit - its also capable of carrying our GB-002 Swallow inside its cargo deck. It will reach speeds of 800kph in atmosphere at 1.2kt, if not carrying cargo the ship will accelerate to over its safety speed of 1082kph in a straight line. Unladen weight (no cargo but max fuel) comes to 980t.

Token: 35 Mħ
BP: 4 Mħ
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