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Compactible X-Wing

DU Creators


Atmo Thrust: 2.589 MN

Handy little atmo buddy, use the M atmo tank as on-demand fuel storage, use the embedded VR tube for on-demand VR-ing. Get it free from a dispenser at the Star Wars Station (see below). Great thrust from a pair of M rare military atmo engines, intended for 3rd person but you could raise the command chair a step or two so your head sticks out the top. Also compactibles only have 1 tank but if you fill the M tank to 3200 its too heavy to compactify so it needs to be around 2000. AVAILABLE VIA DISPENSER FROM THE STAR WARS STATION OVER ALIOTH MARKET 6 Location: About 0.9 su above Alioth Market 6, a bit North. If I'm online I can hop down to pass them to you on the surface. VR: "Star Wars Station" Coords: ::pos{0,2,39.4131,97.6308,193235.8438} Message Deravi#6100 on Discord with questions.

BP: 1 ħ




Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

I built Xyphos, with the future in mind, I'm not worried about future updates completely braking this ship some tweaks "might" have to be made, but as always I will honor any updates i have to make!! Xyphos is a Perfect ship for demeter update, with 576 KL of storage you have plenty of storage for setting up mining out posts or just simply hauling ore back from a out post while keeping warp costs minimal!! This ship was built with performance in mind!! 6 rare military atmos 1 advanced military space XL and even with the rare if you fly upper atmo it is very fuel efficient Guys this ship is flat out amazing, It sounds like im doing a review on my own ship, But i have been flying and testing this ship out longer than any other ship in this game!! I could not be more happy with the out come Please contact me and ill be happy to give you a test flight!! Discord: RavenFTW#3493 VR to Raven Inc showroom! to check it out and contact me on discord for blueprint sales Thanks

BP: 25 Mħ


Space Blade LLC (SBLL)


Cargo Lift: 8,500 t

"USS Langley, CVL-27" - The first US Navy Aircraft Carrier 1912-1942 While this is not a replica of that famous ship, it carries that famous name. The ship has been built as a no nonsense work ship. There are no Deco elements, there are no fancy board rooms or lighting elements and plants and frilly things. The total element count is 521. The Langley has a large flat carrier deck that is 100% the size of an M core, as such it can accommodate the largest M core ships in the game, and that is what it was built for. While this is not a "Hauler" there are 12x L Containers below deck, 2 of them for Warp Cell and miscellaneous storage. There is a LOT of room below deck to add more containers, and of course, there is a massive area "On Deck" to place cargo packs or containers. An experienced pilot with skills can get 16kt of cargo to space from a 1G planet but it is being rated at 8.5kt, more than that is the Pilots responsibility!. Take note that the low element count makes this a very low to zero lag L core ship, if you have flown L core ships you should know what this means. There are 30x Advanced Military Atmospheric engines to push this to space, and 4x Advanced Maneuver Space engines to get it to max space speed. Space Thrusters are included to make navigation at a space station easy. ALL elements on the ship that can be boosted are boosted to level 5 NON PvP boosts 2 Command chairs, one with Archegeo HUD and one with SAGA HUD. There are 2 different Blueprints, with AGG and with out AGG. This ship is Demeter ready, and Atmospheric Brakes have been applied to be compatible with the future brake changes. For a view of the ship you can VR directly to the ships ready room on board the ship @ "Langley VR POD" Tokens Sales: - At this time the Ore market is far too volatile to price a large ship token. BPs can be purchased at the SBLL Alioth Base next to the ship @ ::pos{0,2,54.3567,97.4719,717.9728}

BP: 25 Mħ

TIE Fighter V4 (PVP/Hybrid Shuttle)

DU Creators


Cargo Lift: 100 t

This is just a very pretty and fun little ship, looks great in first person due to innovative element use to produce a pulsing radar effect, has 2 XS containers and 2 S ammo containers supporting a pair of pilot-controlled lasers slung under the struts. Its not mix/maxed for PVP but the foils should absorb some smaller hits if the shield drops. Meant for quick planetary pickups (100t or less) or perhaps launched as a scout for a carrier in dangerous space. Enter the bulb via an elevator on the upper rear. Flies straight up off a planet with minimal skills, extremely responsive and fun to barrel-roll!

BP: 2.8 Mħ

TTA Spartan



Cargo Lift: 4,150 t

Welcome to the future of multirole Asteroid Intercept Craft (AIC) from TTA. The TTA Northmen 'Spartan' boasts an impressive suite of tools and components to keep your AIC operations ahead of the competition. No less than 4 TTA Built Uncommon Military Space XL engines will get you to your target before your competitors have finished their saturday morning coffee! For the more adventuress client, an L Shield fitted as standard to reduce your higher tier AIC risk. The avionics package includes medium radars, full shield control including venting, system monitor and Orbi's POI Database. This is a ship for all abilities ladies and gentlemen that inspires confidence, looks good and gets the job done. Drop us a line or come and view the ship in our showroom at Tictaq South VR, you'll be pleased you did. Please note, current ore pricing is still crazy so please check for latest pricing. Current Token price is as of 29th November

Token: 82 Mħ
BP: 20 Mħ

TIE Bomber 1.2kt Hauler

DU Creators


Cargo Lift: 1,200 t

This easy to use go-to 1kt hauler is an improvement on previous versions. This is the most effective small scale hauler I could make, basically 2 large rare military atmo engine housings with foils. On request I can offer lesser engine versions. Meticulous element placement and trial and error have resulted in a very responsive and reliable hybrid that launches steeply out of 1g hauling 1.2 kilotons with mid-range skills. See the dissection pic in the gallery for interior element placement. We offer free skill application on constructs. The entire left pontoon is just a large container. It is designed around crash safety; overpowered vertical boosters, an emergency control unit and several large and excessive atmo brakes mean you can stop a dead-drop quickly. Pilot enters via an elevator on the back rear to a claustrophobic spot in the right tube's front where fuel tanks are accessible, with the warp drive installed behind. AVAILABLE VIA DISPENSER FROM THE STAR WARS STATION OVER ALIOTH MARKET 6 Location: About 0.9 su above Alioth Market 6, a bit North. If I'm online I can hop down to pass them to you on the surface. VR: "Star Wars Station" Coords: ::pos{0,2,39.4131,97.6308,193235.8438} Message Deravi#6100 on Discord with questions. DU Creators customization guarantee: If you customize your ship in a way you prefer we will surrogate in to make you a backup BP lest anything happen to your work.

BP: 6 Mħ

The Hawk Courier

Polaris Aerodynamics


Max Speed: 885 km/h

Free BPs top speed 885 Kmh + Atmospheric Specification Mass 12.8T Low altitude lift 8.06g High altitude lift 5.6g Brake force 11.2g Space Specification. Max Thrust 1.73g Brake Force 2.64g Low altitude lift 5.18g This ship is agile moves the basics from A to B quickly and very efficiently. Comes in two versions, Ver 1 comes with 2 small xs containers for moving light goods around atmosphere from factory to customers, Ver 2 comes with 2 xs ammo crates and 2 xs Railguns and can be used as a small fighter. Blueprint also available so you can change and adapt the ship to your hearts content. Contact me on discord DM Poljack#5639 or find my personal page on the DU Creators Discord page.

TP X01

New Genesis


Cargo Lift: 400 t

This ship has 2 large containers and an amazing design. Stats are in the pictures. The ship is designed by Spok. Sold by New Genesis

Token: 8 Mħ

Cosmic Corp Zues

Cosmic Corp


Cargo Lift: 650 t

Zues, is the first ship that Cosmic Corp is bringing to the market. Due to us being a new builder we are certain they may be some shortcomings with this craft so we are marketing it with this in mind as far as price. Zues was designed as a Hybrid Hauler capable of atmospheric and space travel. At Cosmic Corp we are very careful with stating the abilities of our crafts and only state what we know they can do based on our testing, and no craft is tested to its limits. Zues has comfortably carried 650 tons from space to Alioths surface with our pilots and has also carried over 700 tons around on Alioth. In the future we plan on making several versions of each model where they exclude things like the warp drive so customers can add in the future. Some of the systems on the ships have been upgraded but they are not all at level 5 most at level 3 or 4.

Token: 7 Mħ

K1X Raptor



Space Thrust: 0.404 MN

The K1X Raptor is the newest XS Core PvP and Personal Transport ship built by Koriandah. It is a sleek and aggressive light fighter made from Aluminum, with Gold Armor surrounding the Core for maximum protection. Featuring two wing-mounted XS Cannons and 6 XS Containers, you can rest assured that after blowing up your prey you will be able to fit all the loot into the ship and take it home! The K1X Raptor also includes downwards-facing space engines to ensure full compatibility with all lua basic-space autopilots. Remember that if you prefer other weapon types, you can always mount them instead of the XS Cannons to configure the K1X Raptor to your liking! Why a Black and White colour scheme? Because I feel that if I add more colour to it, say a red accent colour, it can lull some people into thinking they cannot change it to their liking. I leave the K series as black and white because I want people to be able to add accent colours that they like, and not be subconsciously convinced that there is only one possible colour. Contact Koriandah#0889 on Discord if you would like to purchase your very own K1X Raptor and shoot defenseless ore haulers in style.

BP: 140 Kħ

RLI Stingray

Rough Light Industries (RLI)


Cargo Lift: 313 t

The Stingray (RLI 13) is a small core, warp-capable cargo vessel able to lift a fully loaded large container. Capable of carrying 323t of cargo, it is a very agile and controllable vessel, which is very responsive. Also available without a warp drive. Non-Warp Drive BP now available. 2,000,000 Comes with: Dorian the Grey / DU-Damage Report Dimencia / DU-Orbital Hud DU-Warp cell map VR to: RLI HQ (Madis); while you are there check out our market!

BP: 3.5 Mħ

P2X Night Passaro



Cargo Lift: 250 t

The PX2 Passaro second entry into Koriandah's P-Series and is ultimate new-player all-round ship. It has all the features that a new player would need, such as the ability to get into space, store mined ores and transport them over the planet (67kL and under) or hold scrap for repair trips. It even has enough space to pack whatever you have on Sanctuary into the ship's 6 S Containers and allow you to start a new life on another planet! Combining that with a sleek aesthetic and reasonable price, the P2X Passaro is the perfect ship for any new players or collectors who find they are unable to build their own ship or simply want want to own a pretty first craft that draws eyes at the Sanctuary markets. *Note: A different colour scheme is available for the MTI edition, contact Koriandah#0889 for details.

Token: 750 Kħ
BP: 150 Kħ

Hermes Class Shuttle

SOL Navy


Space Thrust: 2.31 MN

Designed to fly you and passengers in style to anywhere you need to go and get there fast. With seating for eight plus the pilot, a Hermes class shuttle is an ideal warp capable transport. The lithium hull and advanced military engines keeps the mass light for cheap warp, yet still allows full powered flight over 1000km/hr in Atmosphere. While designed for passengers, two small containers allow small amounts to be carried. Fully equipped with amenities such as an emergency controller, resurrection pad, space radar and vertical engines for precision maneuvers in space. SOL Navy ships come with several quality of life LUA scripts pre-loaded. Dimencia's HUD is installed on the command chairs and, depending on the ship, you will find things like SatNav, Ore Depth charts and Warp cell estimators. Additionally, each has a custom SOL OS LUA script loaded, which gives you one screen to see fuel status, cargo load and things like warp cell counts or compact-ability for ships where appropriate. Additionally, if there is any damage, SOL OS automatically switches over to show damaged components. SOL OS has several configurable parameters such as the ship name and fuel mass.

Token: 10 Mħ
BP: 4 Mħ

RCS Orion



Cargo Space: 1,920 kL

Designed as a hauler, it has anti-gravity and warp engines. Lot's of space inside with it's 10 large containers. Has a Red Alert feature installed in the event of an attack with an outer shell protecting the main fuselage.





Space Thrust: 98 MN

Warp Taxi, 2 XS - 60 warp sell, 2 atmospheric engines, 1 space engines, Load capacity 100 T, parameters with 4 skills, key in dispenser Discord - Valeriy#8451 Write in a personal Dispensers broke again

Token: 5 Mħ
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