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TIE Bomber 1.2kt Hauler

DU Creators


Cargo Lift: 1,200 t

This easy to use go-to 1kt hauler is an improvement on previous versions. This is the most effective small scale hauler I could make, basically 2 large rare military atmo engine housings with foils. On request I can offer lesser engine versions. Meticulous element placement and trial and error have resulted in a very responsive and reliable hybrid that launches steeply out of 1g hauling 1.2 kilotons with mid-range skills. See the dissection pic in the gallery for interior element placement. We offer free skill application on constructs. The entire left pontoon is just a large container. It is designed around crash safety; overpowered vertical boosters, an emergency control unit and several large and excessive atmo brakes mean you can stop a dead-drop quickly. Pilot enters via an elevator on the back rear to a claustrophobic spot in the right tube's front where fuel tanks are accessible, with the warp drive installed behind. AVAILABLE VIA DISPENSER FROM THE STAR WARS STATION OVER ALIOTH MARKET 6 Location: About 0.9 su above Alioth Market 6, a bit North. If I'm online I can hop down to pass them to you on the surface. VR: "Star Wars Station" Coords: ::pos{0,2,39.4131,97.6308,193235.8438} Message Deravi#6100 on Discord with questions. DU Creators customization guarantee: If you customize your ship in a way you prefer we will surrogate in to make you a backup BP lest anything happen to your work.

BP: 6 Mħ


Space Blade LLC (SBLL)


Cargo Lift: 8,500 t

"USS Langley, CVL-27" - The first US Navy Aircraft Carrier 1912-1942 While this is not a replica of that famous ship, it carries that famous name. The ship has been built as a no nonsense work ship. There are no Deco elements, there are no fancy board rooms or lighting elements and plants and frilly things. The total element count is 521. The Langley has a large flat carrier deck that is 100% the size of an M core, as such it can accommodate the largest M core ships in the game, and that is what it was built for. While this is not a "Hauler" there are 12x L Containers below deck, 2 of them for Warp Cell and miscellaneous storage. There is a LOT of room below deck to add more containers, and of course, there is a massive area "On Deck" to place cargo packs or containers. An experienced pilot with skills can get 16kt of cargo to space from a 1G planet but it is being rated at 8.5kt, more than that is the Pilots responsibility!. Take note that the low element count makes this a very low to zero lag L core ship, if you have flown L core ships you should know what this means. There are 30x Advanced Military Atmospheric engines to push this to space, and 4x Advanced Maneuver Space engines to get it to max space speed. Space Thrusters are included to make navigation at a space station easy. ALL elements on the ship that can be boosted are boosted to level 5 NON PvP boosts 2 Command chairs, one with Archegeo HUD and one with SAGA HUD. There are 2 different Blueprints, with AGG and with out AGG. This ship is Demeter ready, and Atmospheric Brakes have been applied to be compatible with the future brake changes. For a view of the ship you can VR directly to the ships ready room on board the ship @ "Langley VR POD" Tokens Sales: - At this time the Ore market is far too volatile to price a large ship token. BPs can be purchased at the SBLL Alioth Base next to the ship @ ::pos{0,2,54.3567,97.4719,717.9728}

BP: 25 Mħ

TIE Fighter V4 (PVP/Hybrid Shuttle)

DU Creators


Cargo Lift: 100 t

This is just a very pretty and fun little ship, looks great in first person due to innovative element use to produce a pulsing radar effect, has 2 XS containers and 2 S ammo containers supporting a pair of pilot-controlled lasers slung under the struts. Its not mix/maxed for PVP but the foils should absorb some smaller hits if the shield drops. Meant for quick planetary pickups (100t or less) or perhaps launched as a scout for a carrier in dangerous space. Enter the bulb via an elevator on the upper rear. Flies straight up off a planet with minimal skills, extremely responsive and fun to barrel-roll!

BP: 2.8 Mħ

TTA Spartan



Cargo Lift: 4,150 t

Welcome to the future of multirole Asteroid Intercept Craft (AIC) from TTA. The TTA Northmen 'Spartan' boasts an impressive suite of tools and components to keep your AIC operations ahead of the competition. No less than 4 TTA Built Uncommon Military Space XL engines will get you to your target before your competitors have finished their saturday morning coffee! For the more adventuress client, an L Shield fitted as standard to reduce your higher tier AIC risk. The avionics package includes medium radars, full shield control including venting, system monitor and Orbi's POI Database. This is a ship for all abilities ladies and gentlemen that inspires confidence, looks good and gets the job done. Drop us a line or come and view the ship in our showroom at Tictaq South VR, you'll be pleased you did. Please note, current ore pricing is still crazy so please check for latest pricing. Current Token price is as of 29th November

Token: 82 Mħ
BP: 20 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

I built Xyphos, with the future in mind, I'm not worried about future updates completely braking this ship some tweaks "might" have to be made, but as always I will honor any updates i have to make!! Xyphos is a Perfect ship for demeter update, with 576 KL of storage you have plenty of storage for setting up mining out posts or just simply hauling ore back from a out post while keeping warp costs minimal!! This ship was built with performance in mind!! 6 rare military atmos 1 advanced military space XL and even with the rare if you fly upper atmo it is very fuel efficient Guys this ship is flat out amazing, It sounds like im doing a review on my own ship, But i have been flying and testing this ship out longer than any other ship in this game!! I could not be more happy with the out come Please contact me and ill be happy to give you a test flight!! Discord: RavenFTW#3493 VR to Raven Inc showroom! to check it out and contact me on discord for blueprint sales Thanks

BP: 25 Mħ

Compactible X-Wing

DU Creators


Atmo Thrust: 2.589 MN

Handy little atmo buddy, use the M atmo tank as on-demand fuel storage, use the embedded VR tube for on-demand VR-ing. Get it free from a dispenser at the Star Wars Station (see below). Great thrust from a pair of M rare military atmo engines, intended for 3rd person but you could raise the command chair a step or two so your head sticks out the top. Also compactibles only have 1 tank but if you fill the M tank to 3200 its too heavy to compactify so it needs to be around 2000. AVAILABLE VIA DISPENSER FROM THE STAR WARS STATION OVER ALIOTH MARKET 6 Location: About 0.9 su above Alioth Market 6, a bit North. If I'm online I can hop down to pass them to you on the surface. VR: "Star Wars Station" Coords: ::pos{0,2,39.4131,97.6308,193235.8438} Message Deravi#6100 on Discord with questions.

BP: 1 ħ

Ladybug / Firefly



Cargo Lift: 20 t

The Ladybug & FIrefly (Compactible) Available through Captain's Customs and Captain Miller on Discord. The FIrefly is designed to be fast as it is a pocket ship. It starts to take damage at 1900 and sports a racer seat (pictured above). However, it also has 3 Rare Military M engines, 4Gs of high lift, and four hovers, making it more useful for market runs than your average pocket ship. It has a workable range of 1SU. Further than that, bring fuel. But that should cover a one way trip anywhere on any planet. Which should be ok since no pocket ship can function in space. The Ladybug is identical to the Firefly in every way, except for it's engines. The ladybug is equipped with 3 Rare Maneuver Engine M. The Ladybug tops out around 1500 depending on skills. It can still carry a decent amount from the markets for a compact with it's 3 M engines. But it has a much larger range. 6 SU on a single tank. Token price not yet determinized. But keep in mind it has 3 Rare Military Engines M.

BP: 2 Mħ


DSI Dark Forge


Space Thrust: 145 MN

Affordable warp-capable M core hybrid hauler with 10 L containers. Handles beautifully and can take off Alioth atmo on a full load without buffs. - Created by Razmataz

Token: 52.5 Mħ
BP: 20 Mħ

The Kraken



Dry Weight: 2,640 t

As Featured by Novquark in the Dual Universe Update 0.24 Trailer. The Kraken Class Carrier is a must-have ship for you to carry and display your fleet in style. Inspired by the SC Drake Interplanetary Kraken this ship is as close to the original as possible whilst retaining full functionality within the DU Universe. The Kraken is a full space and atmosphere capable ship. Laid out over 5 decks, she boasts an Anti-Grav system, Warp Drive, and an arsenal of Rail Guns for defence. There are 2 Large containers as standard in the cargo hold and a large multifunction hanger situated below the flight decks for ship storage or up to 10 additional large containers for extra haulage. The bridge commands clear views out over the flight decks. The ship also has 2 luxury officer cabins, VR, Resnode, Sun Terrace, and Conference/Mess Hall. Functioning Navigation Lights. 6 Independently lit landing decks for your S and XS fleet. The Kraken comes fully buffed to level 5 and DRM free command/gunner seats and program boards for custom HUD and script installations. Space engines are basic 4 x XL and 4 x L so plenty of future upgrade options Main Atmo Engines are 12 x Military L The Kraken also has an additional 6 x L space and 4 x L atmo engines for full axis manoeuvres. This truly is a multifunctional ship, use it as a mining vessel, haulier, fleet carrier or mobile base. VR - The Kraken Contact me on Discord Tokens are available to order. 1-week delivery.

Token: 250 Mħ
BP: 50 Mħ




Space Thrust: 10 MN

This is a 2 seater very heavily armored rail boat. It has been in many battles and proper changes have been made already to make it even better. It has 20 L containers for ammo storage with 10 containers and hub per gunner seat. 1 Medium container for scrap and warp cells and 2 xl ammo containers 1 per gunner seat. 10gs of space thrust with 10gs of space braking force. Ship is very good for fast response ship if you or your friends get into a fight!!!! Ship has 29000m3 of copper voxel so pretty tanky for a 2 seater with a honeycomb mass of 2.65 KT total ship weight full of ammo and fuel is 6.5kt public vr to see the ship is Greasie Groudon

BP: 15 Mħ

ETA Hamerhead

Elite Transport Associates Ship Works


Cargo Lift: 4,000 t

Advanced engines and lvl 5 talents with token. Warp Drive. Room for M shield under cat walk. AGG package available with more cargo. AGG package 100,000,000 DSAT Package 85,000,000 DSAT plus M Shield Easy space station docking.

Token: 65 Mħ


Black Star Initiative


No attributes :-(

The Daedalus42 is obviously inspired by the Daedalus from Star Gate. It is fully functional in many ways. Deploy Marines and small speeders from the lower hangers or Fighters from the larger side hangers. Carry ships on top of the side hangers. Carry up to 1 Kiloton of material to where ever you need. Four gunner seats sit in their own room for to allow for placement of a full armament with a storage closet near by for ammo storage. The bridge is set to allow for a full crew for full optimization. Weight: 917 tons Cargo Cap: 1000 Tons Top Speed 1334 km/h

Token: 22 Mħ

Triskelion Mk IV AGG



Cargo Lift: 1,500 t

Contact for token price! A relatively light weight warp capable AGG tri-scanner. Built on an M-core so you have plenty of leeway to fit the grid intersection in between the scanners. See NeoCrypter's review of the Mk III Atmo only variant here (https://youtu.be/2FOljSz23zI?t=554) for a good look at it. And keep watching for the Celerity review which gives a demonstration of the RGB lighting scheme that is also on this ship! VR to Crash Industries Showroom to see the different models, and you can open up the hatch inside and play with the lights too! Comes with a large RGB lighting system that can give some very cool colors, including a fancy glow when you warp! Available in Glossy Lithium for the shiny chrome, or Black Panel for a more subtle stealthy look. Enough storage for a stack of TCU's, and an extra 4 scanners if you prefer the more active 7-scanner array method. Atmo fuel tanks have enough storage for days of independent scanning operations. Well laid out interior allows for extremely rapid use of the scanners (just stand on the elevator at the first scanner, and space-bar your way through the other two), powerful engines get you from one hex to the next in no time! Equipped with smaller lateral and reverse atmospheric engines for lining up to the grid. Automatic door open and close system will shut the doors after you take off, and open the ramps when you land! Hits burn speed of 1200 kph in atmosphere pretty quick, so be careful! Both seats have Sagacious's HUD under their new ship-builder's licensing scheme. (under the terms I need to keep the DRM on, but I will update it on request!) After some practice, it takes me about 2 minutes to check my scans, pick a new destination, move there, and start my next scans. Also check out Triskelion Mk IV A - The atmosphere only variant. Cheaper, lighter, and faster. Triskelion Mk IV H - Same as the AGG, but the interior is a bit less crammed and has no AGG Most elements come boosted to tier 5. 5/5 Atmo Engines 5/5 Wing upgrades 5/5 Space Engines 5/5 Adjusters 5/5 Airbrakes 5/5 Retro-Rocket Brakes 5/5 Container upgrades 5/5 Fuel tank upgrades 5/5 Vertical Booster upgrades 4/4 Hover Engine upgrades

BP: 7.5 Mħ




Max Speed: 1,675 km/h

Named after the Greek God of Light. This is everything you would expect from a D4nkWorks executive warp shuttle. Exactly enough cargo capacity for a full re-fuel, 40 warp cells, and scrap. Costs are minimal. 150su = 3 cells, 500su = 11 cells. Well balanced and easy to fly. Comes equipped space and atmo radars (attached to different seats) Built with an immersive cockpit that is fun to fly or ride in first person view. BP Available at D4nkWorks outlet on Alioth Market 7 Contact me to arrange a token in game... Sales Hangars located at Infinity Spaceport and Silver City IGN: D4nkkn1ght https://discord.gg/uUx47tR Dank#9076 twitch.tv/d4nkkn1ght

Token: 7.5 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ

Personal Transport Vehicle

Clan Chaos


Max Speed: 1,020 km/h

The personal transport shuttle is the perfect, fast moving, maneuverable shuttle to park on any S core or bigger ship. I built this as a companion to one of my very favorite ships, ADMI's V2 Reliant. This ship gets up to speed fast, can make it to and from moons without an issue, and docks super easy in a very small space. You should give it a try!

BP: 250 Kħ
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