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Space Thrust: 0.149 MN

AZR Shipyards signature light personal transport, the AZR Pegasus is available now. There are two words that can describe the Pegasus. Sleek and Powerful. A long tapered nose, and forward swept stabilisers give the Pegasus a look sharp enough to cut diamond. It's low frontal cross section and prodigious thrust leaves competitors in the dust. When the air starts getting cold and thin, the Pegasus really begins to shine. Not confined to planetary flight, the Pegasus soars through space effortlessly. With a mere 4.6t dry weight, 20t cargo lift and blistering speed both in and out of atmosphere, the Pegasus is an ideal Racer and Courier ship. It can be yours for as little as 100k for a blueprint, or 200k for a ready built token. Token built ships gain the benefit of tier 3 and 4 handling skills. Don't delay, contact AZR Shipyards today for your Pegasus. AZR Shipyards, Perfection Redefined.

Token: 300 Kħ
BP: 200 Kħ

Flatbed Semi

Black Star Initiative


No attributes :-(

Fighter not included. Contact Ancientdecay#9544 on Discord for purchase.

Token: 1.8 Mħ

Mobile Research Station



Cargo Lift: 150 t

Modeled after land-based earth research stations used in harsh frigid environments this mobile operating base is designed to support three researchers. Includes: - Atmospheric RGB Lighting - Terrain Scanner - Container Hub - Fully Decorated Interior Includes "Wild Origin System" artwork by RL Cody Rauh ( aka. Creator in DU )

BP: 2.5 Mħ

A-Wing (PVP)

DU Creators


Space Thrust: 1.86 MN

Space-only superiority fighter, survived the recent Star Wars PVP event flying this with two TIEs downed. Meant to be a disposable low-cost option for learning PVP. 2 Medium space engines and 6 small space engines for lots of thrust and several medium space brakes to slow down fast. Outer shell stretched voxels for nearly no mass. Inner shell is a 3-layer gold box around sideways-positioned hoverseat (corrected by gyro), the forward canopy cockpit is just for looks. Most pics show with dual lasers, with skills 3 can be used from the hoverseat. There's a cannons option for optimal TIE fighting. Grab the BP for 500k from Deravi#6100, or 1.5m for token.

Token: 2 Mħ
BP: 500 Kħ

Dretismo v2



Max Speed: 1,050 km/h

Czar industries is Proud to present a new line of progression ships for newer players. Reasonably priced, easy to build and all with great functionality. The Dretismo is a Warp shuttle that goes from Alioth to Madis for only 4 warp cells. It's fast, it's pretty, it's ready to warp you and up to 3 friends anywhere in the galaxy! It has 10 Container XS for some cargo capacity so you can bring some luggage too. newly updated with added PWR!!! LUA installed: ArchHUD, Warp cost calculator, Fuel Management and Damage. Brakes are Demeter Ready!

BP: 1.5 Mħ

Starship Troopers Drop ship

Crazy Development and Mining


Cargo Lift: 1,060 t

NEW MODEL AND PRICE ! Had a voxel cockpit designed by Wadiss (Creator on here who owns the Condor !) With command seat and navigator seat, a fuel screen, and the ability to use what LUA you'd like in the ship. VR: CDM Station "NOTE : CAN ADD WARPDRIVE" This is a star ship troopers drop ship inspired build, it is a 2 core build, one small, one XS. 4 Military atmo L's, 2 military atmo M's, 2 L military space and 2 military M's. This thing hauls a whole lotta butt, able to fill the 2 container pod to full without feeling its effects, take off and hover above your organization member who grabs the pod and pulls it to the floor while you launch off to pick up the next pod! Tested the pods with 1.06KT in the containers, which was at max for the volume of items i put in them, and it flew and brake landed easily. Very fun build over all took a little time and finagling to get the pod to dock just right under the Small core ship! My favorite build to date :) 15,000,000 quanta for the Ship token, and the pod token. NOW able to purchase blueprints, 4 mil for the ship BP and Container Pod BP. - In game : UnfundedDeeJ - Discord : UnfundedDeeJ#7530

Token: 15 Mħ
BP: 4 Mħ

TTA King Cobra



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

All steel Asteroid Chaser with Copper and Gold internals, DSAT, Large Shield, 4 x XL Space (2 Mil , 2 Man), 20 Large Adv Atmos L Engines and Warp. Take a trip along the knife edge in a lady that will show you the way to the prize then defend you whilst you escape with it. Designed around the original TTA Cobra frame but with a change to non Gyro configuration and the ability to take a hit, this little lady will not fail to please. Grab your treasure and look good doing it! Price is of course subject to change due to the crazy world were playing in so please give me a shout if you're interested or wish to have a look around. I have almost completed a space only version so prices for that platform can be discussed.

Token: 123 Mħ
BP: 20 Mħ

Blauwe Draak

Dumboiz United


Cargo Lift: 4,750 t

Bozarius: We need gold. A lot of it. Isyron: Yeah we could do that... I just don’t want to slow boat the Ouija Scanner on a hauler and outpost on a planet for a week... Bozarius: So why don’t we build a better scanning ship? A deep-space miner hauler ship. Isyron: Yeah but the slow boating... Bozarius: Why slow boat? We can warp it. Isyron: It’s so expensive though! Bozarius: TWO LARGE CONTAINERS full of gold nugget or other rare ores will be worth roughly 50M quanta. The cost to warp it will be negligible after that. 3.5M in warp cost from 50M? You’re warping in 46M in profits. Isyron:….. Fine. What do we need? Bozarius: I’ll start running the numbers! And he did. He ran those numbers and Bozarius came up with the perfect solution, which included 6 Rare Military Engines. Then Isyron wanted to add AGG to the ship. Bozarius: Okay.. That's not so bad... We have enough thrust and lift for that. Then Isyron wanted to add Maneuver Engines. Bozarius: Okay... But you have to keep the frontal cross section down still. And he did! With Bozarius’s engineering and Isyron’s design, the two created a scanning ship that both hauls ass and hauls ore. And then they added 4 more large containers, because you're not mining t3+ ores on Alioth. You're doing it on planets with less gravity, meaning you can move more weight! The Blauwe Draak (Blue Dragon) exceeds other mining ships in a variety of ways: - Clean, open floorplans to reduce your claustrophobia - Both acceleration and power to scan, haul, and enjoy your flight - AGG to ignore the uneven terrains of the outer rim planets - A unique design and element placement to help pilots put the intersection of tiles at 0x 0y on the ship itself, ensuring a perfect scanner placement every time from first person or third person. - A flurry of screens and programming boards: each to help you calculate your ore depths, values, warp costs, AGG control and damage readouts - A back end perfect for docking your mining chairs - A survivable reentry in to Alioth of 8500kmh+!!! - A slot to customize your ship with your org's tags by each door - Easy repair access to all elements, including repair hatches on each nacelle in the event elevators are broken At the end of the day, the Blauwe Draak is a high-end, luxury scanning ship that is well equipped to haul ore or anything else you’re trying to move. 6 large containers for your cargo, 6 small containers for your warp cells, and 12 extra small containers (one for each planet) to keep your scans nice and organized. Isyron and Bozarius threw everything into this ship to not only meet the needs of every mining crew but exceed them too. *No glitched elements **Available from DBI directly with max stats via VR BPs and VR Tokens, or from Captain’s Customs with max stats. ***Advanced Model (50M Token 15M BP) ***Rare Model (65M Token 15M BP) ****Available for token drop at both DBI Madis Shipyard and Captain's Customs.

Token: 50 Mħ
BP: 15 Mħ

Turtle (Tri Scan)



Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

this ship is atmospheric only and does not use a lot of fuel to fly and land and take off this ship can carry 1000 t of ore on Alioth planet this ship got my ship builder skill atmo fuel tank at 5 brake at 4 adjustor at 4 many others and i apply often the update of my ship builder skill on it come to see it with the real coordonnates on Alioth or use a surrogate station and search CrilTek Showroom for coming to see that in surrogate mode

Token: 9 Mħ
BP: 4.5 Mħ

Bee Mk2



Max Speed: 650 km/h

Bee Mk2 - a faster really small and cheap XS-ship. Need a bigger one? See one of the following ships: Falcon Mk1: https://du-creators.org/makers/the_duke/ship/UCOO%20Falcon%20Mk1 Jetta Mk1: https://du-creators.org/makers/the_duke/ship/Jetta%20Mk1 Jetta Mk1 Advanced: https://du-creators.org/makers/the_duke/ship/Jetta%20Mk1%20Advanced Jetta Mk2: https://du-creators.org/makers/the_duke/ship/Jetta%20Mk2 Automated fuel station (put in ore, get Nitron, X1 -> X4): https://du-creators.org/makers/the_duke/ship/Fuel%20Station%20Factory%3A%20Fuel%20Cub3%20%28Nitron%2C%20X1%2C%20X2%2C%20X3%2C%20X4%29

Token: 300 Kħ
BP: 150 Kħ




Space Thrust: 546 MN

Full space PvP ship This ship designed for PvP by penrose industries, will be your indispensable ally for space combat sessions. - An armor of 8 gold voxel will protect you from any attack. - Pvp test, the strike force of this ship is impressive, and its resistance as well. - 7 gunner seat: - 24 missile L t3 - 3 railguns, - 5 cannons , - radar Rare Phased Array (x8) Custom versions on demand can be provided but may require additionnal cost depending on materials. all future update will be free (hud, weapon upgrade....) diffèrent Price available: - only shell pic = 30 000 000 - full equiped = 100 000 000m - token = 741 000 000 come and see it on vr: "Penrose Destiny v1" contact on discord for more information: thibz#1965 or isyos#7355

Token: 741 Mħ
BP: 30 Mħ

Fae Warpshuttle



Space Thrust: 1.76 MN

A heavy, but compact look. A sleek, but bulky design. The Fae combines simplicity, style and appeal within the size of an XS-core ship. The ship is equipped with 4 Medium Advanced Military Atmospheric Engines, which provide it with enough thrust to quickly traverse on planets like Alioth while also carrying small loads of cargo within its 8 XS-sized containers, combined into a container hub. For space flight the ship relies on 1x Medium Military Space Engine and 2x Small Advanced Military Space Engine, providing just enough thrust to haul up to 60-70 tons of Cargo off planets with 1G gravity, such as Alioth. The Fae's light build of 70.9 tons dry weight and 83.7 tons fully fueled allows for relatively cheap warp cell consumption between 7 and 11 warp cells from Alioth to Lacobus, depending on the amount of cargo stored on the ship. With 6 additional seats for passengers, this chubby fairy may even serve as a quick and easy method of transporting people to other planets, so they may spread out to the stars. And she will look amazing doing so! (Currently only selling blueprints, token sale will resume shortly)

BP: 500 Kħ

The Zealot "Copper Edition"

Blackbriar Mercenary Inc


No attributes :-(

Blackbriar Mercenary Inc. is proudly presenting you the The Zealot "Copper Edition" by "Cuddlepuddle Industies" This is only for the truly serious PVP orgs. Premium warship fully tested and built by one of the most experienced pvprs in the game. Meta built which will send all but the most determined ship or fleet packing. Everything thought of placement of every module is there for a reason not because it looks nice. This isn't some cute design with guns. Fast, Deadly and Tough. Boosted and optimized and ready to dance. If you ask any pvpr in DU that has credentials and I'm not talking keyboard warriors or math comp builders but guys that are out there all the time, they will confirm this ship is the real deal. VR: Chicken Zealot Class (*Copper Edition) Warship *The perfect balance between the Faster Black and Tankier Gold 24 Gun Rail boat Advanced Precision Rails Uncommon Military Engines Gorgeous Interior Copper Hull

BP: 50 Mħ

Small Core Hauler



Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

Built this with the intention of hauling decent amounts of ore as a solo player without having a huge ship. So far entered and exit Alioth with 1kt. Completely smooth transition. Reinforced Cockpit with steel and some gold. Reinforced core with gold. Intentionally Crashed it at 200KMH and only destroyed some outside elements. Did not die or Core the ship. I carry 3 Territory scanners in the Hubbed Containers and can Attach them(pulled away from voxels Slightly as to not disrupt the shape) at wonky angels to still scan 3 hex at once. This is my First ship build worth selling and use it daily. 4L Containers 8L Basic Atmo Engines 8L Space engines 12L Vertical Boosters 30L Atmo Airbreaks 16L Retro-Rocket Breaks 6M Retro-Rocket Breaks Room for a Warp Drive if you so Choose Contact me In game or on Discord Look at it in VR "Hauler"

Token: 12 Mħ
BP: 2.5 Mħ




Space Thrust: 2 MN

BRUMBULLI is my XS-Core tiny fast courier spaceship with a unique design. It has a large Atmo Engine and 2 Medium Space Engines. And it also has a Warp Drive - consuming only ca. 3 Warp Cells per trip - the perfect courier Ship - if you want to pick up stuff in Style. This you can put in an S Container. ***************************************************************************** The blueprint will be available for sale on my territory for 1.000.000 Q. The Token (complete ship!) will be available for 15.000.000 Q. Coordinates: ::pos{0,2,1.3180,77.7294,24.1859} ***************************************************************************** See it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7b1TeOrDCE

Token: 15 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ
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