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Aquarian "Hathor" Class Hauler



Cargo Lift: 16,000 t

For Miners that expect the best (and get bored occasionally), we present for your consideration, "The Hathor". 44 Large Advanced Military Atmos Engines, 4 Advanced XL Maneuver and 2 Advanced Military XL Space engines to power a conservative 16kt lift off Alioth. ***IMPORTANT**** After deployment, please refit shields and ECU to avoid any lua related bugs. Also ensure ECU links are all in place. (I will do this for you if you wish) -Tri-Scanning with 3 way elevator connection. -Medium AGG, Warp. -40 Large containers (+1 for warp cells). -Large Shield just in case you accidentally stray into pvp space or like the challenge. -Front section interior force field enclosed docking with ramp (Easily fits a Light Skipper). -Side Airlock with force field platform. (All force fields linked to the Flight Deck just incase). -Iron Shielded Med-Bay with 3 Res-nodes. -Easy to use Storage hubs with colour coded system. -Security area with brig (Special room for SneakySnake) -Crew and Captains quarters, seperate bar and lounge areas. -More VR units than you can wave a stick at! Plus lots more to keep you immersed. Plenty of room for you to customise the ship to suit your own style. To facilitate higher customisation, there are placeholders on the hull for Retros which can be moved around easiliy to assist balance changes (ie for adding weapons). We recommend that pilots have level 4 or level 5 skills to get the most out of this ship but she is still flyable on Level 3 skills (Dont expect to lift to full capacity though). DRM for screens and chairs removed free on request as BPs dont seem to remove them correctly. Level 5 placement boosts available and free after you deploy. Just PM when required and we will arrange with you. Our first build is currently docked at Utopia Station, just behind the Aquarian store opposite pad 1. BPs are available inside the Aquarian store (Please do not purchase whilst in VR). Please note. Small improvements are being made to the interior signs. these will all be upgraded free. For ship VR please access "Aquarian Hathor Hauler". Bear in mind this is a working ship so may move location (Dont scare the pilot!!!) The version for sale does NOT include weapons that you may see on the first build as we experiment with other layouts. Lightskipper shuttle sold seperately by another creator!

BP: 26 Mħ

Eclipse MK3 Roidrunner Edition



Cargo Space: 1,200 kL

Eclipse MKIII , the complete design overhaul of my Asteroid hunter. 4 full weeks of voxel work becomes this slick masterpiece. Space only version, for parking at an moon or space station. ----------------- Weapons for display only! Blueprint comes without weapons/ammo containers/gunnerseat - you decide what suits your needs. (Positions for placing in the upgrade info button) ----------------- It can lift 1200kl (weight in space infinite) Large shield or Medium viable. Space version with 6 L Containers DSAT accessible from the pilot seat. Touch screens for doors and lights. Prepared for Saga or Aviator with an M-Screen in cockpit. Saga HUD preinstalled (Version 2.4.2 22.09.2021) Completely voxel error free interior and extirior. 4 Info buttons with way more instructions inside the ship! Plenty of room for voxel armor and 4 weapons. 4 uncommon Maneuver XL + 1 uncommon Military XL for thrust and 2 Uncommon Maneuver M Space engines for easy landing on space stations and asteroids. Some Stats: 13G space thrust, fueld but no cargo. 0-10000kmh in 35 sec 0-200000kmh in 60sec 0-300000kmh in 1min55sec tested with lvl4 warmup optimization and lvl5 space thrust skills. 20G space brakes 30000 - 0 in 1min 10 sec (1,8SU) tested with lvl4 retro brake (put down and pilot skill). VR: Monster HQ Alioth / Monster Eclipse MK3 Every ship gets my put down skills for free (engines/tanks/containers lvl 5 / any other lvl 4). Available as BP or Token, with or without DSAT, Shield and XL Engines.

Token: 110 Mħ
BP: 40 Mħ

Rebellion by Chewie and Hagbard



Cargo Lift: 500 t

=== Rebellion === "When a free ship actually performs better then most expensive ships out there, it might be a Rebellion... " The Rebellion is a free (BP) ship created by Hagbard and Chewie_1 It can be build without having to invest a fortune and is an ideal ship for new and experienced pilots. The ship technology and Lua was done by Hagbard with efficiency and performance in mind The great High Quality Voxelwork was done by Chewie_1 using the 2d voxelplaner gifted to the community by jaylebreak. It has space for an optional Shield S. Free Boost to max placement skills if you visit Hagbard on Alioth. - Atmo/Space/Warp capable - 500-1000 tons of cargo depending on pilot and placement talents - fast, light and designed to be as efficient and easy to fly as possible - Features Hagbard's flight control script - Free Boosts available. contact Hagbard Update: Rebellion 1f (Oct 2nd 21) ==> New version with the new waypoint mgmt System. See bottom of page for instructions! Important Note: The Lua on this ship was designed for Input Scheme Keyboard and any Mouse controlled input scheme is NOT supported! ==== Some features for the included HUD ==== - Full Autolevel in space and Atmo -- In Space choose to autloevel based on nearest planet gravity or choose your own "reference" by pressing a key combination and keep the current leveling -- when entering the pilot seat in space, the current orienation will automatically be used for autoleveling - Altitude Hold/Orbit Hold seamless transition from alt Hold to orbit Hold just by changing target Altitude -- Fully Automatic re-entry from space to atmo - Adaptive engine thrust. By default fly with ultra fuel efficient Maneuver engine and hovers. When needed (or manually activated), additional military engine and vertical boosters will be activated automatically - Collision avoidance -- when in AltHold and ground is detected, target Alt will be adjusted automatically -- when falling towards ground and descend speed is too high in the last 100m, brakes and vertical boosters will be used automatically to slow down descend speed - Can be "flown" underwater. - Speed Limiter saves you from heat damage automatically - can be flown by using A/D,W/S and throttle controls only. The ship will control the roll axis (Q/E keys) automatically to avoid sideways drift and allow smooth cornering - Non obtrusive HUD avoids visual on screen clutter -- optionally press Shift Alt 4 to display all HUD Widgets when needed - Vertical Boosters present but will not consume any space fuel in low load situations, Boosters will be activated automatically when high descend speeds are detected near ground - Display of brake distance to make your space travel easier The rebellion was build to make it upgradeable. - The 4 main engines can be exchanged with higher tier variants easily. Just make sure that those engines which should be "off" by default get an engine tag "2nd" - The rebellion has space reserved for a shield generator s == Waypoint Mgmt System ( since 1f) == The Rebellion 1f has >180 built in waypoints included in the LUA. Press Alt & Cursor Up/Down to access the Waypoint selection The wapoints are organised in groups. Skrip to the next group using Alt & CursorLeft to go one group forward or Shift additionally for backwards. == Using custom your own Waypoints == you can create a small Lua file on your PC to define your own wapyoints in the HUD. The file has to be placed in <Dual Universe Install Dir>\game\data\lua\ Filename has to be poilist.lua Here is the a sample file content: -=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=- local poilist = { version = "Poilist 1" } function poilist.loadLocations() p = {{}} p[1] = {"Hagbard","Showroom", "::pos{0,2,37.9534,63.5323,7.9565}"} p[#p+1] = {"Other","Chewie Base", "::pos{0,2,9.4456,45.4257,108.8897}"} p[#p+1] = {"Other","Yobbous Base(must see)", "::pos{0,2,39.3317,21.6829,87.5876}"} p[#p+1] = {"Other","Hedronic Library Teoma", "::pos{0,8,1.5059,133.7962,99.1187}"} return p end return poilist -=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=- Use that as a template to create your own POI list. Fell free to add more POIs as needed. The parameter Order is "group","Name","POSstring" The display name in the UI will be Group-Name

BP: 1 ħ

TIE Reaper

Imperial Drive Yards


Cargo Lift: 350 t

Used by the Empire primarily as a troop transport and starfighter support. This one holds 2 L cargo containers and enough open space for your own personal touches. Take a look personally, VR to IDY Thades Station.

BP: 10 Mħ

IDY Star Destroyer

Imperial Drive Yards


Cargo Space: 1,920 kL

This ship has been a passion project since it started in December. Using aligned multiple cores, the IDY Star Destroyer is the biggest Star Destroyer in game. With the total length almost 2 L cores long, it comes in at 12% to scale of the 1600 meters of a full size ISD. It uses 10 XL space engines to get its bulk moving to a full 11.4g of thrust and retro braking power of 17.3g. With its unique construction method, each ISD takes 6 to 8 hours to deploy one full ship and can only be sold via token. Because of the shear amount of time and effort it takes to deploy these behemoths, there will only ever be 12 made. *VR over to take a look at IDY Star Destroyer* Currently Deployed 3 of 12 Updated 27 Sep 21

Token: 950 Mħ

American Truck



Cargo Lift: 300 t

An american truck on a medium core, designed as light atmospheric hauler. Has one large container with hovers supporting up to 1kt (however, be aware that for regular use as hover with large cargo it might be adviseable to install a few more brakes) and can also lift off with 300t. Has a small yz and zy component in the inertia matrix when empty, that nearly vanishes when the truck carries cargo, thus flying pretty well for its shape. Update: A second version is ready to be shipped, can carry an equivalent of 2 large containers, 3kt while hovering and 1kt when flying, with an improved handling and perfected inertia matrix. due to the larger amount of elements, the token price is a bit higher(8000000 Quanta) compared to the first version.

Token: 7 Mħ
BP: 4.5 Mħ

Compactable VTOL Jetpack



Cargo Space: 0.002 kL

This Compactable VTOL Jetpack is the solution to all your AGG problems. With the current issues around parenting, it is almost impossible to dock a construct to your AGG ship in the atmosphere. But the Jetpack is fully compactable. This means you can park your AGG ship above the markets and jet down on your Jetpack. When you have done your trades, simply use your Jetpack to VTOL back to your AGG ship. On landing back on your AGG ship, compact your Jetpack to avoid damage to your ship. Fully Compactable The custom script keeps your Jetpack stable in flight The dispenser will give you everything you need. The BP comes with all the elements, voxels and fuel to create and use your Jetpack VR = VTOL Jet Pack Dispenser Locations = District 6 Market ::pos{0,2,35.9913,101.3403,227.7631} District 7 Market ::pos{0,2,22.4885,98.1362,240.1767}

Token: 1 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

Ladybug / Firefly



Cargo Lift: 20 t

The Ladybug & FIrefly (Compactible) Available through Captain's Customs and Captain Miller on Discord. The FIrefly is designed to be fast as it is a pocket ship. It starts to take damage at 1900 and sports a racer seat (pictured above). However, it also has 3 Rare Military M engines, 4Gs of high lift, and four hovers, making it more useful for market runs than your average pocket ship. It has a workable range of 1SU. Further than that, bring fuel. But that should cover a one way trip anywhere on any planet. Which should be ok since no pocket ship can function in space. The Ladybug is identical to the Firefly in every way, except for it's engines. The ladybug is equipped with 3 Rare Maneuver Engine M. The Ladybug tops out around 1500 depending on skills. It can still carry a decent amount from the markets for a compact with it's 3 M engines. But it has a much larger range. 6 SU on a single tank. Token price not yet determinized. But keep in mind it has 3 Rare Military Engines M.

BP: 2 Mħ

Warp Box



Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

Space only warpable container with 100kl storage. Ever thought "i am getting greedy" on an asteroid ? Well, warp your earnings away to the nearest savezone or your space station and force respawn back. This little (XS) box can be docked on your ship and hold up to 1KT ore. With 1KT (60KL Gold + 40KL Pyrite) it is able to get off an asteroid. Also nice for solo mining sessions on broadcasted roids. Radar, ECU and 2 Jumpseats. 70 tons fueled mass Warp cost with 1KT cargo: 90SU: 24 Warpcells 150SU: 40 Warpcells 500SU: 134 Warpcells 0-10000kmh 1min 35sec 0-20000kmh 3min 20sec 0-29000kmh 6min 0-30000kmh 7min (12% Fuel used) 30000-0kmh 2min (3SU) Buildcost should be around 4M as of October 2021 ***No glitched elements*** I provide Put down(technican) buffs for every of my Blueprints free of charge.(Lvl5 engines,containers,Tanks / rest lvl4) Ship design and Graphics by Ryanpryde. Contact:RyanPryde#8917

Token: 5 Mħ
BP: 750 Kħ

LAAT Gun Ship



Space Thrust: 2.7 MN

We have a Old Republic LAAT gunship and transport for you! Seating for 18 plus 2 gunners, 1 missiler 1 nav and 1 pilot! All seats have their own radar! keep yourself safe! Respawn pad for when your troops die! NEVER QUIT!! Fully tricked out with all the latest in HUD/FUEL/DAMAGE Lua Scripts. This baby will do over 1000km in atmo and take you straight to space! If you dont want all the guns and radar there is room to put 10 small containers or more! Currently has 3 hooked up to a hub and will carry them around maxed out. This thing is a head tuner with a fully furnished interior and walk about levels! “Blowing stuff up never gets old!”

Token: 8 Mħ

Lightning Bolt

k3 enterprises


Space Thrust: 2.18 MN

Lightning Bolt is an exceptional Warp Shuttle. Most important features: * Alioth to Lacobus - 9 warp cells * 1700+ km/h max speed in atmosphere * Container S * Passenger seat Front light colour: 100, 0, 255 Back lights colour: 0, 200, 250

BP: 3 Mħ

Apache MkI



Max Speed: 486 km/h

Want to own your very own apache gunship, this is as close as you're going to get comes outfitted with as accurate to the real life apaches 2 missile pods controlled by the pilot and the main cannon controlled by the gunner this bird handles amazingly well so it is a lot of fun to fly the main fuel tank is a medium so you get plenty of flight time on 1 tank but just in case it is outfitted with 5200 liter of container space for either extra ammo and fuel or could be a great atmo market runner it also makes a great showpiece contact me on discord with any questions

BP: 2 Mħ

Buffalo A (Atmospheric Edition)



No attributes :-(

The Buffalo Hauler is fitted into a Small core and utilizes 2 Conatiner L linked into a hub for mining operations. Capable of lifting up to 1100 tons, the Buffalo is designed for a solo or small group to allow sustained mining operations in an area. Want to scan 3 hexes at a time? No problem! You can place 3 scanners on a buffalo and park at the right point to get those scans. (Territory Scanners sold separately) Check our sales lot or reserve yours today! Interested but can't afford one? DM Tyrosien#3246 to explore employment options or reservations. -Includes resurrection pod standard for safety protocols. -Includes Emergency controller for safety. -Comes with a full custom flight LUA/HUD for ease of use. -Plenty of room for customizing the interior -Access points for in-flight repairs and refueling on most major systems Surrogate search Hegemony for our Sales Lot to view our floor models.

Token: 5 Mħ

Hiigaran Cruiser



Space Thrust: 118 MN

A multi-core design based on the Hiigaran cruiser from Homeworld, this ship is intended as a light assault carrier. Outfitted for both space and atmospheric operations, a full armament of large cannons supports XS fighters in battle. A fully kitted-out interior provides RP and leisure activities for the crew while not engaged in combat. DISCLAIMER: Full engineering performance is currently under review and is a work in progress. This vessel is more heavily RP focused than typical SOL Navy designs Tokken or BP build on a multi-core design will still require the pieces to be placed together. So Being a mult-core design, it can be a little tricky to attach the medium core to the large. I can make myself available to attach it on request. If you want it built and ready to go, that can be negotiated on this discord channel: https://discord.gg/B6W5nPmX (Sol Navy #dual-universe-public!) ATMOS Thrust design is base on Vertical take-off to get to Antigravity height, once at antigravity height you can level out and cruse with Antigravity assist to bypass fuel mass consumption. Following: Forward: 1,61g Back: .38g (parking) Up: 5.55g Combat Layout 4 Rear Mounted Large Cannons - seat location in the navigation for the pilot to use in retreat 8 Large Rails - seat location in tactical 12 Medium Laser Turrets - seat location in tactical 1 Large Missile Turret - seat location in tactical

BP: 60 Mħ

Fane mk 1



Cargo Space: 22.4 kL

A smaller starter hauler for newcomers with 2 S-containers, has space engines and atmo and in the design of the F-line of ships Do note prices depend on market and if you are interested in getting current prices, you can ask in DU-creators discord or in-game from me You can visit my Ship showroom to take a look at my other ships VR:Forerunner ship showroom Updated : 04.09.2021

Token: 2 Mħ
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