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Voxel Sets




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This site provides a interactive 3D representation of the Dual Universe Solar System: du-map.com ** Please bear with us as this site is under constant development. We appreciate reports of bugs as well as ideas/feature suggestions. These can be submitted via our community discord (link below) ** This is useful for 3d spacial representation of planets, moons, asteroids and any other ::pos waypoint. This can be done by panning, zooming and rotating around the solar system. This is very helpful in planning safe travel routes outside of the safe zone. You can also save and map out waypoints (::pos). These can be labeled as Constructs, POIs, Space Stations and Asteroids. Waypoints can be organized into sharing groups. These groups can either be privately shared with invited/accepted friends, or listed publicly for anyone to join. The owner of a share can modify and give specific permissions to other members within the share group. We do our best to maintain asteroid locations throughout the week. These locations are available to anyone via our public "Weekly Asteroids" share. If you would like to help maintain asteroid positions, please reach out to Zer0Krypt#0001 or join our discord community (link below). Discord Community: discord.gg/UTEcgP9Avj Site Developers: Deadrank#9867 and Zer0Krypt#0001


NoxCorp Ship Stat Screen V2



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The NoxCorp Ship Stat Screen V2 is an improved full LUA rewrite of the original HTML version. Screens that use the LUA API instead of HTML look sharper, render at greater distances and are significantly better for game performance. Version 2 brings much more customisation including: - Custom text and logo - Choice of text layouts - Choice of fonts - Change all colours, backgrounds and borders - Customise or switch off the star animation - Use custom backgrounds All customisation is done at the very top of the script, all settings have clear explanation and example values. The render cost is around 1 300 000 / 4 000 000 depending on content. The blueprint is provided DRM free which allows you to reuse infinitely. This is reflected in the cost. You can also transfer the money to me via your wallet in-game and I will paste the code to you on discord (no need to travel).

Individual: 10 Mħ
Resale: 10 Mħ

Free Ship Building and Costing Spreadsheet



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Free Ship Building Spreadsheet. Copy and paste from the view-only link below, and then make your own copy. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1omJcfBLNo-VIJHfolR437f0Ao3WXvpOQcyYL0y9bkBQ/edit?usp=sharing 1. Enter quantities from the bp into Column C (Enter Item qty from BP here). Then filter the sheet for that column to reduce the number of shown rows. The To Purchase (Column H) will highlight items you need to purchase or make. 2. Update prices in Column D to current market prices. 3. Enter quantities of items you currently have on-hand, in Column F (In Stock). This will count into the "To Purchase" column. 4. Order your items from the market, and add them to "Purchased" (Column G) to help keep track. 5. Go pick them up, or use a parcel container to have them delivered! Add more rows of HC (add a 1 to Column B to allow filtering just for HC). Add more rows of items, as this is NOT a comprehensive list of all items. Honeycomb: Always acquire 1m3 more than the qty listed in the BP, to avoid "Not enough materials" warnings. Click "Like" if you like it, and share the word. If you LOVE it, consider sending a small donation to the East Alioth Trading Company, which goes toward building the Grand Bazaar of Alioth, a player-built and run market, art and event space.

Individual: 1 ħ
Resale: 1 ħ

DU Ore Manager



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This project leverages the recently released screen LUA APIs to provide an interface with the programming board. With this system, you can set up a public drop off point for ore with requirements for each available ore, and set the system to show all tiers, or single tier at a time. https://github.com/jdelgado-dtlabs/DU-Ore-Manager



Fox Syndicate Scripts


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Essentially, this script provides an AR overlay to your world to view waypoints you have set with Archaegeo's script, in addition to the planets around you. Like all AR scripts made with the AR projection library, there are specific conditions under which this script functions correctly. If you are on a planet, assuming you aren't in a cockpit in another ship, the script should function flawlessly. It will only work in a seat on the construct the programming board was deployed in, and only if you correctly calibrate said seat, assuming you have "freelook" enabled. What freelook enables is a way to track where your camera is looking purely based on your mouse movement. Of course, this comes with one major downside: it won't work in the third person. Nor will it work if you don't calibrate your pitch and heading. Calibration takes place in the form of looking either up or down, pushing your mouse past the limit you can look and then looking either left or right. The accuracy is around 1 degree when looking straight on if the calibration was done properly. (Inaccuracy is purely a result of the mouse capture not being absolutely perfect) In space, as long as you are on the ship the programming board was activated on, it should function for both in a seat, walking around and jetpacking. Note that for walking around, you need to calibrate your pitch. There are a couple more settings to change around if you want to. However, that is about all you need to know. To use the script, copy the JSON file contents found in the link below and select something like "paste Lua script" using a programming board. Connect the programming board to the core, and activate! If you have some saved waypoints using Archaegeo's script, connect the databank to it, and it should load his script's waypoints as well. Link: https://github.com/Archaegeo/Archaegeo-Orbital-Hud/blob/v1.401/SolarSystem.json Disclaimer: I coded this, however, Archaegeo provided the idea, hence when starting the script he is credited and hosts the script.

Individual: 1 ħ
Resale: 1 ħ




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free script, get it at: https://github.com/rohimma/du-atlas get all your bookmarks on one easy to manage screen. activate the programming board and click on the location where you want to go

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