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No attributes :-(

Gridlock is an M core hybrid hauler that can lift 15KT+ off Alioth with no AGG. No stacked elements, and comes with AGG and L Shield Generator. Default version has 40L containers but for mission runners it can have 40L and 8 M for 5 hubs worth of Large Mission Packages or it has space to deploy 20 more L containers in between the arms to the front of the ship. Interior allows for any customized set up the player wants, with plenty of space for screens on captains deck for programs and Lua. There are 2 pilot chairs as both have different radars linked to them. This ship is the bigger brother of the Diligence and has very similar features but in itself is an entirely different ship.

Token: 335 Mħ
BP: 50 Mħ

IDY Star Destroyer

Imperial Drive Yards


Cargo Space: 1,920 kL

This ship has been a passion project since it started in December. Using aligned multiple cores, the IDY Star Destroyer is the biggest Star Destroyer in game. With the total length almost 2 L cores long, it comes in at 12% to scale of the 1600 meters of a full size ISD. It uses 10 XL space engines to get its bulk moving to a full 11.4g of thrust and retro braking power of 17.3g. With its unique construction method, each ISD takes 6 to 8 hours to deploy one full ship and can only be sold via token. Because of the shear amount of time and effort it takes to deploy these behemoths, there will only ever be 12 made. *VR over to take a look at IDY Star Destroyer* Currently Deployed 3 of 12 Updated 27 Sep 21

Token: 950 Mħ

Peacekeeper - Core



Space Thrust: 177 MN

Introducing the 'Peacekeeper', a 3rd generation PVP ship extensively tested in the current Nano meta with one of the lowest cross sections for a voxel based ship design. Setup with a variety of custom Lua to display target voxel weight, speed and core size to help you assess your target. The ship's Lua also includes weapon widgets and a 3rd person periscope so you never have to go back to the gunner seat UI during battle to reload, fire or change targets. It also features a red alert system where the ship exterior and interior will light up red when a new ship has entered your radar, the ship ID is also printed onto the Lua chat tab. The remote controller runs a simplified version of Arch Hud that you can freely modify yourself. The 'Peacekeeper Core' model will come with 4 uncommon military engines and has no weapons to help reduce the cost of spawning the blueprint. Solo and Dual gunner seat variations are available, please get in touch via Discord if you would like the dual gunner variation. *Core Model* Max thrust: 15.1g/19g - With Level 5 Pilot Talent - Fully Loaded With Fuel/Ammo Brake force: 8.2g - With Level 5 Pilot Talent - Fully Loaded With Fuel/Ammo - 5x Ammo L Containers - 1x Space Radar L - 4x Uncommon Military XL Space Engine - 2x Space Fuel Tank - 1x Shield L - 1x Warp Drive - 10x Container S Level 5 Flight element placements skills are included in the blueprint and I will be happy to apply weapon placement skills for you after you spawn the ship. *This ship has no stacked elements.* Vr Station - Coming Soon - Please DM me @i2eilly#0778 if you are interested or have any questions.

BP: 30 Mħ

Rebellion by Chewie and Hagbard



Cargo Lift: 500 t

=== Rebellion === "When a free ship actually performs better then most expensive ships out there, it might be a Rebellion... " The Rebellion is a free (BP) ship created by Hagbard and Chewie_1 It can be build without having to invest a fortune and is an ideal ship for new and experienced pilots. The ship technology and Lua was done by Hagbard with efficiency and performance in mind The great High Quality Voxelwork was done by Chewie_1 using the 2d voxelplaner gifted to the community by jaylebreak. It has space for an optional Shield S. Free Boost to max placement skills if you visit Hagbard on Alioth. - Atmo/Space/Warp capable - 500-1000 tons of cargo depending on pilot and placement talents - fast, light and designed to be as efficient and easy to fly as possible - Features Hagbard's flight control script - Free Boosts available. contact Hagbard Update: Rebellion 1f (Oct 2nd 21) ==> New version with the new waypoint mgmt System. See bottom of page for instructions! Important Note: The Lua on this ship was designed for Input Scheme Keyboard and any Mouse controlled input scheme is NOT supported! ==== Some features for the included HUD ==== - Full Autolevel in space and Atmo -- In Space choose to autloevel based on nearest planet gravity or choose your own "reference" by pressing a key combination and keep the current leveling -- when entering the pilot seat in space, the current orienation will automatically be used for autoleveling - Altitude Hold/Orbit Hold seamless transition from alt Hold to orbit Hold just by changing target Altitude -- Fully Automatic re-entry from space to atmo - Adaptive engine thrust. By default fly with ultra fuel efficient Maneuver engine and hovers. When needed (or manually activated), additional military engine and vertical boosters will be activated automatically - Collision avoidance -- when in AltHold and ground is detected, target Alt will be adjusted automatically -- when falling towards ground and descend speed is too high in the last 100m, brakes and vertical boosters will be used automatically to slow down descend speed - Can be "flown" underwater. - Speed Limiter saves you from heat damage automatically - can be flown by using A/D,W/S and throttle controls only. The ship will control the roll axis (Q/E keys) automatically to avoid sideways drift and allow smooth cornering - Non obtrusive HUD avoids visual on screen clutter -- optionally press Shift Alt 4 to display all HUD Widgets when needed - Vertical Boosters present but will not consume any space fuel in low load situations, Boosters will be activated automatically when high descend speeds are detected near ground - Display of brake distance to make your space travel easier The rebellion was build to make it upgradeable. - The 4 main engines can be exchanged with higher tier variants easily. Just make sure that those engines which should be "off" by default get an engine tag "2nd" - The rebellion has space reserved for a shield generator s == Waypoint Mgmt System ( since 1f) == The Rebellion 1f has >180 built in waypoints included in the LUA. Press Alt & Cursor Up/Down to access the Waypoint selection The wapoints are organised in groups. Skrip to the next group using Alt & CursorLeft to go one group forward or Shift additionally for backwards. == Using custom your own Waypoints == you can create a small Lua file on your PC to define your own wapyoints in the HUD. The file has to be placed in <Dual Universe Install Dir>\game\data\lua\ Filename has to be poilist.lua Here is the a sample file content: -=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=- local poilist = { version = "Poilist 1" } function poilist.loadLocations() p = {{}} p[1] = {"Hagbard","Showroom", "::pos{0,2,37.9534,63.5323,7.9565}"} p[#p+1] = {"Other","Chewie Base", "::pos{0,2,9.4456,45.4257,108.8897}"} p[#p+1] = {"Other","Yobbous Base(must see)", "::pos{0,2,39.3317,21.6829,87.5876}"} p[#p+1] = {"Other","Hedronic Library Teoma", "::pos{0,8,1.5059,133.7962,99.1187}"} return p end return poilist -=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=- Use that as a template to create your own POI list. Fell free to add more POIs as needed. The parameter Order is "group","Name","POSstring" The display name in the UI will be Group-Name

BP: 1 ħ

Eclipse MK3 Roidrunner Edition



Cargo Space: 1,200 kL

Eclipse MKIII , the complete design overhaul of my Asteroid hunter. 4 full weeks of voxel work becomes this slick masterpiece. Space only version, for parking at an moon or space station. ----------------- Weapons for display only! Blueprint comes without weapons/ammo containers/gunnerseat - you decide what suits your needs. (Positions for placing in the upgrade info button) ----------------- It can lift 1200kl (weight in space infinite) Large shield or Medium viable. Space version with 6 L Containers DSAT accessible from the pilot seat. Touch screens for doors and lights. Prepared for Saga or Aviator with an M-Screen in cockpit. Saga HUD preinstalled (Version 2.4.2 22.09.2021) Completely voxel error free interior and extirior. 4 Info buttons with way more instructions inside the ship! Plenty of room for voxel armor and 4 weapons. 4 uncommon Maneuver XL + 1 uncommon Military XL for thrust and 2 Uncommon Maneuver M Space engines for easy landing on space stations and asteroids. Some Stats: 13G space thrust, fueld but no cargo. 0-10000kmh in 35 sec 0-200000kmh in 60sec 0-300000kmh in 1min55sec tested with lvl4 warmup optimization and lvl5 space thrust skills. 20G space brakes 30000 - 0 in 1min 10 sec (1,8SU) tested with lvl4 retro brake (put down and pilot skill). VR: Monster HQ Alioth / Monster Eclipse MK3 Every ship gets my put down skills for free (engines/tanks/containers lvl 5 / any other lvl 4). Available as BP or Token, with or without DSAT, Shield and XL Engines.

BP: 40 Mħ




Space Thrust: 0 MN

Fast compactable ship. Stats in picture. Test have shown a planet flight speed of 1300+ km/h on Alioth with no damage taken. VR to Sclossin Alioth (BB) to take a look. I have not been playing much. Tokens available upon request if needed. My build levels are listed below. Stock control: Container proficiency level 5 Container optimization level 5 Fuel tank optimization level 5 Atmo Tech Atmo element Level 5 Atmo fuel tank level 5 Atmo engine level 5 Airfoils level 5 Flight elements level 3 Adjustor handling level 3 Atmo breaks level 4 Retro-engines level 3 Space Tech Space elements level 5 Space fuel tank level 5 Space engine level 4 + 40% max thrust (soon level 4) Vertical boosters level 3 +30% max thrust.

BP: 500 Kħ

sabre T3



Cargo Lift: 200 t

the Sabre A interplanetary tri-scanner/warp shuttle Capable of hauling 200 Ton(3 scanners) out of alioth (tho not easy). Tested with minimal pilot skills. Only 18 warp cells emty to lachobus about 43 with 200 ton cargo token price depends on market prices token comes with lvl 5 boosts available at vr Station "vanhercks place". location: ::pos{0,2,-69.9631,164.8905,2.9633} southpole For token contact vanherck In game or vanherck#7572 on discord

BP: 3 Mħ

HAG Pyro 1R / 1R1P (VTOL)



Max Speed: 2,457 km/h

HAG PyroManiac real 2457km/h max speed (or more with talents/skills) Built for Speed,Usability and Speed. Fully compactable 2457 kmh Max Speed(before pilot skills,i personally can fly these at more than 3200kmh) using 1x Rare Military S Atmo and 1X Rare Military XS Atmo This ship is the best thing you can get as a compact-able all purpose ship. enough acceleration to reach the burn speed in seconds.. Speed Limiter safes you from real damage. Can VTOL and be used as a rescue ship ion Atmo, has full auto level which saved my ship quite a lot of times already after small market like collisions;-) - VTOL & mobile work platform - change to VTOL orientation leave the seat mid air, the construct stops and hold position. Use all your tools to capture/repair/rescue ships at high alt. - Full Auto level on pitch&roll -Speed Limiter function to save you from burning too often (can be disabled via Hotkey) -Underwater Mode to "fly" like a submarine in the sea -Hover Pilot seat , and the 1R1P has one additional passenger seat -tokenized ship is mostly pimped to lvl 5 and more..... Some Tips for using the Pyro: - if you plan to get out of your seat in VTOL orientation, make sure that the ECU is armed and you entered the seat from e.g. the front hover engine ( need to be in a straight line in front of the pilot seat! ) This assures that when you exit the seat in vtol position, you land on the force field. - you can temp. disable the autolevel by holding left shift key whilst flying. as long as you hold shift, the autolevel is suppressed. THis helps in doing some quick maneuvers. - you can enter your home coordinates in the LUA parameters. when piloting you can then press Shift+Alt*2 to set your homebase as the target destination quickly. - Update 2021.01.03 now all my ships have one more great function. Auto Altitude.. Just fly to the required alt and hit alt+2 to enable altitude hold. use alt3/Shift Alt 3 to increase/decrease target altitude by 100m. If you bought a Pyro from me, and want a free update, contact me on discord. Update 2021.01.29 there is now a Blueprint dispenser at my showroom for the Pyro 1R1P (still i recommend to buy a token, as you can have a test flight with full introduction and explanation of all the features then)

Token: 10 Mħ
BP: 8 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

The Arrowhead is a heavy M core hauler. Its 4 exl and 4 l containers are perfect for clearing out several mega-nodes at a time. You and your friends will enjoy the view from the crew quarters. Plenty of space up top for parking smaller craft. Token comes with level 5 engine power and level 4 buffs for everything else. Token pricing will vary with market prices.

Token: 80 Mħ
BP: 8 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 800 t

Introducing the Silverback from Liftoff. This small hauler can carry up to 800 tons off of Alioth with seating for 2 passengers. It also has both space and atmospheric radar to link to for those interplanetary trips. But be careful, with its sleek design it's sure to draw eyes, both the good and the bad ones. A warp upgrade is now available for the Silverback! You can either supply the warp drive yourself, or pay 1,000,000 quanta extra at time of purchase for the upgrade. If you already own a Silverback and would like a warp drive added, you can simply bring a warp drive with you and receive the upgrade for no additional charge.

BP: 5 Mħ

L1S La Costanza



Cargo Lift: 700 t

L1S La Costanza is the peak of Luxury personal transport. Featuring a posh interior and a sleek yacht-inspired exterior, this ship will turn heads at any district you land at. If you've ever wanted to own a Yacht, but like me are too poor to afford one IRL, this is the ship for you. Additionally, La Costanza features a Warp Drive, allowing you to cruise around the entire system along with your ship and up to around 650t of cargo on Alioth (More on other planets). Contact Koriandah#0889 on Discord to purchase.

BP: 4 Mħ

Green Devil (Mk I and MkII)

Oxen Industries


Space Thrust: 766 MN

DELETED Due to NQ Predatory billing. Not coming back, take care gents o7 Blueprints will remain available at Thades for those of you that decide to continue supporting the game development.

BP: 1 Mħ

DIS 01 "Celsius" MK2



Space Thrust: 22.5 MN

The "DIS Celsius" is a small M-ship with an L-container and a warp drive. For small cargo flights that a warp shuttle can no longer manage, this ship is just right. UPDATE: Performance has been improved. All values at pilot skill 0 and element level: atmospheric engine handling: lvl 5 atmospheric fuel tank handling: lvl 5 airfoil handling: lvl5 adjustor handling: lvl 4 atmospheric airbrake handling: lvl 4 retro-engine handling: lvl 4 vertical booster handling: lvl 5 space fuel tank handling: lvl 4 space engine handling: lvl 5 container proficiency: lvl 5 fuel tank optimization: lvl 5 container optimization: lvl 5 Standard HUD Automatic landing gear Automatic ramp VR: Damphousse Industries Showroom.

BP: 3 Mħ

Lil' Forker S

Brazos Voxelworks


No attributes :-(

Ready for your first day on the job, Staplerfahrer? The Lil' Forker ...in spaaaaace! This realistic-scale, small forklift is a great addition to the industrial zone of your space station, while also being space-flight capable, including reverse and down-thrusters. Designed and tested for scooting around Utopia Station, above or below deck, as well as flying straight across the ring to your destination. The Space Fuel Tank S (which is the smallest available at this time) holds far more fuel than is needed, to the point that the weight well adversely effect performance if filled. For on-station travel, even just 100L will last a very long time. No element stacking used. Elements placed discreetly, but all are accessible for repair. Includes scripting to enable headlights while running and brake lights respond to brake key press. Custom color service: 250,000h Tokens and blueprints available on Utopia Station ::pos{0,0,13662334.7370,7546734.7352,-216186.8724} Light RGB colors for blueprint purchases: headlight 240,240,200 | brakelight 220,20,0

Token: 969 Kħ
BP: 690 Kħ

LunX001 - Atmospheric Fighter Jet



Max Speed: 425 km/h

This jet named LunX001 is the first iteration of what will be the LunaX line of multi roll, atmosphere-focused jets. The LunX line of jets are jets designed to have striking similarities to real-world military aircraft. The LunX001 contains a single small vertical thruster which does not lift the jet off the ground, but makes it easier to take-off from the ground after reaching 80 km/h. This design allows the jet to travel underwater without being pushed up above the surface, which can be useful when operating on ocean bases as this ship was designed for. The jet travels at over 400 km/h in Alioth's atmosphere, and is capable of climbing directly up to 2000 meters . To propel the jet forward, it contains a small space engine, 2 small atmospheric engines, and 6 extra small atmospheric engines. The body of the plane is made up of 50 m3 of glossy black carbon fiber, which costs 80k to purchase on Alioth Market District 6. This makes up the majority of the jet's costs. The ship is located 15km East of District 6 market. The jet is being sold in token form for 125k. If you have ideas on how the next iteration in the LunX line of jets can be improved, please be sure to contact lunaprey in game!

Token: 125 Kħ
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