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Canis Minor



Space Thrust: 2.4 MN

The Canis Minor is an XS-Core Warp Shuttle designed by fridaywitch for the Kosmos organization. Designed to be as light as possible, it uses some premium parts like rare freight engines, advanced containers, and Lithium honeycomb. In an attempt to keep the weight down, it is designed for more advanced pilots with some piloting talents trained. Your movements need to be very deliberate, if you decide to try to take a real sharp turn in atmo, it will not respond well to that and you may have to come to a complete stop to change direction. For those of you without talents, don't worry! There is a small rocket in the bottom to help push you out of Alioth's grasp. If purchased as a blueprint, the engines may be difficult to source, but nearby the dispenser is a button to get you coordinates to friday's cauldron. In the cauldron is an engine shop with the engines for sale at a reasonable price. If purchased as a blueprint, the force fields will simply be blue. Bring the ship to friday and she'll color them at no cost! Warp cell costs with 26 cells and full fuel tanks. Madis: 3 Thades: 4 Talemai: 7 Feli: 9 Sicari: 10 Sinnen: 11 Symeon: 11 Jago: 12 Teoma: 13 Ion: 13 Lacobus: 13 If these numbers seem high, it's because Athena decided to more than double the weight of adjustors and warp drives. These numbers are quite low in the grand scheme of things. Any questions? Direct them to fridaywitch in game or fridaywitch#7850 in Discord! Feel free to VR to the "Kosmos Ship Showroom" or fly there in person at the following coordinates! ::pos{0,2,37.3932,105.7450,94.3130}

Token: 5.5 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

Ente 3R 2022



Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

Dispenser on Alioth: ::pos{0,2,53.9943,95.8569,630.6118} Legends never die. You know the Ente as the iconic creation by Chewie. You might even know of the 3R upgrade created by Resource that improved this great ship with a voxel overhaul, conversion to polished blue steel, enhanced engineering, and improved performance. The Ente has angled wings create the iconic Ente look and provide superb stability while yawing and rolling in atmosphere! You'll love the way this ship flies. We're Proud to Announce The Ente 3R 2022: After a lot of requests Resource finally broke down and obtained permission from Chewie to bring the 3R back to life in a 2022 variant that builds on the previous improvements. In this new version you'll find: - More adjustors - XL Space Engine - Improved Engineering - Advanced Military Atmo Engines - Advanced Military and Maneuver Space Engines - Advanced Optimized L (10) Containers - Advanced Military Vertical Boosters - Updated Interior - Voxel Improvements - 4 Upward Facing Space Engines - Sagacious Hud - Archageo Hud - Damage Report - Koruzarius Augmented Reality Damage Sciript - Diven's System Map https://youtu.be/SsrcFBkUe-g - Equinox OS Fuel and Cargo Screen - Safe Travel Info Each door has two buttons. The button to the side of the door opens the door and extends the ramp (If Applicable) for 10 seconds. The small button above the door opens the door and holds it open. Click the button again to reset it to the closed position Prefer to have a shield instead of the Anti-Grav? The Anti-Grav room can be turned into a shield room! Need both? Throw that bad boy on the XS landing pad. We won't tell anyone. Need a DSAT? Throw that puppy on the XS landing pad. It's ok, it's your ship! We hope you'll come by and get a blueprint for yourself. Want to Upgrade? If you have a previous Ente and want to upgrade, Resource is offering a free upgrade. You'll need to bring the difference in parts between your current Ente and the Ente 3R 2022 and break down the old ship into its containers. Resource will deploy your new ship with level 5 boosts! Better than 10kt? Uh yeah, probably ... the 10kt and was no sweat off Sanctuary with a 15ish degree angle using my Level 5 pilot. I did it without without AGG. You can probably do better, also without AGG, if you are a better pilot than me. If you use Anti-Grav ... the limit is the containers.

BP: 35 Mħ

Canis Major



Cargo Lift: 11,000 t

This is the Canis Major, made by fridaywitch for the Kosmos organization. Blueprints: 12 million. 1 million if you want friday to color your roof force fields. Token: 70 million If buying a blueprint, the force fields will all be blue as refer-a-friend skins aren't saved through blueprint. This is a M-Core hauler tested to 11kT off of Alioth without AGG assistance (with average level 3 piloting talents). I wouldn't be surprised if it could do 12kT but I am too lazy to test it. XD The Canis Major is meant to be a home among the stars with a personal room (with locking bedroom door), a lounge, and a very spacious engineering area. It has a sleek and modern looking hull with our Kosmos style decoration on the roof. When buying a token, you can specify which color(s) you'd like and which colors you want to be more prominent in the design. Each one is colored individually and will be unique as a result! Engines: 24x Advanced Military Atmo L 4x Advanced Maneuver Space XL 2 Advanced Freight Space XL 4x Uncommon Safe Space M (for downward thrust) Features: Anti-Gravity Generator Large Advanced Shield Over 4000kL worth of storage space Warp Drive Saga's Autopilot HUD Damage Report Safe Travels script for safer hauling through pvp space Davemane42's script for the entrance to deny access to unauthorized people Military atmospheric engines for punching a heavy payload out of atmosphere A mix of Maneuver and Freight space engines for fuel efficient travel Downward thrusting engines for easier landing on space stations, moons, and asteroids (just press C!) Lightweight sodium voxel for the hull to reduce weight while still being shiny Kosmos logo in the roof acts as a "sun roof" in the lounge for more party fun! If you've got any questions or are interested in buying, message fridaywitch#7850 on Discord or PM her directly in-game at fridaywitch. If you want to see it in-game, VR to "Kosmos Ship Showroom" or travel to ::pos{0,2,37.3932,105.7450,94.3130} which is roughly 7km east of Alioth Market 6.

Token: 70 Mħ
BP: 12 Mħ

The Pill

Pill Corp


Cargo Lift: 50 t

Have you taken your medicine today? The Pill is a sleek ship that resembles an antibiotic. With a clean white colour on one side and any colour or material of your choice*, seperated by a luminescent strip in the centre that makes the Pill pop! It doesn't disappoint either; in it's small form factor The Pill has a top speed of 1400km/h and a 640L fuel tank which can last for around an hour of flight! Oh, did we mention that almost all of the flight components are hidden? *The base price of 750k quanta allows for customization to a non-expensive material that is similarly priced to the base plastic honeycomb.

Token: 750 Kħ




Space Thrust: 2.59 MN

Replica Y-Wing for the Star Wars Collectors in the DU Universe. Small Core ship capable of both Atmo and Space travel. Multiple Small Tanks allow for extend travel between refueling. T5 Placements on Engines. Upgrades to Engines available on request and negotiation. Easy to fly and capable of carrying 15+ tons of cargo into space easily for minimal hauling capability. If you want a nice small run about that can carry home the groceries, this might be the ship for you!

Token: 4.5 Mħ
BP: 3.5 Mħ

Atrocity of Flight By BDC



Cargo Lift: 800 t

**Atrocity of Flight** What can I say this ship speaks for itself. Name alone says alot but dont let that fool you this is a work horse. I had few easy goals XS Core, New Placement for Fuel Tanks, 1KT Total off Ailoth, NOT A BOX! I took 823T untill I got a purple escape route stopped and came home to safely land at base. MY SKILLS are LVL 4 Everything. Come grab ya one. VR Station name "BooNDocK Main Showroom" ::pos{0,2,-25.9879,106.3613,5.8710} IGN: xSKeeVx OR Discord: Skeev#3940 Contact me for possible trades in partial payment. Willing to Barter ORE's or Component's.

BP: 1.5 Mħ

Tp X001



No attributes :-(

Small transport ship S core Surrogate : Spok surrogate Contact discord : SpokBzh#4887 InGame : SpokBzh

BP: 500 Kħ




No attributes :-(

MESS INDUSTRY fait son grand retour avec son lot de technologies Par MESSALINE Publié le 08/02/21 MESS INDUSTRY présente une seconde génération de speeders. Cette nouvelle mouture joue la carte de la technologie et sera proposée en version atmo, mini-transporteur et hybride. Esthétiquement, il arbore des lignes sculptées, à l’instar des flancs et des montants particulièrement travaillés. L’intérieur est plus épuré, grâce notamment aux possibilités d'aménagement. Pour exemple le mini-transporteur peut être équipé de 4 conteneurs XS. Il proposera une ribambelle d’aides au pilotage. Citons notamment le système de Dimencia/DU-Orbital-Hud. Le nouveau Speeder sera lancé fin 2021 à des tarifs encore inconnus. Il est possible, pour patienter, de visiter le Showroom VR : MESS INDUSTRY -oOo- MESS INDUSTRY makes a comeback with its share of technologies By MESSALINE Published on 02/08/21 MESS INDUSTRY presents a second generation of speeders. This new version plays the technology card and will be offered in atmo, mini-transporter and hybrid versions. Aesthetically, it features sculpted lines, like the particularly crafted sides and uprights. The interior is more refined, thanks in particular to the layout possibilities. For example the mini-transporter can be equipped with 4 XS containers. It will offer a host of piloting aids. These include the Dimencia / DU-Orbital-Hud system. The new Speeder will be launched at the end of 2021 at prices still unknown. It is possible, to wait, to visit the VR Showroom: MESS INDUSTRY

La Costanza

Koriandah Shiplines


Space Thrust: 5 MN

Atmo Thrust: 9.69mn Low Lift: 10.9mn High Lift: 15.7mn Atmo Brake: 7.48mn Space Trust: 4.85mn Space Brake: 7.48mn Cargo Space: 1 Large and 4 Small Containers Fuel: 2 M Atmo, 2 M Space, 3 S Space tanks Cheaper without the Warp Drive included. Contact Koriandah#0889 on Discord for purchase.

Token: 20 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 4,000 t

The Ripjaw is the perfect blend of stylish looks and brute power. When it comes to its lifting capabilities, its a power house of a hauler capable of lifting 4Kt (potentially 5Kt with top piloting skills) into orbit of Alioth. Built with 2 pads for docking either 2 XS cores or 1 S core on top, warp capable, built for VTOL without the need for AG, and even has the ability to defend itself from most pirate threats. All of this wrapped in a M core hull! As with all of my designs I strive for form and function, Low inertia & high power. All designs have been thoroughly tested, even to destruction! All designs can have custom colors or patterns for an extra 25% on the price (Token Only). ***Due to price fluctuations please contact Hammie for token prices as these may change*** Has your container ship got you down, or just want to checkout more from Crash industries? Head to the showroom (We take trade in for old container ships), we have ships of all shapes and sizes, you are bound to find what you're looking for. Even better we do take commissions for custom ship builds, however these do take time. ::pos{0,2,7.7955,94.8013,1004.8020}

Token: 45 Mħ
BP: 15 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 550 t

Space Thrust: 9.62mn The Hatchet Class Cargo Shuttle was designed by Aerdred of Singularity. Sleek and agile design. Comes with a space radar to detect those pesky pirates. There is room for a Warp Drive if you move the resurrection pad and elevator forward, I have put one in my personal hatchet. Contact kiwi#1714 on Discord for purchase. ________________________________________________________ Mulligan#3405: "10/10 Bought this ship made (not just the BP) for 8m. Flies great." Sicksh0t#8529: "Had the ship for a few hrs now and loving it, thank you @kiwi."

Token: 8 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 350 t

Best hauler for beginners! With 1 L container you can load 350 ton of ore or just do missions on the planet. Uncommon maneuver engine consume small amount of fuel. Enough wings count give good lift and high maneuvering.

Token: 2 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ




Space Thrust: 8.33 MN

Tempestia is a small S core ship equiped with 10 S container. It's a very fast ship that can goes to 1250 KM/ h in atmosphere without any damage (or very small ones that does not have to be taken in consideration). This is the Sport version equiped with military engine. A Transportation version is going to be available soon with freight engines for minimum fuel consumption. it is meant to do: - Market run - Mission run in space between planet due to his low cost warp cells & adapted weight capacity (not too much just what is required for that purpose) - Small hauling (that can be a beginner hauler) For Mission run it is going to be your favorite ship like described above! The warp cost is very cheap: at full weight capacity it cost 15 warp cells to go to madis, and 5 warp cells without any cargo in the containers. BP can be obtain via our showroom at Nuclear brother or via any dispensers available on D1 to D10 Allioth market. For a token contact me via Discord and I will be happy to build it for you, the delivery point is in our base @Nuclear organization main base on Allioth (below district market place). In case I do not respond you can also contact Veygan via the game or via discord @ Veygan#9491. Try it, it's adopting it! Don't hesitate to visit us @Nuclear brother via VR. The ship can be visited in our Showroom All the pictures didn't take into account last modification (luminescent white glass on the top of the ship has been added after most of the pictures for a bit of design adjustment)

Token: 9.5 Mħ
BP: 6 Mħ




Cargo Space: 7,168 kL

Les Canards is proud to Introduce the Cayuga, currently in its first version. She is one of the largest Ducks. On an L core with 40L container, she can carry a lot more on her deck thanks to her 20 space engine XL Migratory, she is designed to transport the heaviest of loads over the longest distances, waiting on a moon or at a space station while your trusty flock loads it up with their M and S core ships. Her long and spacious deck then allows for easy docking. She is thought to be practical: - To take off, simply press space bar and once high enough engage your Gyro - Fast travel through elevators, while keeping access possible to all elements for repair - Gold armored panic room - No fluff! Limited types of voxels (mostly steel and aluminum) and elements to facilitate the building process from a BP. - No plants, beds, cabinets, etc. but plenty of space if you wish to add some customization. Visit it IG in VR: search for Cayuga Contact me on Discord if interested Parts: - 20 space engine XL (2 military, 6 Maneuver, 12 Basic). - 40 vertical boosters - 88 retro-rocket L - 14 space fuel tank L - 40 containers L - 144 adjustor L - Warp drive - Full VR

BP: 45 Mħ

Alpha Shuttle MK-1

Hawk Heavy Engineering


Cargo Lift: 400 t

Alpha Shuttle is a S core hauler/courier with 1 L container and 1 S container linked by a hub. Confirmed lift capacity of 400T off alioth, has not been maxed out yet. Cargo Space for 130,000 Litres. Includes small space radar, can be upgraded to M for 5k, Atmospheric radar also available for 5k. NOTICE: BLUEPRINTS ARE NOT FOR SALE (Current price per unit has been raised to 3 Million due to high sales)

Token: 3 Mħ
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