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Soteria set



No attributes :-(

[This is a DRM free library] It allows you to create a base in the Soteria style. It includes exterior walls, exterior floor / landing zone, barriers and lights designs. This set was my very first creation during the alpha. It is quite simple (no advanced voxelmancy) but quite clean and easy to improve. You can imagine very interesting designs based on this set. Come to discover it / buy it at our base exhibition ! Also visitable in VR : Blue Star Base Expo GET IT THERE at the Blue Star Base Expo : ::pos{0,2,26.9500,72.4408,99.5689}

BP: 1.5 Mħ

Freight containers



No attributes :-(

These custom freight containers are a great way to add colour to your cargo area. BP cost for 5 different colour containers: yellow, blue, green, red and black. Personalised storage and ore dispensary unit available for 2.5 million quanta. Contact: Actimist#4020 Primary designer: Actimist Contributors: IEYESI Factory worker: Visit NovaX showroom here ::pos{0,1,0.7056,82.9024,857.8717}

BP: 222 Kħ

Survey tool for placing blueprints!

ADMI emladra


No attributes :-(

uses alum. little plastic and some lum. voxels small and easy to use tool for placing bp! with good accuracy the bp has no drm so copy it onto the structure you want as the main static then use the tool to place the blueprints of other constructs so no copy and paste anymore just place your structures!

BP: 6 Kħ

Four Easy Voxels Font

Brazos Voxelworks


No attributes :-(

They said it couldn't be done... A font voxel set that is only four voxels tall and one voxel thick. Well, in words of the warrior poet, Kevin Garnett, "Anything is possible!!!!" Four Easy Voxels - The smallest font voxel set in Dual Universe. This DRM-free font voxel set contains uppercase and lowercase A-Z and numerals. All glyphs can fit within a 4 voxel height; however, some such as lowercase p, q, and y look best when shifted one voxel lower so the tails are at the more familiar level. Only nanocraftable iron honeycomb required. Grab handles included for easy character selection.

BP: 444.44 Kħ

Hangar Kit



No attributes :-(

This is a Library of all the major/minor components needed to build a scalable hangar. With select copy and paste you can increase or decrease the size of your desired building. This method not only allows you to scale the structure, but bring a personal flare to your construct while keeping the "look" of the original. The library is on a Dynamic Small Core allowing repositioning and removing any issues with placing a static structure. All purchases come with personal assistance with placement and arrangement if required. Upper level parking areas are provided, and the observation area is included. When copying and pasting components, don't forget to rotate/mirror and align. If you Paste and it doesn't do what you want, BACKSPACE and try again with the SHIFT key (or opposite what you originally tried). Please DM or VR to see the library or multiple examples of the hangar. Original at VR Location. Expanded (2+ L Core) hangar directly East of original hangar. NO DMS protection to allow for Copy and Paste.

BP: 10 Mħ

CCU Voxel Magic



No attributes :-(

Are u playing whit voxels? Then u might like this Unique Voxel library set ;) The All In One Voxel Library set by CCU (me), As i like to call it < CCU Voxel Magic Set> I took the effort to go around the universe to collect most if not all the library sets available and packed em nicely into one. Placed on a Static M core whit room inside for a full S core build or piece you are working on. There is now also a BP whit a Dynamic M core ;) > A must have set if u want to make your build look better then before and do some more voxel mancy. Blue Print cost for this beauty (DRM FREE) just 50K / 50,000 Quanta Also offering all the material to deploy a set. Including 45 different types of voxel's and a static or dynamic M core. Voxels to deploy existing from 2 batches cost = 1.2M / 1,200,000 Quanta. a total weight of 74T /22KL (if u want the voxels to depoy u realy need both batches as they are randomly sorted) They dont fit all in 1 dispenser ;) 1 Static M core cost = 100K / 100,000 Quanta or 1 Dynamic M core cost = 100K / 100,000 Quanta Visit in VR possible true "CCU Voxel Magic" < remember u can not carry items back trough VR Location ::pos{0,2,-4.5710,127.2877,36.1803} (Alioth) < We hope to see u soon and enjoy this awesome set. Made possible by CCU >

BP: 50 Kħ

Honeycomb Central



No attributes :-(

HONEYCOMB CENTRAL (Alioth branch) is the #1 place for your T1/T2 Honeycomb needs. Just a short hop from Market 7 on Alioth, EVERY T1 and T2 honeycomb variant available and in constant production ... that's over 800 dispensers crammed into one construct (covering really obscure to some truly ridiculous honeycomb!), ready, waiting, and automatically restocked. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **UNBEATABLE CASH PRICES** Not just that, we offer UNBEATABLE PRICES thanks to extremely high technical expertise and very thin profit margins to give you the best deals possible. The dispensers sell in batches of 100 (T1) or 50 (T2), with most >1000 in stock at any one time, but more popular lines nearer 10,000. Select T3/T4 lines will also be coming soon. If you need large orders, DM me on Discord. Remember we always have our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE* (*t&c!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **ORE-FOR-HONEYCOMB** Now we also offer ORE-FOR-HONEYCOMB exchange at excellent ratios for the product range listed below (i.e. you pay by ore, not cash, for the honeycomb). For simplicity, we only trade for the same type, so no mixing of ores. Let us know ahead of time what honeycomb you need so we can prepare, and one of our reps will be on hand to take your ore and perform the cashless exchange at the shop. - Aluminum / Carbon / Iron / Silicon: 8L ore for 1 m3 same type of honeycomb (e.g. 80kL coal = 10,000 carbon honeycomb) - Wood: 8L coal for 1 m3 wood honeycomb - Calcium / Chromium / Copper / Sodium: 10L ore for 1 m3 same type of honeycomb - Plastic: 10L coal for 1 m3 plastic honeycomb - Carbon Fiber: 16L coal for 1 m3 carbon fiber honeycomb -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **HONEYCOMB SETS FOR BLUEPRINTS** NEW = We are delighted to offer Honeycomb Sets for some of the most popular Blueprints in DU that can save you MILLIONS! We've looked at the most liked Static Construct Blueprints on DU Creators, and selected a variety to offer complete Honeycomb sets for sale via our dispensers. So you can enjoy our super-low honeycomb prices and the precise quantities you need for your newly acquired Blueprint. Note, these were our choices and we value our independence (so NEVER any mark-ups), but any blueprint creator is welcome to approach us if you want us to offer a honeycomb bundle too. - A.P.E. Hangar (by iNFiDeL Inc) = 8.33m - Workshop (by LOADED) = 6.52m - Panel Showroom (by LOADED) = 5.20m - Nice Space station + 8 Landing pads (by Jasper) = 10.16m - Economic L Core Landing Pad (by Hewy Industries) = 826k - Large Factory (by LOADED) = 8.52m - Magothtower (by Svea) = 7.14m - Showroom Redline (by LOADED) = 6.46m - Showroom Factory (by LOADED) = 6.21m ... with more to come (note: if a BP honeycomb dispenser appears empty, it means someone has just emptied it out ahead of you, and the container is in the process of being automatically refilled). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come see us ::pos{0,2,14.2815,104.3307,9.7483} and grab your honeycomb at a time of your choosing without any of the Market 6/7 frustrations, and we're just a three tiles from Captain Customs showroom and around ten tiles from LOADED... so you could get your blueprints there and save $$$ by getting honeycomb with us! Latest pricing can be seen in the title picture, and clearly sign-posted at the entrance on site (assuming html is working). HONEYCOMB CENTRAL - it's not glamorous, it's not sexy, but does the job! Visit in person or VR (but of course dont buy in VR)

Token: 1 ħ
BP: 1 ħ

Galaxy Class Corridors Set



No attributes :-(

A modular build set for hallways based off the style of the Galaxy Class starship from Star Trek the Next Generation. If you would like to take a look in person at the set, VR to "Cabana Spaceport". If interested in purchasing a BP, send me a message on Discord and I will get back to you as soon as I see it.

BP: 2 Mħ
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