I’m the leader of Arkadia Corp. I’ve been playing voxel games since I was a kid. I love building. And I love the idea of seeing my builds fly 😅


Orion L Cargo



Cargo Lift: 18,000 t

Large Cargo ship with very large cargo capacity. It's not your everyday ship. It's the ideal ship for a company mining trip. It has 10 small landing pads, and AGG, Warp, and 26 L containers as well as 10 small ones for the pilots to use on their respective landing pads. The ship can easily lift at 18kt. The ship is almost entirely made of Carbon fiber for weight management and with that comes the AGG M, warp, 53 Atmo L, 4 Space XL. The container room in the lower deck only has 2 Large for warp cells scraps or whatever. It’s the one with the container hub in the captain deck. There 2 buttons in the captain deck : 1 to open the lower deck door and force field, one to turn all al computers in the captain deck (as many people are know to crash when too many Lua scripts are running around you). A-B-C-D are the storage places. There are little hatches on top of each to get in to eventually repair the containers. The are 4 containers per area. So as an example : A1 + A2 8 L connect to the hub you saw in the corridor and also connected to the 2 small ones on he pilot landing pads. So 10 containers in total. They are also connected to the small containers so they can be used as additional container hubs as you can’t link more than 1 hub to a list of containers. So in the eventuality a pilot comes back with a load he can just unload it directly through there and not have to go back inside the ship. I wished to build a powerful and good looking hauler without passing on some cozy and well-designed interiors. The ship will be accessible to visitors through VR at the : Orion Hauler L.

Token: 400 Mħ
BP: 70 Mħ