[DRAFT] Shield Generator Monitor


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With the introduction to shield generators I did not want to have to get out of my command seat to turn my shield on and off if I was entering a PVP zone and needed it on.

Since this game (currently) does not allow you to link a switch to your shield generator directly, and you need to go through a programming board, I decided to make a script that not only turns your shield on and off but also provides a monitor read out for shield status "Shield Active / Shield Idle"

In addition to giving you a read out on a screen, it will also change the colors to any lights linked to the programming board as well.

I have set up the blueprint to be DRM free so once deployed you can copy and paste off the programming board as many times as you wish.

The light colors are all changeable within the Lua parameters

I understand this opens this up to be essentially free after one person buys it and shares it but please do not over share as I do plan on putting more work into this once the new shield operations come to the live server from the PTS such as Venting and possibly on the fly shield defense configurations if possible.

All the instructions for set up are on an info button on the blueprint once deployed.

You do NEED to have at least one light, one screen and shield linked to the programming board to have this work.

To purchase come to coordinates ::pos{0,2,23.7645,141.4707,99.6153} on Alioth

To see the Lua in action please visit Bobs Pad in VR to get a hands on view of this in action

*Updated to now show a health bar and shield health number read out as well as added a third screen read out to now show when shield is on but shield health is at 0 HP

Free Updates for anyone who has previously purchased the LUA. If you can either show proof of the purchase with a screen shot of the dispenser log on your end or chat with me on Discord to meet up so I can manually change

*update fixed a spelling error with word Depleted*
Will fixe screen shot when I can take this back out to the testing field to get shot at.

*update Ares new API needs fix for third unit start.
Line 49 and line 50 need to use a p instead of P for points
lines should now read getMaxShieldHitpoints() and shield.getShieldHitpoints() you can either fix this yourself or let me know and I will assist in this. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Any questions or issues please message me @ArmedBOB#6159 on Discord


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11 months ago


I have a couple of ships with the shield generators tucked away in odd places, so I will install this on them.

11 months ago


Nice clean and simple script that does exactly what it says on the packet. Bob was also super helpful when sorting out pickup etc of it. Cant wait for the next update to see what you do with future updates

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