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The Zealot "Copper Edition"

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Blackbriar Mercenary Inc. is proudly presenting you the The Zealot "Copper Edition" by "Cuddlepuddle Industies"

This is only for the truly serious PVP orgs.

Premium warship fully tested and built by one of the most experienced pvprs in the game.
Meta built which will send all but the most determined ship or fleet packing.
Everything thought of placement of every module is there for a reason not because it looks nice.

This isn't some cute design with guns.
Fast, Deadly and Tough.
Boosted and optimized and ready to dance.
If you ask any pvpr in DU that has credentials and I'm not talking keyboard warriors or math comp builders but guys that are out there all the time, they will confirm this ship is the real deal.

VR: Chicken

Zealot Class (*Copper Edition) Warship
*The perfect balance between the Faster Black and Tankier Gold
24 Gun Rail boat
Advanced Precision Rails
Uncommon Military Engines
Gorgeous Interior
Copper Hull


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