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Attila set (v3.1)


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[This is a DRM free library]
It allows you to create many things in the Attila style.
It includes A LOT of stuff : several wall designs, roofs, floor, barrier, landing pads set, elevator design, corridors, and a variety of decorations like a big canon turret ! Advanced voxelmancy have been used to create many cool details and complexe shapes.
And you know what ? ITS ALMOST FREE. You only pay the blueprint generation cost.
Don't miss the chance to create a huge, epic, metal building !

This set was initially made by me for the Objective Driveyards [ODY] organisation at the end of the alpha 3. The v2 of the set was stolen by TheBlackList and he sold it without ODY's or my approval.
If you bought it from him, you got scammed ! I am now distributing it for free in the latest version 3 (a lot more stuff on it than the v2).
Many parts of the current ODY HQ use this set and have been featured a lot by Novaquark.

Come to discover it / buy it at our base exhibition ! Also visitable in VR : Blue Star Base Expo.
You can also check the usage of the set at ODY's HQ.

GET IT THERE at the Blue Star Base Expo :

=================== WARNING =======================
Public activities of the organisation have been terminated.
You can still buy things "as they are" but don't expect any kind of support.


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4 months ago

Blue Star

Looks like the dispenser was empty for quite some time. Just got informed of this today. A new batch is available !

9 months ago


Got 1 set of each of your BP. You will be missed, your work is quite amazing. Hope you comeback soon.

9 months ago


@Watanka you made the post i didnt so feel free to delete it and rewrite :D

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago

Blue Star

@GamingGothic this is not the place to discuss but ... If a player A sell your stuff (and since stopped doing it), is it okay to revenge on player B who was friendly toward you before ?
Think about it. I'm leaving this game, I don't care anymore.

10 months ago


ODY scammed my items first dont forget that and i put everything they made on the shops for free or sell so rethink what you say here and dont forget that ODY are the scammer :D there selling my sets

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