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Darkhorse Hybrid Hauler


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Riding in the darkness of space, the darkhorse hybrid hauler is the refined vision of what a persons first hauler should be- and what Bright wishes she had when starting out as a newbie. Best of all, it's free for all, not just the blueprint, but all the parts needed to deploy it!

But whyyyy? WHY FREE? 'Because- DU can be brutal, and everyone deserves a bit of a helping hand when starting out in the harshness of Dual Universe. When I started and had no idea what I was doing, a kind player reached out and gave me enough quanta for a ship that can actually haul a little bit of ore to the markets. This is my way off repaying that kindness 10x, and hopefully giving everyone the leg up I had when starting.' - Bright

Get yours at ::pos{0,2,27.2983,137.2439,96.7823} VR: "Bright Foundry" next to the "Blinding Bright Ship Store". The MTI New Player Freebie Area also features an entire zone for free territory units, scrap, resnodes, static cores, and voxels to help newcomers get into the game. With 3 complete ship kits for newcomers to choose from, that are fully deployable via dispenser! Just make sure to visit in person, and not deploy while in VR :)

Designed to be quick to get up to speed and into high altitude flight where the XS Space Engines propel the craft to speeds of 2000+Km/h while sipping on space fuel Due to the limited frontal cross section you can come into atmo at speed without burning up.

8XS Containers
Res Node for quick recall during mining
Both Space & Atmo Capable

Spacebar: Hold it down to engage hover engines to "float"
Ctrl: Hold it for brake.
Middle Mouse Wheel: Throttle
Takeoff/Launch: Hold Spacebar and Ctrl, mouse wheel to throttle up- let engines warm up and let go of ctrl/brake to launch.

This ship is no slouch, you'll want to keep flying it after you outgrow it's purpose- it makes a great market runner for blueprints, and is just so much fun to fly.


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3 months ago


It's help me out a lot to get back in game after 2 years away, thx

7 months ago


So far love the small form of the ship. Handles and is fast as heck. Nice to see players helping players.

11 months ago


Thanks for helping out the new players.

11 months ago


Wow ! its really cool you help new player !!!!

11 months ago


Over 20 of these have been given away inn the first week! I've refilled the dispensers and am building up a stock of 100+ ships to be avalible. The self-serve deployment is now working, so anyone can take a newbie speeder over to the dispenser and deploy a ship for free!

1 year ago


Great ship. easy to fly and a good starter ship to mine with. can hover to get up to speed and land.

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