Bright Industries

Forgestrike Logistics Ship


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The next generation of Small Core hauler in Dual Universe, presented by Madis Touch Industries! The Forgestrike features an innovative first of its kind modular ship platform. Based off the overnight hit that is the Hammerhead Logistics Platform, the Forgestrike is backwards and forwards compatible with all modules, allowing an easy upgrade path from the Forgestrike to a Hammerhead:

Tokens & Blueprints now avalible on near Madis Market 3 @ Madis Touch Industries ::pos{0,1,-3.7014,81.8692,764.7418} and on Alioth @ Brights Outpost ::pos{0,2,27.4153,137.3393,96.5894} or contact BlindingBright in game or Zoe#7230 on discord to get a token delivered! VR Station "Blinding Bright Shipyard and Store" to see it for yourself! Price includes delivery~

Cargo Pod - Dry Weight 46.9t
Wanna haul some cargo?! Prepare yourself for the ultimate S core hauler- with support for up to 2 pods of 6 large containers for 12 large containers of storage and coming tokenized with 1 pod of 3L containers- storage you find in M core haulers! Are you a market trader? Drop a pod at a market and VR into it, link to the container, and sell products directly from the pod remotely! Miner at heart? Click the remote on a pod to enable a ore triangulation script, taking the guess work out of finding ore! Each pod has a built in resurrection node, making it easy to recall after mining- plus if you crash your ship the connected cores pod remains undamaged, so you can respawn at your crashed ship!

Scanner Pods:
With a triple scanner pod blueprint (200t) and a single scanner pod (67t) allows those with a tighter budget to start small and grow into more efficient scanning configurations. Either keep two scan pods on your ship and fly it into the intersection of 3 hexes- or deploy the handy triple scanner pod and move on with your mission! This ship can easily scan 6 tiles at once, the most of any S core ship on the market! Tri scanner pods are now avalible for 25 million on delivery or pickup of a ship, along with single scanners for 7.5 million each.

Oh, and of course it has an onboard organization system for territory scans, along with 2 onboard small containers for extra fuel & scrap. VR Station & Surrogate pod is standard, so you can VR into your cargo pods remotely!

Pre-Installed Scripts
DU Orbital:
DU Damage Report:
Space Map & Warp Cell Calculator:
DU Prospector:
Container Screen:

Tokenized & Delivered ship for 14,500,000 comes with
1x Fully built Forgestrike with Level 4-5 boosts.
6x Advanced Military Atmospheric Engines
3x Maneuver Space Engine Larges
1x Fully built 3 Large Container Pod.
Included blueprints(you need to provide parts to deploy)
2x 3L Container Pod Blueprints
2x 6L Container Pod Blueprints
2x Single Scanner Blueprints
2x Triple Scanner Blueprints(for scanning 6 tiles at a time)
1X DSAT Pod Blueprint

Blueprint Only(4,500,000) Purchases Comes With:
1X Forgestrike Ship
2X 3L Container Pod Blueprint
2x 6L Cargo Pod Blueprints
2x Single Territory Scanner Pod Blueprints
2x Triple Territory Scanner Blueprint
1X DSAT Pod Blueprint

Delivered Tokenized Addon Modules(when purchasing a ship):
3L Cargo Pods are 1m
6L Container Pods are 2m
9L Container Pods are 3m
Single scanners for 3.5m
Tri scanner pods are 10m
Deep Space Satellite Tracker 5m


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4 months ago


Excellent service, the ship was ready in a few minutes of sending a message on discord. As for the ship, it is incredible. Its my first proper hauler and it does not disappoint. Plenty of storage with the pod and warp cell costs are reasonable even with a full load. Highly recommended!

8 months ago


This was my first „serious” ship. I have been using it extensively, and it's totally awesome.

10 months ago


Great ship.

Modular design makes this by far the most useful ship I own and I use it every day.

HIGHLY recommended!

11 months ago


Zoe from MTI is wonderful she delivered the ship and all other parts within an hour, great service and a great ship, thanks so much.

1 year ago


The Forgestrike has been updated to Mk2! It now features 50% more thrust, and 100% more lift creating a whole new experience. Stats on the page have been updated to match current Mk2 version. If you're a previous customer please contact me for a free upgrade!

1 year ago


I see 3 days ago you had a response so you are probably not inactive, just need comfirmation that these stats are accurate

1 year ago


Please update stats, not sure if you are still active, unpublishing, you can republish easily.

1 year ago


Is this still available? Would like to get one

1 year ago

SPlendid Ship does it all. no regrets.

1 year ago


A great idea for a ship, love the modular configuration. The weight in the docked pods now gets added to the ship weight (although is not shown in the ship statistics yet). This ship is going to become one of my daily drivers due its versatility.
The sale was conducted in record time and with courtesy and efficiency. A great deal of time was taken showing me around the ship and its functions and making sure I was happy with everything before the sale was concluded. Any questions I had post sale were answered extreemly quickly and with the same courtesy. Highly recommended.

1 year ago


Fantastic ship. Very good multi role and plentiful flight HUD choices for advanced pilots as well as novice users. I requested a token delivery to Alioth, and Zoe was faster than anyone could possibly expect. Not only are you getting a solid ship for your money, but also amazing customer service and support. I recommend this ship to anyone who needs a light hauler.

1 year ago


This ship is amazing.... hauls everything I throw into the cargo pods! and am able to scan 6 tiles at a time with the triple scan pods

1 year ago


I originally bought the hammer head, and i love it, but sometimes i want something smaller, this fills that roll perfectly, same features, easier to park, better on gas

1 year ago


Currently use this for MTI Market runs and it handles everything I have thrown at it.

1 year ago

Own it love it I am saving up now for the Hammer. and make the forge my daily driver. I stopped looking for better hauler solutions this is a swiss army knife. I did a little personal tweaking of it to my taste but god this System is amazing.

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


I just bought the Forgestrike today.
I must say that the customer services are just amazing.
I contacted Zoe at 18:00, he (edit: she) woke up at 18:15 and told me he (edit: she) could deliver the ship one hour later. And one hour later the ship was on my landing pad.
It was delivered with 5 warp cells, some fuel, the token for the ship and the token for the x3 containers pod, plus a few more blueprints (x6 containers pods and x3 containers pods, simple scanner and tri-scanner), and a hand of very helpful scripts. A very nice guy.
All the elements are accessible, the voxel work is just clean and professional, the ship is very maneuvrable and fast. I don't test it yet fully charged but I think it could handle with no issue a full x3 L containers pod.
The modularity is just amazing ! All pods are standardized so the Hammerhead pods can fit on the Forgestrike and vice versa.
I recommend the ship AND the guys (Edit : the girl) behind these ships !
It worth the price.

1 year ago


As a mud mover and collector of ships, I had often overlooked the original ship designed and produced by these guys, the Hammerhead purely on face value but then I read the blurb and thought do you know what, Ill give it a chance. I now have 2 Hammerheads, showcased it to an ally who now has 2 Hammerheads and then tried this little beauty out because it looked cute. Well dont let its form factor fool you, she packs a punch is as agile as many smaller ships and as fast as some bigger ones and can lift 3.5kt off Alioth. Boom, if you dont have the cash for the Hammer, but have a couple of meganodes to pull, this little girl will do the job time and time again and she will take care of you while shes doing it. Great job Bright, another awesome ship. Keep them coming. PS. How many do I have to buy before I get a baseball cap?

Bright Industries


Dry Weight:

369 t

Cargo Space:

2,000 kL


Cargo Lift:

1,500 t

Max Speed:

1,633 km/h

Atmo Hover:

18.6 MN

Sustentation Speed:

226 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

33.9 MN

Atmo Brake:

157 MN

Wing Lift:

35 MN


Space Thrust:

17 MN

Space Brake:

37 MN

Space Hover:

8 MN

  • Core
    • S

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • Scanner
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp