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Freestrike - Free S Core Hauler from Blinding Bright


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Are you new? Do you need a ship to make millions of quanta? You need a Freestrike, and as the name suggests, it's completely free- from voxels to all the elements- it even comes with fuel! Made from the same cloth as the Forgestrike, the Freestrike aims to be the best all-around newbie ship in the game, to provide players a ship they can grow with- add on to, something they could even call home among their travels around Helios. |

Fully updated for 2022. Changes made for potential airbrake update; now rocking fully licensed version of Saga's HUD with an easy to use autopilot system and fully interactable and easily customizable on screen interface. More streamlined than before.

While the full Forgestrike( offers a Warp Drive, Scan Organization, Advanced Engines for more power, better handling- and a full interior- the Freestrike strips all the extra elements for a bare-bones hauler with plenty of room for Warpdrive, more storage, and easy customization!

Get yours at ::pos{0,2,27.2983,137.2439,96.7823} VR: "Bright Foundry" next to the "Blinding Bright Ship Store". The MTI New Player Freebie Area also features an entire zone for free territory units, scrap, resnodes, static cores, and voxels to help newcomers get into the game. With 3 complete ship kits for newcomers to choose from, that are fully deployable via dispenser! Just make sure to visit in person, and not deploy while in VR :)

Fully compatible with all of Bright Industries pod designs, you can convert this into a scan ship- cargo hauler, or even soon an asteroid hunter. It's my hope this ship will allow more players to get into the game and have the tools needed to be self sufficient. If you have any questions- feel free to ask in the MTI Discord:

Basic Controls:
G: Take Off / Landing
Ctrl: Toggles brake.
Middle Mouse Wheel: Throttle

Over 100+ given away so far! Get yours today! If issues with the dispensers or deployment, please contact Zoe#7230 on discord! Refilled automatically every few hours :)


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7 months ago


Cant say enough about this ship and MTI (BlindingBright). Im only about 3 weeks into the game and they made sure my first week in the game I had one. This is now my mobile base/home. I will soon be adding a few upgrades (warp, etc) then eventually add more once i outgrow this. Blinding Bright is an amazing person and extremely people orientated. Who gives away a ship like this? No one!! Its amazing and I love it.

9 months ago


a really amazing ship that has helped me get back into du and make way more money then i could imagine the ship and BlindingBrights amazing customer service i cant wait to the get the bigger ships

9 months ago


I have this ship for a while now, it is my bread and butter ship. I was very happy to get a free real hauler. BlindingBright was around when I put it together and swapped it, when I had script errors with the ArchHud.
I might need some more piloting skills though, I could not take off to space with the ArchHud autopilot with 2 large mission packets, I had to slowly get to space manually, and ArchHud crashed the ship when entering Alioth atmosphere when returning with the same weight.

10 months ago


Great ship. Excellent customer service. Such a huge deal for a new player. Thanks so much!

10 months ago


I tip my hat to you, sir. Well done.

10 months ago


Had the original Forgestrike and Hammerhead. Great ships, easy to fly, forgiving packaged with amazing utility. Its a great thing you're doing helping new players. I salute you. GG

Bright Industries


Dry Weight:

384 t

Cargo Space:

250 kL


Cargo Lift:

500 t

Max Speed:

1,344 km/h

Atmo Hover:

20.4 MN

Sustentation Speed:

85 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

23 MN

Atmo Brake:

40 MN

Wing Lift:

21 MN

Atmo Fuel:

23 kL


Space Thrust:

17 MN

Space Brake:

40 MN

Space Hover:

20.5 MN

Space Fuel:

8 kL

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