Tomahawk Logistics Platform


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Welcome to the ultimate hauler, mission, and scanning ship for your future logistics operations in Dual Universe! Capable of hauling over 10kt+ from the surface of Alioth, tested at 25kt off Alioth using AGG- and seemingly able to carry much more on low g planets where this ship shines! With support for upto 30 scanners in 10 pods.

This is the defacto mission hauler- using the built in VR pods you can easily setup pickup and drop-off points for missions, allowing an entire org to participate with a single ship ferrying packages from Pickup points to dropoff points. With it's dual radar system using the latest from Arch Orbital HUD, a single person can make an entire org millions/billions running missions. In the first week of the mission system we tested an updated version of the ship, obtaining over 1.5b quanta for our org.

120,000,000 as a token. Tokens & Blueprints now avalible on near Madis Market 3 @ Madis Touch Industries ::pos{0,1,-3.7014,81.8692,764.7418} and on Alioth @ Bright's Outpost ::pos{0,2,27.4153,137.3393,96.5894} or contact BlindingBright in game or Zoe#7230 on discord to get a token delivered! VR Station "Blinding Bright Shipyard and Store" to see it for yourself! Price includes delivery~

Check out the newest addition to the Logistics Platform, the S Core Forgestrike:

Cargo Pod
Now with 9 large containers per pod, able to carry even more meganodes off planet! This ship has hauling capacity that put most L cores to shame. Drop pods off on nodes for your crew to mine, then when ready pickup the pods and go! Drop a pod at a market and VR into it, link to the container, and sell products directly from the pod remotely! Miner at heart? Click the remote on a pod to enable a ore triangulation script, taking the guess work out of finding ore! Each pod has a built in resurrection node, making it easy to recall after mining- plus if you crash your ship the connected cores pod remains undamaged, so you can respawn at your crashed ship!

Scanner Pods:
Outfit your ship with as many territory scanners as you want! With a triple scanner pod blueprint (200t) and a single scanner pod (67t) allows those with a tighter budget to start small and grow into more efficient scanning configurations. Either keep three scan pods on your ship and fly it into the intersection of 3 hexes- or deploy the handy triple scanner pod and move on with your mission! Tri scanner pods are now avalible for 12.25 million on delivery or pickup of a ship, along with single scanners for 3.75 million each.

Oh, and of course it has an onboard organization system for territory scans, along with 2 onboard large containers for extra fuel & scrap. VR Stations & Surrogate node is standard, so you can VR into your cargo pods remotely!

Pre-Installed Scripts
DU Orbital:
DU Damage Report:
Space Map & Warp Cell Calculator:
DU Prospector:
Container Screen:

Tokenized ship for 120,000,000 comes with:
1X Tomahawk Ship (Level 4 Boosts)
12x 6L Cargo Pod Blueprints
12x 9L Cargo Pod Blueprints
3x Single Territory Scanner Pod Blueprints
3x Triple Territory Scanner Blueprint

Delivered Tokenized Addon Modules(when purchasing a ship):
3L Cargo Pods are 1.35m
6L Container Pods are 3.45m
9L Container Pods are 4.65m
Single scanners for 3.75m
Tri scanner pods are 12.25m


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1 month ago


Great flying ship, perfect for the mission system. Just accepted delivery of mine. took it for a test drive. And no regrets on purchasing it!

2 months ago


Please update stats, not sure if you are still active, unpublishing, you can republish easily.

2 months ago



2 months ago


are any of these stats current?

3 months ago


Please update stats for this ship including cargo waight

4 months ago


Can I bring my Hammerhead back for upgrade or replace with the upgraded model? thanks, Rattler

5 months ago

@TobiwanKenobi Good to know- and sadly- it was NQ that stated they fixed the docking weight in 0.23, so I've been under the impression that it has been working as intended since... and apart of my major frustration since this ship was created after 0.23.

All I can/other can do is roll with the changes, the game is in beta- and I figure many things will change going forward. As things change, I'll just update the ships to keep them up to date with any current changes. That all being said, after testing 0.24 I doubt they'll roll it out as is due to the issues still present, and that I've filed bug reports for... but who knows!

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


I'm not judging. People can play however they want. I just wanted to point out that the physics math doesn't add up. The Tomahawk is carrying five times more than it should be able to. And that's incredible and I totally understand why everyone is buying the BrightEyed line.

As for me taking advantage of bugs, I don't do it at all (including internal airbrakes) for a few reasons: I don't want to have to update hundreds of ships for my buyers when they break, I want a challenge when designing ships and more restrictions = more challenge, and because I want my ships to be realistically designed and to look as spaceshippy as they can.

5 months ago

@TobiwanKenobi I've been testing it on 0.24, and will be making some changes based off it. as a fellow ship designer you know this game is in Alpha/Beta, and things will change. 0.23 patch notes literally said they fixed the docked weight issue, and as I designed the ship and added weight- the ship behaved as I thought it would under load.

Going forward the game will be adding power systems, changing airbrakes, and probably all sorts of other changes to how ships work. 0.23 broke the meta of AG ships, but designers changed their methods. Have you buried brakes? I assume you have, so have most other ship designers- is that taking advantage of a broken game mechanic? Arguably, yes.

I will say, I am working to update the ship for 0.24, and will be offering free upgrades/trade ins to customers- and hopefully will have an updated ship ready to trade in before 0.24 goes live.

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


@Zoe --"It's about the efficiency of the elements used-"
Regarding your comment below. While you have good engineering here, the main reason this is able to haul so much is because DU is still pretty janky. Regardless of how much power you've packed into the cross section, this should never be able to haul 35kt, just based on the space thrust alone. The space thrust is 70MN - that's only enough to escape 1g with about 7kt. (70MN divided by 9.81ms = ~7) The math just doesn't add up. Clearly there's still some weird stuff going on with docked constructs. A friend tells me they've fixed it in the upcoming patch though, testable on the PTS.

5 months ago


Amazing ship. Can carry sooooo much and this platform design works perfectly for me and my org

5 months ago

@R1&Deco from the ground, and no stacking. It's about the efficiency of the elements used(certain elements are stacked, but NOT double stacking- like the row of wings on the engine pack) and the minimal cross section of the ship. The ships cross section is nearly the same as a hammerhead, but has 3X the stats in most aspects, and retains the same cross section- which gets it an efficiency gain.

5 months ago


35KT on AGG loading or from 0 -1000 ? Are the engines/thrusters multi-stacked ?

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


@zoe if it works it works, GL on sales BrightEyed!

5 months ago

@lxrdd It has a solid amount of space brakes- most of them are hidden from the outside- but easily assessable from the inside for repair :D

5 months ago


very nice design, my only question is why the lack of space brakes? slight turn off but overall very nice looking ship :D

5 months ago


This is the big ship you are looking for. Big gains while still keeping the great usability from the Hammerhead.



Dry Weight:

1,641 t

Cargo Space:

14,970 kL


Cargo Lift:

24,000 t

Max Speed:

1,254 km/h

Atmo Hover:

89.4 MN

Sustentation Speed:

306 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

69.7 MN

Atmo Brake:

1,140 MN


Space Thrust:

70 MN

Space Brake:

122 MN

Space Hover:

44.48 MN

  • Core
    • M
    • L

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • AntiGrav
    • Scanner
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp