Container Factory


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This is the Helix Container Factory BP, it is a large static core which has been setup so you can add Container Hubs, Ammo containers and rocket fuel tanks when you are ready.
For the Item containers, Atmo fuel tanks and Space fuel tanks it is all connected and named ready for use.
We have configured the factory so you can produce around the following numbers within a 24 hrs period
Container XS = 50
Container S = 50
Container M = 45
Container L = 37
Container XL = 7
Expanded Container XL = 3
Dispenser = 45
Atmospheric Fuel-Tank XS = 50
Atmospheric Fuel-Tank S = 30
Atmospheric Fuel-Tank M = 75
Atmospheric Fuel-Tank L = 24
Space Fuel-Tank S = 30
Space Fuel-Tank M = 45
Space Fuel-Tank L = 24
the Factory has a Helix adjusted InDUstrious script for monitoring levels.
the building has 6 floors,
All containers have been placed with level 5 Container Proficiency.
To have the door face you when placing the BP rotate 90 counter clock-wise
If you have any questions please come to our Discord server https://discord.gg/4fxatAGR9M
We have a dispenser setup for you to buy the BPs from at ::pos{0,2,22.0786,147.0486,79.2318}
If you wish to see the building in use search "Helix Industry Showcase" in the VR stations (Do not buy in VR).


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1 month ago


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS ORG, I bought the container factory, Ore factory and the core factory. I put up the Container Fac and the screens are not displaying any information except 0 on all. The factory is working and producing after I figured out the missing links to make it work, now I have been blocked from the Discord which is not working correct either the station support channel cannot be writen in, if they are done that is fine but say something dont just block a person that spent about 50m on the BP, that is messed up.

  • Core
    • L

  • Env
    • Ground

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Factory