Hurakan Aerospace

Industrial Props: Backup Generator


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Planetary government not keeping up with grid maintenance? Want to make sure your lights stay on and base stays cool this summer? This (decorative) backup generator is inspired by real-world events!

This contains a fully detailed interior you can crawl around in, and includes a weather shield over the rear vents, which can be removed for indoor or underground installation. Intended for use with the rest of the Industrial Props collection, synergizes well with our Catwalk Kit and Pipe & Vent Kit.

Available as a DRM Free voxel kit for you to integrate into your own base, or as a low-cost DRM-enabled version (50K quanta) that can be deployed and stands alone on its own core. Please do not redistribute, please do send me screenshots of what you've done with this! All Industrial Props blueprints are provided on a dynamic core, to help you figure out placement and scaling. The intent is that you copy the voxels off the DRM Free version onto your own static core once you've planned out the final location.


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6 months ago


Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed the tags on the dispenser and it should be accessible again.

6 months ago


I went to buy this but the dispenser would not allow me to interact with it, disappointing really wanted to get this for a future build.

Hurakan Aerospace
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Utopia Station Pad 10, R166S2 ::pos{0,0,13662306.2187,7546731.6980,-216195.7204}
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