Fuel Station Micro Base



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**Post Demeter version with mining units has been discontinued due to the low effective mining rates seen in live Demeter making fuel production in any quantity from a single tile largely infeasible. A version with 2 basic miners or 2 basic and 1 uncommon miner is available upon request.** Perfect for a new player starter base or remote fueling station for any player (additional cost for delivery to any planet). What's in the box? If you don't care and just want to put ore in and get fuel, scrap and honeycomb out, then this is for you! Its small, completely automated and you get to choose the Kergon space fuel type and scrap output as well as any carbon or silicon honeycomb pattern output. Price includes a completed turn-key factory within your owned tile at location of your choice on Alioth or the Alioth Moons. (Any planet location possible with additional transport fee) The factory will include all schematics with the machines started and boosted for a 25% speed increase and 68% increase in yield quantity per liter of ore for space fuels and 62% yield increase for Nitron. The basic price includes 2 fuel types (Nitron + 1 Kergon of your choice), one tier 2 scrap (same ore as the Kergon) and any Carbon or Silicon honeycomb pattern. The Kergon line produces up to 4,752 L of fuel per hour direct from ore and the Nitron line produces up to 9,504L per hour. You get 288kL of input ore storage and 192kL of output storage with the basic factory. Also includes a resurrection node, VR Station, and extra programming board and monitor for new players to learn LUA. Surrogate pod station available on request. Operating instructions: -Put ore in -Take fuel, scrap, and honeycomb out, it is that simple!

Token: 5 Mħ