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Pulse Mk3

Kaimo Industries


Space Thrust: 1.09 MN

Advanced engines now available! The Pulse is a luxury warp courier, zipping you and up to two friends across the system with ease and style. Weighing almost nothing, it costs 2 cells to warp from Alioth to Madis (144su), and 4 from Madis to Sicari (315su). Its tiny cross section also allows it to reenter atmo at 2500+ kph with minimal damage. Check out the flight demo video to see it in action: https://youtu.be/Inx7Vmdk5ik The hull is entirely custom voxelmancy, with clean lines, perfectly buried elements, and a lightweight blend of carbon fiber and plastic. Changes in the Mk3 include: * Replaced 4 small space engines with 1 medium, +50% space thrust. Orbiting is now trivial. * Added more adjustors at the front * Added two XS stabilizers at the back. The Pulse is now willing to yaw! * Added two upward-pointing XS space engines for landing on stations and moons * Added two more M airbrakes * Removed rocket * Removed one space tank, but the remaining one is now 640L * Removed 3 of the XS containers, it just has 2 now * Fixed poor space roll stability * Reduced the front profile slightly for even faster reentries * Same overall weight as the Mk2 * Cabin is now much more open and spacious, and has a secure engineering bay behind a hatch in the back for the core, fuel, containers, radar, etc * Moved all the airbrakes to the bottom and cleaned up their housing * Cleaned up the back area, no more mysterious blue light box * Made the lines cleaner and sharper throughout, with fewer random voxels * Fixed a number of tiny voxel bugs that I doubt anyone ever noticed but were driving me slowly out of my mind Comes with military engines as standard: 2x Atmo M, 1x Space M VR showroom available: "Pulse Showroom" Free delivery on Alioth and Sanc. Other locations available at warp cost. Custom recoloring: Highlights 200k, body 500k, further customization per enquiry. Advanced engines: All main engines upgraded for 1Mh.

Token: 4.5 Mħ

Simple Ore Monitor

Kaimo Industries


No attributes :-(

Reliably displays the amount of an ore in a single container. Features: - Doesn't use inventory APIs, no issues with refreshing - Simple installation and config - Colored fullness bar based on an amount to consider "full", unrelated to container size - Icons from in-game resource files Installation: 1. Download code from https://github.com/brendonh/du-lua/blob/main/source/Ore-Pure-Monitor.lua 2. Paste into a PB's unit.start 3. Link to a screen and a container or HUD (in either order) 4. Set ore name (e.g. "Coal") or pure name (e.g. "Carbon"). For T4+, add entries to config in script 5. Optionally link to a detection zone to refresh each time you come near

Individual: 1 ħ