K3M Orn


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The Orn is the newest M Core Hauler and Scanner Ship available from Koriandah. It features amenities such as 3 Territory Scanners arranged for multi-hex scanning, Warp Drive, Spacious Modern Interior and Upgraded Elements from Piloting Talents!

Although the Orn was designed primarily as a mining ship, it can haul around 2-4kilotonnes of cargo, depending on your talents and piloting skills on Alioth (much more on other planets).

Additionally, it can house a whole crew for group or organization mining trips to distant planets. Featuring 9 Large Containers, it has plenty of cargo space for all your ore, and even more space if you convert the interior into more cargo bays.

Bored flying around safe space? The Orn includes bottom-facing space engines, to allow most basic space autopilots to function effectively. Additionally, the ship bridge includes a multitude of screens and programming boards for all your Lua needs. Suggestions include: Warp Cell Calculator, System Map, Fuel and Cargo Status.

Why a Black and White colour scheme?
Because I feel that if I add more colour to it, say a red accent colour, it can lull some people into thinking they cannot change it to their liking. I leave the K series as black and white because I want people to be able to add accent colours that they like, and not be subconsciously convinced that there is only one possible colour.

Contact me on Discord (#Koriandah0889) In order to purchase it as a token and fly around Dual Universe in style.


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9 months ago


I love this ship! It flies great with weight and looks amazing, inside and out. The interior is amazing and the exterior is easy to "paint" however you like. I have been using it for a good week now to haul ore off Alioth. I can safely bring 1.5kt cargo to space from Alioth with only level 3 talents. I did replace most basic engines with military but with basics I'm sure it can still pull similar weight out of 1g gravity.

Dont think twice, if you need a stylish hauler this is the one. Worth every bit of quanta. Its very possible this may also be a good luck ship, I found 5 mega nodes within my first 30 scans. ;-)

10 months ago


This ship is amazing to fly. I waited almost a week to leave a comment so I could give a accurate review. This is fun to fly. Some haulers fly like a boat. This ship is a dream to fly. I added elevators to access all the scanners and HUB. The warp cost is lowest of all my M core haulers, I have bought 6 of the best haulers on DU creators. And for general non-agg mining this is my new favorite. Brakes are great, speed is great, LUA is perfect from day 1. And it looks amazing. The layout was easy to get used to. Ill post a update to max cargo leaving Alioth as soon as i find the max

10 months ago


As a reply to Enduriel, the braking force has been doubled without changing the design or the aesthetics of the ship at all.

10 months ago | Edited 10 months ago


Honestly, an amazing ship. At the time of writing by FAR the best looking ship with this carry capacity and on top of that it has well placed scanners, and is somehow still quite efficient in terms of its hull:cargo mass ratio which is great for warps. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how Koriandah does it.

Of course, it’s not perfect, nothing is, and to me the original braking strength was too low, but it was an easy fix and Koriandah said he’ll consider adding more for future sales. I’ve also had some issues with other small things and the author has just generally been super helpful in every conceivable way.

Even though it may seem expensive, I personally think it was worth the money and would wholeheartedly recommend the Orn if you wanna get yourself a big, good-looking Hauler and fly around in style.



Dry Weight:

1,150 t

Cargo Space:

1,000 kL


Cargo Lift:

3,500 t

Max Speed:

1,370 km/h

Atmo Hover:

65.3 MN

Sustentation Speed:

347 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

58.4 MN

Atmo Brake:

230 MN


Space Thrust:

26.4 MN

Space Brake:

71.5 MN

Space Hover:

68.43 MN

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • Scanner
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp