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"A Huge Station" is going through another expansion stage and properties ( "Lots") are once again for sale. We are a laid-back but massive ring station community located between Alioth and Sanctuary in the Lagrange point ( Zero-G) making it easy for docking and landing on station and for new players.

HUGE wants to build a large community based around the rings, the station, and its residents. We currently have Ring cores or "Lots" for sale. We've recently switched over to taking quanta for payment (Previously was T1 ore). Come join the other station investors/residents while there are still cores left! Cores are for sale so you get full rights/access forever instead of having to worry about pesky rent.

The LRC Navy and a couple of other orgs have locations on station with shops and other cool things to check out.

**HUGE Station is always under construction and expanding. 100% of property sales go into the station's expansion efforts.**

Ring 1 M Core properties are 15,000,000 Quanta or 400KL T1 Ore ( 6 of 26 left)
Ring 2 L Core properties are 75,000,000 Quanta or 1000KL T1 Ore (14 of 26 left)
Ring 3 M core properties are currently being constructed and will soon be for sale.

Station features:
- 50% off market price fuel for new players @ the HUGE shop located in Elite Dome 1 ( Open to the public 10KL a day limit)
- Ship Rental service through Starburne Ship Rentals on M ring 1.
- Bulk Honeycomb Sales through MeAway and crew on M ring 1.
- Huge Ship Parts Shop, cheap functional parts for all your ship needs. Located in Elite Dome 1.
- High production Cores factory. Can make any Static, Dynamic or Space core you might require! located in tower 1.
- All ship parts factory and ship printing facility. Our factory makes all ship parts from basic to uncommon with lvl 5 talents.
- Industry and Piloting Talents boosts
- Safe and secure mass storage solutions.
- LeeRoy Corp Navy Ship Showroom and recruiting. Located on L ring 2.
- The Lemurian Federation has multiple garages and recruiting facilities on L ring 2.
- Multiple hidden rooms with cool free token ships for loot and other cool prizes!
- New player coaching

VR: "A huge Station"


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