I build ships because I enjoy it. Demand or performance have no influence on what ships I build. Occasionally though some good ships come out of my shipyards and I'll sell those here


Razorback (The Expanse)



Space Thrust: 7.07 MN

A functional replica of the Razorback from "The Expanse" TV series, fitted onto an S core and as a warp shuttle. Excerpt from the Official Breakdown of the Razorback: "Renowned across the system as the record-setting racing pinnace of the Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile Transplanetary Racing Team, the Razorback is an extensively modified sixth-generation Proserpina Sunflare. The ship was famously piloted to numerous racing wins by championship racer Juliette Mao, whose record time through the Parrish/Dorn 500k Circuit remains undefeated." The ship is equipped with 6x Medium Advanced Military Atmosphere Engine, 3x Small Advanced Military Atmospheric Engine, aswell as 1x Large Military Space Engine, 3x Small Advanced Military Space Engine and 3x XS-sized forward-facing Advanced Military Space Engine, which allow it to easily land and dock to space stations. The 2 Medium-sized fuel tanks are located within small rectangular openings within the black engine body on each side respectively. The ship jumps 500su or Alioth to Lacobus in 16-19 warp cells. This ship, while easily landing vertically on space stations, is constructed only for horizontal flight in atmosphere and only lands horizontally aswell. Any vertical landing attempts are not supported. Note: As RGB color data is currently not implemented into blueprints, lights will spawn as white when a blueprint is deployed. To achieve the blue-ish glow, enter the RGB-color " 45, 224, 218 ".

BP: 5 Mħ