Schlaum Industries



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Cargo Space: 10L Container
Cargo Capacity: over 2kt without skills.

Attention: The values on the right are the values with my technician skills! The max atmo speed is 1050, it can easily go faster, but then..well you know -> burning

Since I didn't like the last version of my ship optically at all, I tried to build a new one.
I like the shape much better than the last one, the ship is ready to fly and I hope that this time it will be a good base to improve it successively.

The BP is free at ::pos{0,26,-57.9789,13.4904,92.6606} on Sanctuary and the ship is still in the test phase! :)

- FailSafe-Brakes
- 10L Container
- Centre of gravity at the rear of the engines for increased manoeuvrability
- separated entrance area which leads over a lift into the interior of the ship to avoid intruders :D
- a lot of free space inside the ship to install Warp Drive or AGG
- Good manoeuvrability for the size
- marked positions for territory scanners

Material List:
- Adjustor L 31
- Aileron S 12
- Airlock 1
- Atmospheric Airbrake L 40
- Atmospheric Engine L 20
- Atmospheric Fuel Tank L 2
- Atmospheric Fuel Tank M 2
- Container Hub 1
- Container L 10
- Dynamic Core Unit M 1
- Elevator XS 3
- Flat Hover Engine L 20
- Force Field M 1
- Fuel Intake XS 1
- Gyroscope 1
- Hatch 5
- Keyboard Unit 6
- Manual Switch 1
- Relay 1
- Planet Hologram 1
- Retro Brake L 34
- Screen M 2
- Sliding Door S 1
- Space Engines L 10
- Space Fuel Tank M 1
- Spaceship Hologram S 1
- Window L 2
- Wing M 34
- Wooden Armchair 6
- Wooden Table M 2

- Aged gray Pattern Aluminium 3185m³
- Luminescent White Glass 1m³
- Black Pattern Carbon Fiber 14m³
- Stained brown pattern Wood 3 426m³

Maybe the 1 Space Fuel Tank M is to small for longer space trips. I decided to include only a M-Tank because it fits perfectly my usecase. But feel free to change it to a L-Tank. You can fill the tank on the little intake on the floor :D


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2 months ago

Its a nice ship. Only used a bit so far though. Added a warp drive and am currently filling it with ores.

5 months ago


refilled :)

5 months ago


I will fill the BPs today!

5 months ago


Sadly all BP's are out... I'll try again soon

6 months ago


This free BP is amazing. Merihim is the goat he definitely earned this like and review.. I'm new to the game and this ship has boosted my capabilities 10 fold. Picks up speed in no time, handles great, stops instantly in space or in atmo. Anyone who needs a ship upgrade should definitely invest into building this BP!! Thanks Merihim!

6 months ago


Many thanks to Merihim for helping out a starting new player with such a nice BP for fee! I loved crafting the ship and workload it gave me.
Big thumbs up from me.

6 months ago


I have just finished buiding the ship and have only done small trips in atmosphere with it.
It handels very well in 0.5 G were I live. Can easily lift off a super node and the other snacks in the tile of choice.
I replaced the medium space tank for a large. I want to fly the in space too and a medium is to small for my taste.
I found one large flat hover engine connected to the pilot chair and removed the link.
Below are some other alterations to the ship other users are interested in.
Added one data bank to use Dimencia lua script.
Enlarged the pilot chair deck to house another chair and fix a standing up problem. Connected a small atmospheric radar to the first chair and a medium space radar to the other. Cut out slice of the wall at the entrance to place another sliding door for easy acces to the tanks and hovers.
Sealed of the two rooms in the upper deck with another pair of sliding
doors. The added large space fuel tank as thereby hidden and it looks tiddy.

6 months ago

Ahandinit Flo

I use this ship daily. It is perfect for me. I have put on 3 scanners and it allows to mine the larger nodes and pick it all up to take it to market. I use the Dimencia/DU-Orbital-Hud as it helps pilot back to market with a full load. Great work merihim !

Schlaum Industries


Dry Weight:

1,160 t

Cargo Space:

1,664 kL


Cargo Lift:

4,000 t

Max Speed:

1,050 km/h

Atmo Hover:

59.5 MN

Sustentation Speed:

230 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

76.5 MN

Atmo Brake:

386 MN


Space Thrust:

54.6 MN

Space Brake:

236 MN

Space Hover:

0 MN

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • Interior