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Introducing the 'Peacekeeper', a 3rd generation PVP ship extensively tested in the current Nano meta with one of the lowest cross sections for a voxel based ship design.

Setup with a variety of custom Lua to display target voxel weight, speed and core size to help you assess your target. The ship's Lua also includes weapon widgets and a 3rd person periscope so you never have to go back to the gunner seat UI during battle to reload, fire or change targets.

It also features a red alert system where the ship exterior and interior will light up red when a new ship has entered your radar, the ship ID is also printed onto the Lua chat tab.

The remote controller runs a simplified version of Arch Hud that you can freely modify yourself.

The 'Peacekeeper Core' model will come with 4 uncommon military engines and has no weapons to help reduce the cost of spawning the blueprint. Solo and Dual gunner seat variations are available, please get in touch via Discord if you would like the dual gunner variation.

*Core Model*
Max thrust: 15.1g/19g - With Level 5 Pilot Talent - Fully Loaded With Fuel/Ammo
Brake force: 8.2g - With Level 5 Pilot Talent - Fully Loaded With Fuel/Ammo

- 5x Ammo L Containers
- 1x Space Radar L
- 4x Uncommon Military XL Space Engine
- 2x Space Fuel Tank
- 1x Shield L
- 1x Warp Drive
- 10x Container S

Level 5 Flight element placements skills are included in the blueprint and I will be happy to apply weapon placement skills for you after you spawn the ship.

*This ship has no stacked elements.*

Vr Station - Coming Soon - Please DM me @i2eilly#0778 if you are interested or have any questions.


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1 month ago

CYT Shipwrights

Excellent ship! Cheaper then most nano designs, I bought a few! :) -CYT ORG-

1 month ago


This ship is a powerhouse. Lots of thrust. Custom LUA makes staying on your target easy without need ing to constantly change views.

1 month ago


hello, i played the version with one gunner seat of the Peacekeeper. this ship is so awesome. you ca nfight solo with 5 L laser and large shield. everything is at your hand without leave the gunner seat (shield resist managment / hub relay / periscope pb / ECU / etc) . i fighted with my peacekeeper friendly with I2Eilly and Adventurz and we get max fun. i recommand the Peacekeeper with the script gun widget on board + ArchHud autopilot script :)



Dry Weight:

1,224 t

Cargo Space:

120 kL


Space Thrust:

177 MN

Space Brake:

112 MN

Space Hover:

24.88 MN

Space Fuel:

51.2 kL

  • Core
    • L

  • Env
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Combat

  • Features
    • Radar
    • Weapons
    • Warp
    • Shield