Storm Wetworks

Thunderbolt Mk5


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In Storm Wetworks' never ending crusade to equip our fellow Noveans with everything they need to hold their own against the void, we are proud to present the Thunderbolt Mk5! She may have a nose capable of sinking the Titanic, but don't hold it against her! This Speeder isn't here to float around. Capable of cruising unladen at ~2,200m/s(or Mach 6.4) a mere 200m off the ground till her tanks run dry, carry 2 passengers, and hold up to 70 tons of cargo. The Thunderbolt Mk5 will prove to you that you really can have an all-purpose XS atmo speeder that nearly does it all. You know what they say; once you go Hypercruise you never go back. Just imagine traveling from District 10 to District 8, the northernmost and southernmost Districts respectively, a distance of 33.3 Km. The Thunderbolt Mk5 can take off from District 10's landing pad and land on District 8's in just a mere 1 min and 15 seconds! Not without some cost however. You may be wondering how the Thunderbolt Mk5 can travel at such colossal speed without taking damage, and the answer is it cannot! But by extensive and clever use of adjusters the danger to important elements is virtually completely mitigated. Just be sure to carry scrap to repair the redundant adjusters if you happen to have a lead foot. But without a doubt, if you crave Speed's shock to the soul, then look no further than the Thunderbolt Mk5! BP now available for free at Storm Wetworks' Showpad @ ::pos{0,2,13.5713,97.3744,106.1851}! Or as a pre built token for 1.3 million upon request. Contact BeforetheStorm90#0546 on discord for inquires.


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1 month ago


Awesome design for heat shielding. I've based a pocket ship off the Thunderbolt. Got the main element placement down just need to adjust wings and sacrificial xs adjustors.

Storm Wetworks


Max Speed:

2,200 km/h

  • Core
    • XS

  • Env
    • Atmosphere

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier
    • Racer