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SPPA proudly presents the "Drilling Rig".

A Mining Base for the serious miner that doesn´t want to miss out on some style, but does not want to fiddle around with dozens of elements. The blueprint of the main variant with 6 containers needs only 6 containers, a hub, 4 vertical lights and a surrogate pod. Apart from that everything is honeycomb. Simply stock up on the necessary honeycombs and start planting your mining stations.

The unique partially concealed design of the mining-pods with some of them even in 45° angles, hydraulic mechanism and sleek static elements stands out and is one of a kind.

It features 8 slots for mining units, 6 large containers and spots for screens to lable the units or install scripts etc. to your liking. It is built in an M-core so it is easy to attach additional parts like a parcel container or a landing pad.

Comes in 2 versions, with 6 containers or 2 containers pre-installed. Voxels are identical.

Installation notes: to insert the mining units into the pods, aim with the unit at the middle spot on top of the pod and lower it down into it with the page-down key. Make sure to have it stick out a bit further than normal at first and Start/Stop it once (no calibration needed). The extending animation makes it show "obstructed" if you place it in the correct height right away. After it has been started and stopped once, use the arrow keys to position it correctly into the pod.

Visit our Ship Shop on Alioth with Surrogate "SPPA Alioth Ship Shop"
Blueprint Dispensers available at ::pos{0,2,17.6585,92.0216,262.6077}


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Super Powerful Pro Army
Belorion#3127 / Andri#8273
Belorion, CaPe19
Alioth, Utopia
  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Ground

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    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Factory