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Magee Class

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This model starship was built for specifically for asteroid hunting. This vessel features all the creature comforts you might need on a long journey including quarters, galley, medical facilities, and a "holodeck" for crew VR so that they may continue on projects elsewhere while in route.

The deck plans are thought out in a way to protect vital ship systems while spreading them out so no one system goes down with another. Vital parts of the ship are protected by a multi-tier armor strategy employs layers of silver, copper and steel built directly into the corridors, decks and rooms.

It boasts a compliment of 6 L rail guns and 2 L cannons split between 2 gunners. The 4 fighters docked in the shuttle bay hold 4 XS cannons each and can be used by a single pilot. All totaled within fighter range, this ship can deal out 59,765.5 DPS. The 2 cargo bays located on deck 2 can hold a combined 10 L containers worth of material and can be used for replacement fighter deployment as well as ammunition storage, scrap and fuel. The lower deck 4 cargo bays hold a combined 8 EXL and 4 XL containers used as main storage.

Engineering is by far the most armored part of the ship with multiple layers of silver, copper and steel protecting the internals as well as external deck plating which in turn protects the above bridge from fire when the shields are penetrated.

The belly of this ship during combat is meant to be faced towards oncoming fire as well as being able to burn off trajectory while returning fire.

Powering this vessel is 8 Advanced Maneuver Space XL engines with 8 Advanced Maneuver Space L engines. an additional 30 Advanced Maneuver Space M thrusters allow for XYZ maneuvering.

The minimum crew recommendation for this vessel is 7.

Pilot: 1
Gunners: 2
Fighter Pilots: 4

It is also recommended an additional 1-4 engineers be present on each mission for emergencies.

Thank you for considering the Magee Class, if you wish to see it for yourself, you may connect via VR to: Magee Class Utopia Planitia

Replacement Blueprints for each fighter can be purchased for 1m each.

There are no naming restrictions for these vessels however registry numbers will still be assigned.

Currently there are many interested parties that are wanting the first model off the line, I will be taking bids over the course of the next 2 weeks. Please feel free to message me on discord if you wish to bid on the first model.


After doing a speed test, this vessel can make 30,000km/h in just over 4 minutes.

The auction has ended and the final bidder has claimed their ship for the first edition!

However the price will continue to be adjusted due to the daily fluctuations in the ore climate. Contact me if you wish to purchase.

Blueprint Caveats: The registry will be designed and assigned along with this BP. Fore screens will be blank upon deployment and will need to be updated with the registry manually.


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26 days ago


It is obvious how much CedriVastal loves Star Trek. You can see it in his work and the detail he brings to each of his designs. This is a fantastic looking ship built for purpose. Nice work!

26 days ago


Can't wait to see it done. Very nice L core.

28 days ago | Edited 28 days ago


Tobi, coming from you that is great praise. From your impressive portfolio and your masterpiece of voxel work that is the squire. I thank you, truly.

28 days ago


That's awesome. It's clear you put a massive amount of careful thought and effort into everything. Great work.

Utopia Planitia


Dry Weight:

5,200 t

Cargo Space:

5,376 kL


Space Thrust:

318 MN

Space Brake:

511 MN

Space Hover:

0 MN

Space Fuel:

184.32 kL

  • Core
    • L

  • Env
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token

  • Role
    • Combat
    • Hauler
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Weapons
    • Warp
    • Shield
    • DSAT