NCBR Honeycomb Factory T1-T2


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We proudly Present the NCBR Honeycomb factory T1-T2 and White Lumin Glass!
The factory is complete set up with custom lua monitors from input ore till the output honeycomb! ( Aluminium, Iron , Brick , Carbon Fiber, Plastic , Concrete , Wood , White Lumin Glass!
Now available also as shop with dedicated dispensers to sell your honeycomb! separate BP
You just deposit the ores and you get the honeycomb, the daily production is
T1 72k m3
T2 43.2k m3
Lumin glass 14.4k m3
It can set up for each honeycomb you want with an extra charge

Pure Aluminium x3 / Pure Iron x3 / Pure Silicon x2
Pure Carbon x2 / Pure Sodium x1 / Pure Calcium x1
Pure oxygen x1 / Pure Hydrogen x1
Steel Product x2 / Carbon Fiber product x2 / Wood Product x1
Brick Product x1 / Concrete Product x1 / Polycarbonate Product x2
Glass product / Adv Glass Product / Uncommon Led
White Luminescent Glass / Aluminium Honey x2 / Iron Honey x2
Steel Honey / Carbon fiber honey / Brick honey
Wood Honey / Concrete Honey / Plastic honey

You need to rename all the hubs after installation to exactly like this to make the monitors to work
Ore deposit:
Bauxite Ore
Coal Ore
And so on...

Maintain materials :
Right side small the (m) main
Aluminium main
Carbon main

Left side cap (M) Main
Wood Main
Brick Main
Polyplastic Main
And so on

Output Honey
Aluminium Honey
Carbonfiber Honey
Luminglass Honey
And so on..
Just look at the description in the monitors and rename the all the same

You can visit us via VR station Nuclear Brothers HQ! Location: ::pos{0,2,5.7711,85.7691,12.9709}
Deployment the entrance is in front of you and the bottom is 1 click down from the surface.
We come and set it up for you everywhere if you buy Token with the talents lvl 5, estimate delivery time 4 days exclude the transfer cost
Pm me via discord for help Veygan#8491


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4 months ago


Very nice work ! Love the design and the monitors.

4 months ago


This works super nice! and he caters well in the sense of showing up and going over all that this factory does and explains it well and its labeled nicely! also its not bad looking lol would like to see an m core with more of your stuffs on it :)

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