Ente 3R 2022

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Dispenser on Alioth: ::pos{0,2,53.9943,95.8569,630.6118}

Legends never die. You know the Ente as the iconic creation by Chewie. You might even know of the 3R upgrade created by Resource that improved this great ship with a voxel overhaul, conversion to polished blue steel, enhanced engineering, and improved performance. The Ente has angled wings create the iconic Ente look and provide superb stability while yawing and rolling in atmosphere! You'll love the way this ship flies.

We're Proud to Announce The Ente 3R 2022:
After a lot of requests Resource finally broke down and obtained permission from Chewie to bring the 3R back to life in a 2022 variant that builds on the previous improvements.

In this new version you'll find:

- More adjustors
- XL Space Engine
- Improved Engineering
- Advanced Military Atmo Engines
- Advanced Military and Maneuver Space Engines
- Advanced Optimized L (10) Containers
- Advanced Military Vertical Boosters
- Updated Interior
- Voxel Improvements
- 4 Upward Facing Space Engines
- Sagacious Hud
- Archageo Hud
- Damage Report
- Koruzarius Augmented Reality Damage Sciript
- Diven's System Map https://youtu.be/SsrcFBkUe-g
- Equinox OS Fuel and Cargo Screen
- Safe Travel Info

Each door has two buttons. The button to the side of the door opens the door and extends the ramp (If Applicable) for 10 seconds. The small button above the door opens the door and holds it open. Click the button again to reset it to the closed position

Prefer to have a shield instead of the Anti-Grav? The Anti-Grav room can be turned into a shield room! Need both? Throw that bad boy on the XS landing pad. We won't tell anyone.

Need a DSAT? Throw that puppy on the XS landing pad. It's ok, it's your ship!

We hope you'll come by and get a blueprint for yourself.

Want to Upgrade?
If you have a previous Ente and want to upgrade, Resource is offering a free upgrade. You'll need to bring the difference in parts between your current Ente and the Ente 3R 2022 and break down the old ship into its containers. Resource will deploy your new ship with level 5 boosts!

Better than 10kt? Uh yeah, probably ... the 10kt and was no sweat off Sanctuary with a 15ish degree angle using my Level 5 pilot. I did it without without AGG. You can probably do better, also without AGG, if you are a better pilot than me. If you use Anti-Grav ... the limit is the containers.


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1 month ago


@cobalt contact taylorbud#7256 he's making them

1 month ago


@gillimus dual universe is being special again. I'm having the same thing on ships i bought from others. It seems totally random.

1 month ago


Just need 12 more Advanced Military Vertical Boosters and I can build this :)

1 month ago


well, i flew 3k tons off madis into space and back, seems like everything's working *shrug* beautiful ship!

1 month ago


I'm getting the "elements colliding" error when i get in the pilot seat. i wiggled the space engine xl but the issue persists. any thoughts on what else i need to wiggle? Thanks

1 month ago


@Chewie We are all eagerly waiting for the release of the Ente4. If I remember correctly it's an S core and will is absolutely stunning. Long live the ducks!

1 month ago


@koruzarius, WarpForged#5313 happy to remove drm off of everything but the construct and the script boards that require a license.

1 month ago


@gillimus happy to place or buff to level 5 for you. WarpForged#5313

1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago


Great ship!

1 month ago


Getting close to having all the parts for this...my deploy skills are crap, does the deploy-in-vr trick still work?
If not, are you available for the put-down skills or to buff?

1 month ago


Looks fantastic and flies well! Having some Mercury difficulties (apparently I can't remove dynamic properties from seats anymore???) but she's working well!

1 month ago


Nice rework!

1 month ago


@HC Works see you soon!

1 month ago

HC Works

nice rework man will have to bring mine by for an update

1 month ago


This is soo hot!

Not given


Dry Weight:

1,480 t

Cargo Space:

3,244.8 kL


Cargo Lift:

10,000 t

Max Speed:

1,543 km/h

Atmo Hover:

205 MN

Sustentation Speed:

177 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

99.5 MN

Atmo Brake:

1,020 MN

Wing Lift:

173 MN

Atmo Fuel:

56,200 kL


Space Thrust:

81.9 MN

Space Brake:

173 MN

Space Hover:

205 MN

Space Fuel:

112,400 kL

  • Releases
    • Athena

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • AntiGrav
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp