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Welcome to the FREE blueprint of this factory building i will not even charge the 25k it costs to make the blueprint, this is a thank you gift to our awesome community for the great success of my other static and ship bp's i sell, the vendor is located inside the building near enterance you can also visit in vr search loadeds showroom and its across the runway from the building you spawn in.

Fully racked you can copy and paste delete to your needs, has command center on ground floor for adding container lua scripts hubs etc, top floor is with no racks as this is the area you would
place the large and xl industry machines,

FOR PLACEMENT the front enterance is to your right and do 6 clicks down if joining to another cores voxel if your just placing on the ground only do 5 clicks down,
it has to be like this to counter for the doors going underground when open, i also noticed there can sometimes be lag for the relay switch on the doors detection so you might have to approach door twice to open now and then,

i only added a few signs in the container area as an example and not fully load them all in just incase it became a problem trying to buy 80 signs,

the middle opening on all floors is done this way for easy linking your containers to your machines, i hope you enjoy the factory :)

the server seems to lag the relay switch on the doors u could always add 3 more detection elements in same place to fix this problem if it does it to you

location to your right its 8km south of market 7, do not buy in VR


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21 days ago


Went to pick up a free blueprint and was blown away with your setup at this location. Stunning! So many quality items to buy. Love the fact you also sell kits of materials required for your products. I can see myself spending a lot of Quanta here!!!

7 months ago


This looks so cool. Does it also have the parking/landing pad in front?

8 months ago


This is a perfect Med Core Build. Lots of room. Great Industry Possibilities.

8 months ago


thanks all :)

8 months ago


Superb and very large building. You can put the whole industry there easily with the fuel refineries without problems. There will even be room. The details are worked on as usual. Truly a magnificent building.

8 months ago


Great little build, plenty of room, and easy to organize everything that you want to put in it

9 months ago


Just put one of these up. Didn't realize how much room it has. Just set up my fuel factory. Still have tons of room to add more industry. Thank you Loaded. You rock. keep up the awesome work.

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago


Looks great.!!

alioth ::pos{0,2,18.8477,99.0809,26.9367}
  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Ground

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    • Blueprint

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    • Factory