Landing Pad Kit (DRM FREE)


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This is a complete kit of my landing pad without basement you will receive everything you need to spawn the blueprint all mats and core are included, you can make any size landing pad you like even connect 4 cores together for extra large one or even larger, ive tried to make the instructions as simple as i can but hopefully if your interested in this kit you already know how to copy and paste and rotate etc please check out the pictures for more info and if you need any questions answered dm me on discord loaded#2378, location on your right in the info and the dispensor is in front on the landing pad, i also added a base part with no wiring details also u will want plenty of medium glass panel to go over the wiring detail, can also change the colour to your what ever you like. PS no need to press shift when adding the leg stands


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8 days ago


great design, but I am getting an error. The game says "You
cannot copy voxels from this construct. Ask the original creator to grant you permission." I am not able to use this to build my own pad. The name of the construct shows DRM, even though this is labeled DRM free on the dispenser. Can you help me please?

2 months ago


Perfect and very easy to use. It looks fantastic and I love it ! Thank you very much :)

7 months ago


Awesome kit! Thanks

8 months ago


Great kit to build a custom sized landing pad in the Loaded style.

8 months ago


thank you :)

8 months ago


This is truly an awesome kit. Its amazingly easy to work with and gives you a lot of creative freedom. I can't wait to see what else You come up with.

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago


You should sell the bp independently from the materials needed to deploy the kit, and sell materials batch to use the kit.
On its state, your customers will be able to deploy the kit but once done, they will have to produce the honeycombs to create their own custom landing pad with it if they want to keep the kit alive (making copies of the parts instead of tranfering them). So it would make sense to sell the bp at a price, and batches to deploy it appart and configure the material batches dispenser to give right to your customers to buy few of them at a time.

Anyway, I liked your kit because it's a good idea to sell this landing pad like that.
Also good job for the design. I love it !

9 months ago


Rattler- if you get a one will find it is a complete kit the 5 mill is for the bp and all the mats needed to build the voxel library of parts. I suppose as loaded could only class it as either a bp, as a token or both with it being a kit he ticked both boxes as you don't need to run around getting the parts and just spawn it .

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago


Why is your Token price the same as your BP price.

9 months ago


well this solves my landing pad on top of my tower. ty loaded great work as usual

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