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DTower short for Dynamic Tower is a full sized Dynamic L core landing pad based on a tower structure. Purposefully built with a simplistic view in mind for maximum practicality and to keep at a minimum to allow for flying potential and further development.

It has an internal control room floor with full 360 degree views from stacked L glass panels and a separate huge private container storage area with some linked hubs (4 x L containers) to the control room to get started. Perfect place for a bar and a boardroom meeting!

Because its built on a dynamic core you can deploy it on unoccupied territories and move or maneuver it easily. It's also easy enough to add AGG (Anti Gravity) to hover way above ground level or even add some engines and wings and fly it anywhere. Great way to have a base that is only accessible by air. All entries are protected by manual doors for security and exits automatically opened for ease of use.

This could be used a base/landing pad/supply outposts or as a moveable trading platform. Anything really as it moveable or get ready for PvP Territory Warfare with this moveable defensive structure!

For a small fee happy to make any modifications to your required specifications and can boost the structure to L5/5 containers.

Tower Located (Teoma) a few meters outside of HQ

Dispenser located (Teoma) inside HQ a few meters away


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2 months ago


Glad to hear you liked the tower, and yes it certainly was built with enormous landing pad and storage capacity. The detection zones was purposefully placed so that manual entry was only allowed to stop untrusted players from entering the tower but would allow easy auto exit. This was to prevent the log-out player exploit on parked ships but now that has been banned could relax that a little. Please feel free to add any suggestion requests as I'll be updating the tower from time to time

2 months ago


Finally got it built, great space for easy landing even very large ships (even a Vanguard Lux had plenty of free space around it on the pad) lots of storage room.
Only niggle I have found and it is so easy to fix so it is not really a bad point, is the 2 detection zones would only open the doors from the inside not the outside as well so they needed moved slightly closer to the doors.
Over all the good points far out ways my laziness at manual door opening so the designer still gets a 10/10.

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