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Ammo Clip (PvE Easy)



Space Thrust: 18.7 MN

Using the DRM free shell offered by Astleteyn, the Kosmos Organization presents to you the Ammo Clip! This space-only ship is designed to clear the easy PvE mission entirely solo! It features 6 Advanced Agile Cannon S to shoot rounds at those alien bastards! It has your standard Advanced Shield Generator to keep your ship protected, and the hull is made mostly of Maraging Steel to keep you safe if you have to vent your shields. It's also equipped with FOX Flight and FOX Gunner by robrocketpants. Since this is not a vanilla script nor is it a public script, also as this is designed to be kind of an "intro" to PvE missions, fridaywitch has written a guide to walk you through the whole process. That guide link is here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12TzD3owDJU96gnLJwsZu66HgYrIcFksloyw0xL9pXMk/edit?usp=sharing This ship is only offered as a token, as it will not perform without full placement buffs on the combat elements and those buffs cannot be saved to the blueprint. The PvE mission as of 8/19/23 pays 1.25 million and should you buy your ammo from Kosco (or any other similarly-priced store like SVEA or Honeycomb Central) then you should profit roughly 1 million per run. You can pick this up at the Kosco if you bring a M or L core hybrid, or we can bring it up to a space station for pickup. Message fridaywitch on Discord to place your order or if you have any questions! All radar, seat, and cannon capacity buffs are max level. Cannon magazine size is max level. Cannon Damage/Range is max level. Cannon Operations/Agility/Maneuvering/Proficiency is level 3.

Token: 5 Mħ

Handsome Hummingbird



Max Speed: 20,000 km/h

The Handsome Hummingbird is a fully automatic mission runner tailored for the 370 kℏ Sicari-Sinnen sulfur run. Fly a round trip in 6 minutes with 2 clicks. BP available on Alioth at ::pos{0,2,42.6075,94.4365,191.0970} See screenshots for parts list.

BP: 8 Mħ


Titan Aerospace


Cargo Lift: 3,950 t

Please note the Apollo is located a little way from my main base, on the water platform. COLOUR SWAP. I've updated the BP so if you'd like to select your own hull colour just replace the Matt Purple honeycomb. (the default is now purple so i could see any issues and fix them) VR to Titan Apollo to view. Do not buy in VR. The Apollo is a versatile, efficient mission ship. Capable of carrying 3.95 KT of cargo in the standard loadout of 8 uncommon manoeuvre and 4 uncommon military atmo engines, enough for 2 large mission packs. More cargo can be carried with more powerful engines. There is a spacious cargo area that can be outfitted to suit the mission. The standard loadout is 7 L containers, 3 more can be added alongside a DSAT or M shield to fill the hub capacity if required. The interior is spacious and has crew quarters for the captain, a dedicated resurrection chamber and secondary pilot seat for using the DSAT when equipped. DSAT position is X: 0.0, Y: -21.5, Z: -19.5 A landing pad is available at the rear of the ship for shuttles or fighter escorts, as the Apollo is an M core, up to S core size can be docked. The design is relatively compact, with the 2 XL space engines and 4 atmo engines tucked in neatly in front of the rear atmo engine pods. The front width allows for great manoeuvrability from the adjustors, giving the Apollo quite a playful flight experience making it fun to fly. The Apollo is designed for everyday use, efficient enough to pop to the market for a few items but powerful enough to make those large mission runs or asteroid trips too.

BP: 6 Mħ




Max Speed: 7,500 km/h

Want to get your calibrations done faster? Well the HyperJet can help you get to you miners asap. The HyperJet : art of flight is a specially designed race craft capable of sustained speeds of Mach 6.12 or 7,500 kmph @ 4000m. Aside from fast travel to anywhere you want to go, I have designed a race for the ship to run that circles Alioth Autopilot: ArchHud Lite is installed on it so having ArchHud installed is not necessary Presets: .GearsRace : Start and finish of the race Location ::pos{0,2,53.9039,90.1166,43.0198} .CenterCross : A target point for the start of the race inline with the vertical seam on the map Location ::pos{0,2,0.1490,89.9764,-0.0005} The Race 1. Start at .GearsRace and target .CenterCross : Takeoff 2. Fly towards .CenterCross but use alt-6 to set your altitude 3. When .GearsRace is 1.3 SU the race is half over 4. When distance .GearsRace decreases to 1.2 SU alt-4 to adjust heading 5. Switch back to altitude control with alt-6 6. If traveling at 7000-7500 kmph @ 4100m align target alt-5 at about 45 km from .GearsRace 7. Align target will reduce altitude and speed so that you can proceed to final approach 8. Alt-4 to target .GearsRace and complete the race. My personal best is a little over 8 min. This is an adrenalin filled ride as you try to manage the commands and adjust the throttle to stay on the edge of stability. Find Gearss online for free buffs to maximum performance. The ship requires 2.5 honeycomb, bring your own if you have a color you want Dispenser: ::pos{0,2,53.8835,90.0613,40.1163} VR: Gearss Gas Emporium

Token: 2 Mħ

Medusa S-core Elevator

De Overheid


Cargo Lift: 2,680 t

For when you are too tired or can't be arsed to haul your ores up to space every week after your calibration runs. Or just for when you need to bring stuff up to your space station, here is the Medusa Elevator, equiped with Yoari's Elevator script and comes with all it's perks. ( https://du-creators.org/makers/Yoarii ). Scxript price is included in the blueprint. This creature was made with a small profile in mind and lands perfectly on a matching launch pad and docks nicely on a custom space platform (see my other statics, Kombat and Bogdan). It is not the strongest elevator but it was made to haul up all the ores you can pump up for a dense ore field in one week. Pluck done one of these elevators in the middle of your field, ride it down from space and do all the calibrations with your pocket rocket, delivering all the ores directly into the elevator. The base doubles as a tri-tile mining rig so those are already done. After you calibrated and picked up the last of the ores for the week, fold up your pocket rocket, jump in the seat of the elevator and let it take you back up to your space only hauler which is waiting on the deck of the Bogdan space dock. Nothing is easier. I will help you set up and plan the optimal configuration for your off-world ore field and discuss all options. Have a look at the latest version here: XMR ALI BAUX 01 Or ask me for a joy ride on Space Mountain, my personal creation, featuring a one mile line tunnel you shoot through at 600km/h with 50 cm to spare on each side. Keep your limbs on board...

Token: 24.5 Mħ
BP: 17 Mħ

ZXR Spyder mk III

De Overheid


Cargo Lift: 2,200 t

The third iteration of my daily flyer, a monster of a ship strapped to a small core. Easily takes over 2 kT from Alioth with room to spare. Perfect mission flyer and doing all your daily business barring hauling megaton nodes home. A few highlights: - Absurd flight handling. has a great mass balancing and turns like an XS core. Can do flips in mid-air or brake, turn and take off in the opposite direction without a hitch. (see rotation matrix) - Very low profile. Without resorting to angled engines, the front surface is kept to an absolute minimum. Using Seawing's flush wings and carefully placing engines in a staggered formation creates vey low drag. (See max speed, capped at 1250 to prevent burns) - Depending on your final configuration and load, it has a exceptional acceleration and brake force and takes off and lands like an overgrown pocket rocket. 5G thrust empty, drops to 1G at 2200 tonnes - It may not be your taste but I tried my best to cover the elements with voxels and shape something decent out of it. It even has a cockpit which is extremely rare for utilitarian ships like this. - Excellent storage, the bulk of the ship is shaped by the XL container, it provides enough space for anything you want to carry, it will be too heavy before it is full unless you are transporting Lumi voxels. Easy access from all sides by linkes XS containers in the wings and nose. Weight balanced in the rear by the hub. - Only needs one large space and atmos fuel tank for all engines, flies for days when half full, easy to refill from all sides. Feel free to ask for a spin in one of these, I am more than happy to discuss the final setup. Cost will be depending on your configuration but we have stock to deploy your personal ship in any. Even with basics it will outperform many ships out there, just out of luxury and because I use it daily, I equipped it with over the top rare military and maneuver grade engines, boosters and hovers and put in a rare optimised XL container too boot. Comes fully buffed to lvl 5

BP: 1.8 Mħ

TR - 381 - L

The 16t Experience


Space Thrust: 5.99 MN

A little Ship to cruise around, Fly up to ypur Space Station, Start miners and having fun on your way to them. It also got 2 S sized Containers for extra Fuel or Scrap. It goes 45 200km/h in Space. Stats are boosted between skill lvl´s from 4 - 5 so there is a little more to get out of it. If you buy a copy a boosting Service is included. Most skills are lvl 5.

BP: 1.2 Mħ

Lady Morbit

The 16t Experience


Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

I builded the "Lady Morbit" to run the 1.8kt / 400kl Mission´s plus one 437t / 125kl Mission Solo. It almost goes 32 000km/h in Space empty. It is equiped with a small shield and basic componens to keep rebuilding cost´s low i case it is geting destroyed by Pirates. Stats are boosted between skill lvl´s from 4 - 5 so there is a little more to get out of it. If you buy a copy a boosting Service is included. Most skills are lvl 5. It has got also plenty of room for a Warpdrive, more Container´s etc. There is nothing packed together there for you could easily switch engines if you feel like you need something else. I got Arch Hud on the Seat.

BP: 4 Mħ




Atmo Thrust: 0.711 MN

Compact, fast and stylish pocket ship. Now you can get in free of charge. Have your fun. I relocated my workshop to Haven. At the moment dispensers also there. Later I will put dispensers on Alioth also. I fly to Alioth very frequently so you can also ask me to grab one for you. And don't forget to ask me to buff your new cool ship :) Location ::pos{0,27,-84.8598,76.6429,375.0721} VR SquareBunny Workshop (Don't take BP in VR! You will loose it!) Land on the roof of the workshop or take the elevator.

BP: 1 ħ

RCG / Locura Argo-L.ACX



No attributes :-(

The Same quality you expect from any RCG and Locura Argo now in an ATMO only design. Now has 6 large atmo engines for forward thrust. 4 medium atmo engines for reverse thrust. Boosters have been replaced with advanced hovers so the ship only needs nitron (atmo) fuel. Basic containers have been replaced with 6 advanced large optimised containers. Brakes have been added to bring braking power to 86g! Entire ship has been rebalanced. I can do tokens for T1-T5 (T5 NOT CHEAP). Argo - First RCG model - Space Only Argo-L.AC - Hybrid model. Argo-L.ACS - Super Lightweight model. Only 1 made. Argo-L.ACX - Atmo only model. HUD : Arch Damage Report : FOX Shield : Large (Removed after version v1.3.0) was just dead weight for current usage. can still be added back very easy. For more info please visit the normal Argo page at : https://du-creators.org/makers/RCG%20Corporation/ship/The%20Argo%20-%20Deep%20Space%20Transporter Or visit here for the hybrid model : https://du-creators.org/makers/Credence/ship/RCG%20%2F%20Locura%20Argo%20-%20L.AC Or visit https://locura-ship-museum.fandom.com/wiki/Argo Special thanks to TehRob and RobRocketPants. --- Discord --- https://discord.gg/KcafbTSwMp --- Buy Locations --- Locura Shipyard @ ( ::pos{0,2,63.8195,47.9287,42.7144} ) Exchange Yellow Hall --- VR Locations -- View Units: Locura Shipyard -- Other VR Locations -- Locura Exchange

BP: 5 Mħ

Locura Barge 20XXL Hauler



No attributes :-(

Sure its ugly... But it gets the job done. 15,552 KL Of Storage Large Shield AGG 20 XXL containers in a space only hauler. I haul 60kt with it using basic engines. Has 2 XL engines for reverse or brake help. Multiple large space engines in every direction for maneuvering.

BP: 5 Mħ

The Megingjord

Makashima Industries


Cargo Lift: 3,300 t

A heavily modified version of the DIS20 designed by Damphouse; The Megingjord has been redesigned to provide more cargo space, more fuel capacity and far greater overall performance. Fitted with 4x Advanced Safe Space Engine XL, and 12x Advanced Atmospheric Maneuver Engine L, The Megingjord is capable of transporting up to 3kt of cargo from any planet. The ship also accommodates a Warp Drive and a DSAT as standard, and with its increased cargo capacity of 1,152,000 litres, this makes it a great ship for soaking up asteroid after asteroid. No more fuel worries! With the addition of several fuel tanks, and optimised engine to fuel tank assignments, you will The Megingjord is able to just go on, and on, and on..! Get more precision movement, with the addition of multidirectional space engines, allowing you to take more control & maneuverability when landing at space stations, and asteroids. The increase in vertical boosters helps to accommodate for all of these changes, and the likelihood of significant cargo weights, ensuring that you're never at gravity's mercy. Get better access to your front wing sections, as well as more VR connectivity, with improved interior designs and optimisations! With so much at offer, we highly recommend taking some time to have a look around on our showcase model. Location & VR: Makashima Industries Shop ::pos{0,26,79.6509,-87.6931,99.0025}

BP: 5 Mħ

The Cube



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

Borg Cube style Cube, yes! this beast is S-core build, but easily out-performs most M-core and even some L-core builds. It has 2x XL space engines and 12x L atmo engines, with bunch of wings. I did 7.5kt (7500 tons) with this beast and it held together just fine, low alt lift was barely enough, but i managed to get it to 3500m and hold it there just fine, landing can be rough if you dont have enough space, but land it like a plane! just be careful with arch, DO NOT press "G" to land, lower the altitude yourself, because arch does not consider your ship's weight, it will SLAM you into ground. best part is adjustors, it has perfect adjustor placement, because well .. it's a CUBE! it turns better than any other ship (not a joke) and center of mass is almost in center, maybe off by 2%. Container hub is also right in the center, so if you fill it with cargo, then center of mass will be exactly in center. comes with 10x L containers, but there's enough room inside for more stuff. it has basic interior to keep the weight down, but also so its easy to repair the elements in case you damage them. So in atmo it does 7.5kt (including ship's weight), but you can put more hovers on it or replace hovers for vboosters and put more wings on it and i think it will handle 9-10kt in atmo, however i doubt it lifts more than 5kt into space, might get 6kt if you know how to fly, but you might end up taking some heat damage. you can further modify it by adding downwards space engines and it should easily get 6kt into space. This truly is the most powerful S-core ship i have built or seen and it has room for improvements, i just don't like to build ships with too many elements as they start lagging real bad :(

BP: 475 Kħ

AX / LX Octane

Arch Tech


Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

Explore the cosmos in style. Introducing the Octane; Arch Tech's first small core hybrid to meet all of your daily needs. Step aboard the Octane and experience the perfect fusion of functionality and luxury. The ship's interior is elegantly designed, providing a spacious and inviting environment for both pilots and passengers. With ample seating and storage space, the Octane comfortably accommodates a pilot, co-pilot, and up to four passengers with room for extra seats if needed. Whether you're on a thrilling expedition or simply enjoying the breathtaking sights of the verse, the Octane ensures your comfort and convenience. The rear is outfitted with 2 Rare Military Atmospheric Engines and 2 Rare Military Space Engines which carry 1 Rare Optimized Container with level 5 buffs boosting the storage to 210KL (140KL w/out). Includes a warp drive for planetary travel and enough lift to pull over 1kt of cargo out of Alioth's atmosphere with moderate pilot talents. When landing with a large haul, it is highly recommended that the approach on the landing zone is a gradual glide down to the surface to avoid damage to underside elements. But the Octane has more to offer than just luxury and unstable raw power. Equipped with state-of-the-art features and functionalities, this vessel is built to excel in exploring the cosmos. Below the bridge lies a small living quarters designed for the pilot, ensuring a private and comfortable space to rest and recharge next to their fire place. With the Octane, you can journey through the stars with ease and style. Choose between two versions: (BP price applies to all models) AX: Octane - Advanced Version LX: Octane - Rare/Luxury Version (T5 Honeycomb) Made-To-Order Tokens: (all tokens include level 5 buffs and choice of skins) Advanced Version (AX) Token: 20,000,000 Rare Version (LX) Token: 25,000,000 BP & Showroom Location: ::pos{0,2,7.4107,80.7216,226.0653} VR: "Arch Tech - Showroom" NOTICE: *Stats shown are for the LX version of the ship with max buffs. Arch Tech is not responsible for any damage caused by removing throttle limiters, there is a strong chance you will melt in atmosphere. Warping costs estimate to around 12.5 SU per cell* Contact Slanks on discord for token orders.

Token: 25 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ


The 16t Experience


Space Thrust: 90 MN

In Gold and Black this Hauler is beautifull to look at and also does have the power to pack a lot and bring it to wherever you want it to. It goes up to 26 036km/h in Space It can be eqiped with a AGG, Warpdrive, Shields or a DSAT. Just reach out to me if you are interested. Or use the VR Port "16t"

BP: 4 Mħ
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