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Comet MK III - Athena Ready

Space Blade LLC (SBLL)


Space Thrust: 1.04 MN

Comet MK III - The Superior Machine This ship is not an art piece or a luxury cruiser, it is a functional no nonsense Warp Shuttle. FIRST 100 BP are Free! Fly to ::pos{0,2,54.3557,97.9477,717.1857} on Alioth, approx 40km north of Market 6. ONE Per pilot. **ALL stats on this page are with zero pilot skills and T5 Boost skills** From Alioth: Cargo = Full Fuel, 1,000 T5 Scrap, 50 Warp Cells 2 cells to Utopia 2 cells to Aegis 4 cells to Thades, Madis 8 cells to Talemai 10 cells to Feli 12 cells to Sicari 13 cells to Symeon, Sinnen 14 cells to Jago 15 cells to ION, Lacobus, Teoma Includes: - All T5 Handling talents applied - 2 Hover chairs, ATMO and Space, each connected to the included Space/ATMO Radar S. - Right chair uses Saga's Autopilot HUD, Left chair uses ARCH HUD, both have the required Data elements. - 2 jump seats are included for people that like sitting on the edge, literally. - 2 Space Thrusters for easy station landing. - Aerogics S & T Co - "ShipInfo" Utility screen/script included. - One color scheme only at this time. Tokens: ALL Token Sales are subject to change and will be adjusted based on current market forces Blue Prints: Subject to NQ current status on Boosts FIRST 100 BP are Free! Fly to ::pos{0,2,54.3557,97.9477,717.1857} on Alioth, approx 40km north of Market 6. ONE Per pilot. Blue Prints available at SBLL Ship Showroom Alioth - ::pos{0,2,54.3638,97.8682,717.0771} VR - SBLL Ship Showroom

BP: 2 Mħ


Titan Aerospace


Max Speed: 1,600 km/h

This speeder has 1 S container for picking up essential goods at the markets. It has 4 fuel tanks, one for each of the M atmo engines so it has a flight time of over 3.5 hrs at cruising altitude. It also has 2 small engines at the back to help with acceleration lag. It 's fun and handles very well. A small, quick market runner great for those busy market landing pads.

Token: 800 Kħ
BP: 500 Kħ


Objective Driveyards


Cargo Lift: 20 t

Designer: SGCam This slim ship was designed to be one of the lowest-mass hybrid capable warp shuttles ever built. It is able to take off from the surface of any planet, transit to space, and warp to your destination for the minimum possible amount of warp cells. Decent flight talents are required to make the most of this cutting edge ship. Come check out this and all our other awesome ships in person at our Showroom (under construction) on Alioth at ::pos{0,2,23.15,73.25,0.0} or via Surrogate VR "ODY Showroom". Contact an ODY Staff Member via our Marketplace Discord sever at discord.gg/qKaFW857Qz to buy tokenized ships, or visit the ODY Blueprint Archive next door to our showroom to pick up a blueprint of your favorite ship. Disclaimer: Stats measured based on T5 buffs and T4 piloting. As always, performance can vary based on pilot skills.

Token: 7 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ

Anisoptera v2



Max Speed: 2,300 km/h

For reference, please also see "Anisoptera v1" on this website (the previous version, internal code name: "Poor Man's Speedboat"). The Anisoptera V2 (internal code name: "Businessman's Speedboat") is the latest version of this famous dragonfly-alike designer speedboat. The original designs called for a fast boat that could fit many different types of ship hangars, thus the resulting conceot was that of a very slender ship hull. That in return resulted in a low drag amount and therefore high possible speeds if powered asequatly. The version 2 has the following improvements over V1: - on-board storage (1,000 l) - even higher speed - longer flight duration - slightly increased wing lift capacity - more airbrake power - more forward engine braking power - more fuel capacity - easier access to fuel tanks And the best is: from the outside there is almost no difference! NOTICE All versions avalable: - NEW! Anisoptera v3 (suborbital superspeeder one-seater) - NEW! Anisoptera v3 (suborbital superspeeder two-seater) - Anisoptera v2 (atmospheric speeder one-seater, THIS version) - Anisoptera v1 (atmospheric speeder one-seater, Poor Man's edition) AVAILABLLE NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME ON "Tropico" (VR), ALIOTH

BP: 2 Mħ

LCT mk I



Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

LCT mk I Light Cargo Transport MK I is the first ship made by Eridu Industries with the main designation as a cargo hauler. MK I at the current state is equipped with basic element configuration for cargo transport containing 4 Large containers with the possibility of adding 2 more. The ship contains enough space for a warp drive to be implemented with the possibility of an anti-gravity generator with small adjustments to the interior. There is a large bridge area with space for plenty of seating and gunner position placements. The exterior can be safely equipped with weapons for defensive purposes only.

BP: 1.5 Mħ

Hermes Mk2



Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

A heavy-weight warp hauler, designed specifically for running - and surviving - the new Aphelia missions! The Mk2 has been updated with a Large Shield Generator and XL Space Engines for even more survivability in these congested space lanes. Rated for a base 2000T (1.0g), this vessel has not only the capacity, but the protection required to get your mission package to its destination. With a multi-layer armoured command deck, easily accessible and strategically placed elements, as well as an XS core ship-bay, this ship will make your mission running a walk in the park. UPDATE: This ship can accommodated a DSAT into the upper bay space, to convert this able mission runner into a formidable asteroid hunter ! All stats are given with no placement and day 1 pilot talents - stats will only improve with talent training.

BP: 2.5 Mħ

Razor Mk3 By BDC



Space Thrust: 4.35 MN

- 4 S Containers - Warp core - See Picture for Stats (with level 3 pilot skills) - Level 5 atmo engines, all other elements lvl 4 - Full element access - Atmo burn starts at 1200 in 100% atmo VR Station name "BooNDocK Customs" @ Infinity Corporation Spaceport ::pos{0,2,7.8000,80.4210,89.9976} ****OR**** VR Station name "BooNDocK ShiPYarD" ::pos{0,2,-25.9879,106.3613,5.8710} ***BP ONLY*** In game names: Bananer, xSkeevx (Shop partner) Discord: Bananer#0773 - Skeev#3940 Also on DU creators discord: https://discord.gg/hrXMdNMX

BP: 8 Mħ




Space Thrust: 0.149 MN

AZR Shipyards signature light personal transport, the AZR Pegasus is available now. There are two words that can describe the Pegasus. Sleek and Powerful. A long tapered nose, and forward swept stabilisers give the Pegasus a look sharp enough to cut diamond. It's low frontal cross section and prodigious thrust leaves competitors in the dust. When the air starts getting cold and thin, the Pegasus really begins to shine. Not confined to planetary flight, the Pegasus soars through space effortlessly. With a mere 4.6t dry weight, 20t cargo lift and blistering speed both in and out of atmosphere, the Pegasus is an ideal Racer and Courier ship. It can be yours for as little as 100k for a blueprint, or 200k for a ready built token. Token built ships gain the benefit of tier 3 and 4 handling skills. Don't delay, contact AZR Shipyards today for your Pegasus. AZR Shipyards, Perfection Redefined.

Token: 300 Kħ
BP: 200 Kħ




Cargo Space: 512 kL

This is my first ever M size Hauler. If you wanna see live in game I live in Madis just dm me and I will show you. Stats in build mode is on the last picture. Has 4 Large containers. 2 M railguns. 2XL space engine. Get to full speed before leaving safezones! Also no visible wings!

BP: 500 Kħ

Light Saber V2

Eminent Domain


Space Thrust: 769 MN

You now have a chance to warp around in your very own Light Saber. This S core Warp shuttle will get you from Alioth to Lacobus at a cost of 7 Warp cells, while holding 30 Warp cells in its cargo, and Full Fuel. You can visit through VR and have a look by searching Consortium Incorporated. There is also a dispenser on site next to the surrogate pod station, selling BP. ::pos{0,2,20.3415,77.2498,15.2586} **UPDATE some changes to weight and elements, cut sustentation speed by half. Is now able to pull off "Crazy Ivan" Maneuver in Alioth Atmosphere. If you would like to purchase a token, reach out to Eminent_Domain#9611 on Discord.

BP: 2.5 Mħ

ADMI IDS (industrial scanner) TRI SCANNER!

ADMI emladra


Cargo Lift: 600 t

Tri scanner for lots of scanning i updated it for the brakes update and made it a little more effecient. The IDS has 2 10 packs one of xs and one of small for material territory units and the like. also has 6 seperated xs containers in main haul for seperating scans its very stable with nice vtol and easy to balance. Available at madis you can vr (admi ships and pads) ill have it up there in a bit for sale again thanks! also has vtol maneuver engines so sustenation is actually zero with 500tons cargo can just hold space bar to leave atmo then punch it foward to fly away into space! small core and i did the intirior too so it looks dope also bunch of stuff for scripts if you use them i dont but i make it easy for the buyer to install. Thanks for looking!

BP: 8 Mħ

Scanner Czar



Space Thrust: 3.71 MN

take the horizontal and make it vertical?!?!?! Ok, done! Modular scanner or cargo ship. Good handling, good balance and a real hoot to fly. Check it out in VR at Czars Ship Spot. Blueprints available there or at my pop up shop at District 6.

BP: 2.5 Mħ

SCS Phase Arrow



Space Thrust: 2.02 MN

Super light, very fast warp ship (10 cells Alioth-Jago) Very fast and nimble in atmo, Cruises 1500kmph no problems Effortless orbit from Alioth even with a little extra weight

Token: 8 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 4,000 t

Make Quanta fast with this nautical themed hauler. With 6L containers, making 4kt hauls is almost easy with this ship. Complete with warp and AGG to make the profits come even quicker. Ship has been successfully tested with a 4kt load on and off Alioth. This has been my workhorse ship for quite some time and will fill the same role for you well. And with half basic and half maneuver engines, operational costs stay lower. Best haul to date netted over 40h million in T1 ore. Making this ship capable of paying itself off almost immediately.

BP: 8 Mħ

The Thresher SZE



Cargo Lift: 6,000 t

SZE -Safe Zone Edition VR to Thousand Island -20L containers -Warp Drive -Territory Scanner -Light Materials -Upgraded Living quarters -Upgraded Fuel capacity(Atmo) -Upgraded Atmo Braking -AGG -Cheaper to make _no longer in production

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