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The Rocinante is built roughly to scale to match the actual ship's exterior from the Expanse. It is a space only Medium Core PvP ship that houses a two man crew, three if you count repairs. The Roci is a great piracy ship, fleet support ship, and will hold its own against other M core and smaller PvP ships. The ship has been battle tested.

The outer hull is made out of copper with a silver interior lining in crucial spots, while the bridge is surrounded with three layers of gold. The Roci comes equipped with six Advanced Precision Lasers which all fire from one Gunner Module M.

With 0 piloting talents, the Rocinante has 9.28 Gs of thrust and 11.9 Gs of brake force when fully fueled and loaded with 2,000 laser rounds.

Warp Drive x 1
Large Ammo Container M x 1
Space Radar S x 1
Space Radar M x 1
Container S x 8
Container M x 1
Military Space Engine XL x 1
Military Space Engine L x 2
Military Space Engine M x 4

The token comes with 2,000 laser precision thermic rounds and fully boosted with the talents below:

Space Thrust: Tier 5
Retro Brakes: Tier 5
Adjustors: Tier 5
Container Capacity and Mass: Tier 5
Fuel Tank Capacity and Mass: Tier 5
Gunner M Module Capacity: Tier 5
Radar M Optimization: Tier 5
Radar M Specialization: Tier 5
Radar M Upgrades: Tier 4
Radar M Capacity: Tier 5
Laser M Capacity: Tier 5
Laser M Magazine: Tier 5
Laser M Action: Tier 4
Laser M Operations: Tier 3
Laser M Agility: Tier 3
Laser M Telemetry: Tier 4
Laser M Maneuvering: Tier 3
Laser M Proficiency: Tier 3

Pricing Options:
-Subtract 2,400,000 to get a token without any weapons
-Subtract 1,500,000 to not include the ammo
-Subtract 800,000 to swap the 6 Lasers with 4 Advanced Precision Railguns
-Token buyers can also buy one BP for 1,000,000

Big thanks to Dazzorm for helping with the drive plume voxel work!


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1 year ago

N19 Defense Soloution

amazing ship!

Not given


Dry Weight:

508 t


Space Thrust:

55.6 MN

Space Brake:

71.3 MN

Space Hover:

6.48 MN

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Combat

  • Features
    • Radar
    • Weapons
    • Warp