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Bird Of Prey


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A premium dedicated fighter. Treat yourself to the most beautiful ship in the Universe! First off the line from Big Buck's Skunk Works. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: The Bird of Prey! This baby's beauty is more than just skin deep. The fuselage and wings are manufactured from the finest cobalt and the core is fully encased in gold. Mined by the hands of small children with the nimblest of fingers to pick out the finest, choicest nuggets. The cockpit, nose and small space engines also have have been treated to a modest amount of gold protection. A little heavier than most fighters, but the honeycomb selection will give you the confidence to survive and fight another day.

She comes with full military propulsion main engines, both space and atmospheric. All space engines are protected with cobalt. She is a focused, land based fighter, utilizing just a small atmospheric fuel tank along with a medium Space tank. That's enough fuel to leave and return to atmosphere with plenty of Kergon for use on patrol. Quality doesn't come cheap; she is priced at 5 mil per blueprint, for exclusivity. So whether you're out hunting pirates, a pirate hunting loot, or just posing on the pad. The Bird of Prey is your only choice!

To purchase, DM Buck_Rogers#9360 on Discord


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Big Buck's Skunk Works
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