Bold and Brash


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Name: The Bold and Brash
Width: 126 Voxels
Height: 126 Voxels
Date of Creation: 2021
Original Creator: Squidward J. Q. Tentacles
VR: Bloodviolets Voxel Artwork

This figure derives from a modernist aesthetic. He stands boldly in the center of the composition and manages to look both assertive and relaxed at the same time. As this is a self-portrait, the artist strikingly depicts himself nude, making him a modernist Adam.

This figure stands in reverse-twisted perspective, and unlike the ancient Egyptians, his lower torso and legs are full-frontal to the viewer, whereas his shoulders and head give a profile view. This subject reveals to us only one liquid eye, as he gazes out of the picture. Is he afraid of what he sees? Perhaps his stance reveals that he is startled with the backward arch of his chest.

The quality of the pixels and color palette of the background communicate both immediacy and antiquity. There is no ground plain, and so the background and the subject seem to seek the same space - and these shallow space conventions could make the figure appear assertive monumental, or... trapped? The ascorbic color combinations could reflect a Fauvist influence, but a more common art historical interpretation would be that of gold. If this background does indeed represent gold, then Squidward has made an icon of himself, bathed in the heavenly light.
The visible eye of the subject gives the effect of the blankened stare, and perhaps this is indicative of Squidward's entire body seems to have gone slack at that which he is witnessing, and he is experiencing something profound. He is experiencing awe.

The model's body color is a greenish-blue cast of cool. Does Squidward practice the Hindu religion? Perhaps the golden background will at some later point be melted down and fashioned into a gleaming peacock crown to adore his Godly head, which lays bare and bulbous before us. The back of the subject's head rounds into modeling shadow, and is darkened. This is the seat of Squidward's memories- memories which he would rather forget, as this is a forward-seeking Squidward, as evidenced by his eye direction and proboscis thrust.

The swoop and swerve of the figure's outline are answered in the eternal constant background, and the unite together in a mythical dance of composition, form and color


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