VF-4A Lightning III


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A superior, sleek, high performance, popular and fun ship to fly, one of the best! A cheap and easy to build must have ship to add to your collection! The BP should be worth a lot more but offering it at a low price for everyone to enjoy! Features, 4 medium rare military atmo engines, 2 medium rare military space engines, and 2 small rocket engines for afterburners. Great range, 2 small containers linked on a hub for storage making it great for quick market runs. Lots of thrust, lift, brakes and floats like a feather on the wind. Turns and brakes on a dime! DRM free version for 10 million quanta which gives you full rights to customize, make, use, and sell your own blueprints. Easy for new players to fly and learn to become a great pilot. Can choose versions with Default, Arch Hud, Albatross, or Aviator Hud already installed. Safe atmo re-entry speed approximately 5000 kph. Also, comes with a resnode, and manuevering and reverse space thrusters for precision space landings. Left and right manuevering thrusters uses left and right arrow keys. Up and down uses C and Space Bar, reverse uses the mouse wheel. This is now my favorite ship to fly and I hope it becomes yours as well! Visit my new ship showroom in VR - Booty Showroom or drop by in person at Star Watch Naval Air Station at ::pos{0,2,39.3224,61.9595,10.3179} This ship was a colaboration with BootyBanzai, YesmanDU974, and TonyLeStark.

Created 1 month ago
Updated 17 days ago

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1 month ago


Thanks man! You should get a bp and build one! It really is an amazing ship! You are missing out on some fun if you don't!

1 month ago


awesome ship again ! love this design !

Star Watch near Market 17, Nitro City
  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier