[DRAFT] Free_Construct_Building-Costing_Spreadsheet


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**Update, now built for multi-ship builders and updated to include the full list of DU elements, as of Athena update (containers and ground engine tiers additions).**

Copy and paste from the view-only link below, and then make your own local copy in Google Docs.

Setup Part 1: Name your ships in the Order Sheet (first tab), and along the top row of the Parts and Prices sheet (second tab).

Setup Part 2:
1. Set the Order Qty to 1 for a ship/construct as you start entering parts quantities, leave the other ship Order Qtys at zero.
2. In the Parts and Prices sheet, enter the quantity of each part in the column for that ship or construct. I recommend hiding other ship columns until you need them.
3. Repeat step 1 for each blueprint.
4. Enter quantities of items you currently have on-hand, in Column F (In Stock). This will count into the "To Purchase" column.
5. Order your items from the market, and add them to "Purchased" (Column G) to help keep track.
6. Go pick them up, or use a parcel container to have them delivered! (Create a hauling mission and spread the love to your local DU trucker)

**IMPORTANT** You will have to regularly update your Current Inventory Stock so that you don't overbuy. The quickest way to see what you have on hand for the current bp is to inspect the bp while your active container is the container that holds all your on-hand items. Missing or insufficient quantities show up in red.

Setup Part 3 (Optional)
If you need to know the cost of your construct in current market prices, update the COST column. This is helpful if you are trying to determine a token price. If you only need this spreadsheet to make a shopping list, adding prices isn't required for it to work.

Some honeycomb is included, but you can add more rows of HC (add a 1 to Column B to allow filtering just for HC).
Honeycomb: Always acquire 1m3 more than the qty listed in the BP, to avoid "Not enough materials" warnings.

Click "Like" if you like it, and share the word. If you LOVE it, consider sending a small donation to the East Alioth Trading Company, which goes toward building the Grand Bazaar of Alioth, a player-built and run market, art and event space.

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