Bright Industries

Hammerhead Logistics Platform


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Welcome to the future of logistics in Dual Universe, presented by Madis Touch Industries division of Silverlight Industries! The Hammerhead features an innovative first of its kind modular ship platform. We have spent hundreds of hours perfecting the art of docking in DU, fear not, for you'll never have an issue docking to this design- no matter what you add to it!

VR Station "Blinding Bright Ship Store" to see it for yourself! Ship display located @ ::pos{0,2,27.3101,137.6827,90.0256}

Almost a year later, the original Hammerhead gains more capability. Able to fit a Large Shield Generator(installed on request) and can be equipped with a Deep Space Asteroid Tracker Pod for your roid hunting pleasure. One ship for any occasion, from scanning planets with up to 18 scanners- or hauling 35kt across Alioth, go forth and conquer the galaxies resources!

Pods? How do they work? With the built in maneuver tool and using Alt + T to dock / undock you can easily move pods on and off the ship to re-arrange their configuration to fit your needs. Each ship comes with a plethora of pods, with more in the works!

Cargo Pods - Dry Weight 90.4t
Wanna haul some cargo?! Prepare yourself for the ultimate hauler- with support for up to 6 pods of 6 large containers for 36 large containers of storage, this baby is capable of hauling multiple meganodes in a single trip. Are you a market trader? Drop a pod at a market and VR into it, link to the container, and sell products directly from the pod remotely! Miner at heart? Click the remote on a pod to enable a ore triangulation script, taking the guess work out of finding ore! Each pod has a built in resurrection node, making it easy to recall after mining- plus if you crash your ship the connected cores pod remains undamaged, so you can respawn at your crashed ship!

Scanner Pods:
Outfit your ship with as many territory scanners as you want! With a triple scanner pod blueprint (200t) and a single scanner pod (67t) allows those with a tighter budget to start small and grow into more efficient scanning configurations. Either keep three scan pods on your ship and fly it into the intersection of 3 hexes- or deploy the handy triple scanner pod and move on with your mission!

Oh, and of course it has an onboard organization system for territory scans, along with 2 onboard large containers for extra fuel & scrap. With an accessible cargo-deck to access the docked cargo, and space for a small anti-gravity generator if needed. VR Stations & Surrogate node is standard, so you can VR into your cargo pods remotely!

Pre-Installed Scripts
DU Orbital:
DU Damage Report:
Space Map & Warp Cell Calculator:
DU Prospector:
Container Screen:

Tokenized ship comes with:
1X Hammerhead Ship (Level 4-5 Boosts)
12x Cargo Pod Blueprints
3x Single Territory Scanner Pod Blueprints
3x Triple Territory Scanner Blueprint

Blueprint packs comes with:
1X Hammerhead MK2 Standard (blueprint)
12x Cargo Pod Blueprints
3x Single Territory Scanner Pod Blueprints
2x Triple Territory Scanner Blueprints
1x DSAT Pod Blueprint

Tokenized Addon Modules(when purchasing a ship):
3L Cargo Pods are 1m
6L Container Pods are 2m
9L Container Pods are 3m
Single scanners for 3m
Tri scanner pods are 9m
Deep Space Satellite Tracker 2m
RoidBoi Disposable Roid Mining Ship 2m

Check out Neocrypters showcase of the most versatile ship in Dual Universe!


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8 months ago


One of the greater ships in DU. Excellent build, not expensive, powerful, I like it a lot.

8 months ago


Updated for the current meta- now selling with a DSAT pod blueprint(with blueprint dispenser now avalible!) and has room for a Large Shield Generator. If you're a previous owner and need a Large shield installed or a BP for the DSAT. let me know on discord @ Zoe#7230

9 months ago


Hammerhead ......... Most versatile ship in the game. The things i have done with this ship defies Physicis . i use it alot for moving heavy loads to market i can ag load it with 18000kl total ship weight and cargo and it will get up to speed and go to market No Problem. I love this ship. If i have miners that are just starting out i can fly and drop off pods for them to mine into each pod can hold 1 075 020 Hematite. And the scanning you can do the list goes on and on and on .... Get one

10 months ago


Perfect for bigger loads and/or more docked modular units than the Forgestrike.

Everyone needs one of these in their hanger!

1 year ago


Awesome performance and a great customer service. Ship is a treasure and easy to fly

1 year ago


*The Hammerhead has been updated! If you're a past customer please contact Blinding Bright to get an upgrade for your ship. Hammerhead Mk2 now comes standard with AGG, and has been upgraded to dual XL space engines to double the thrust over the Mk1, along with minor voxel updates and fixes(all past customers are eligible for a free upgrade!) All pods have been updated for better weight balance, and the lua for the entire ship has bee updated and now uses the latest ARCH HUD*

1 year ago


@bendover I am playing a bit more now, and will be avalible for delivery again. The ship still hauls a decent bit, least similar to other specced ships. It still has great utility with the cargo pods, and it can still haul and use 18 scanners with 6 tri scanner pods.

The Tomahawk that is above this ship in terms of performance is handling 15-20kt off alioth still, been testing it quite a bit. it works great if you need a heavy hauler.


1 year ago


@bendover It's not much of a hauler these days, not like it used to be.

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


Does the builder still play? I do not know if this ship has been updated or not. It may be broken now, but I am not looking to mega haul. I like the scan platforms that the builder makes, just curious if this is worth the money these days.

1 year ago


Sorry I left a comment for my Hammerhead in the Tomahawk comments. Have you upgraded the Hammerhead to compensate for the .024 patch yet. If so, is it possible for me to fly mine up to you and get it updated or replaced? Thanks, Rattler

1 year ago


Post .24 update Balance your load starting with the middle pods holding the heaviest weight and alternate the weight in the remaining pods and she flies great still. Well done!!

1 year ago


After having flown this ship for a month or so, I can honestly tell you that this ship is a must have. It has also rendered my other ships virtually unused because this baby rocks. YOU GOTTA HAVE ONE OF THESE. That is all that I can say about it. IT WORKS!

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


Bought my second one today. Its such a great ship having just one is not enought. Great service , ordered it and it arrived at my door step one hour later. It's become my go to ship for pretty much everything I do. I now have a base full of ships doing nothing because I only use my hammerhead.

1 year ago


@Zelawyn I've been testing the inertia matrix changes on 0.24 and will have an update to this ship, and others before it goes live to alleviate most of the issues. As it is, once the game changes airbrakes, powersystems, etc- it'll break most ships as we know it. You could argue those ships are also designed around a bug./exploit. As a ship designer I plan to stay in front of upcoming changes and plan to roll with the punches going forward.

And as far as I've testing, docking adds weight to the parent construct- it doesn't add drag, nor calculates the inertia matrix in 0.23- but does in 0.24. These are changes I'll be taking into consideration with an update to the ship :)

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


@ Zoestumbaugh, Redsonya is correct in that this ship, and all its line is designed around a bug. Though power has nothing to do with it. The docking bug is still in the game and should be fixed in the 0.24 patch. So after that patch (if nq fixes the bug this time) this ship will not function to the spec's it claims.

1 year ago

Great Ship, Great customer service. This is my swiss army knife. I also have the sibbling Stryker model.

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


A great idea for a ship, love the modular configuration. The weight in the docked pods now gets added to the ship weight (although is not shown in the ship statistics yet). the ship flies well with weight and an AGG can be shoehorned into the upper deck if you that option.
The sale was conducted in record time and with courtesy and efficiency. A great deal of time was taken showing me around the ship and its functions and making sure I was happy with everything before the sale was concluded. Any questions I had post sale were answered extreemly quickly and with the same courtesy. Highly recommended.

1 year ago


@RedSonya They fixed weight not being added in with 0.23, it still doesn't add drag or mess with the inertia matrix(weight/inertia gets added equally to thee whole ship)

Power wise, I added an entire top deck with room for future power systems. Probably one of the few ships that has extra space for it when it comes out. It should be future proofed more than most ships.

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


Great ship! Saving up for one

1 year ago


So exploiting the docking bug I see that doesn’t properly apply weight. Nice Exploit use. What’s going to happen when Power comes and these ships are useless and fall out of the sky or won’t fly? Lots brick paperweights. Clever Idea though. Nice ship.

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago



1 year ago


I’ve had this ship for a few weeks now, and I believe I’ve finally throughly tested it and gotten used to it.
First off I have to commend the creator, the response time was amazing, she delivered the ship to my own landing pad free of charge and even jumped on discord voice to give me a tour and a brake down of how everything worked which was amazing,
Secondly this has become my go to ship for all things mining, I spend a lot of my time mining and hauling and I can’t see myself flying anything but the hammerhead for the foreseeable future, it handled its first 11kt load on Alioth as if it was empty, it’s responsive and an actual treat to fly.
The modular design allows me to outfit it ready for what ever mission I’m running, be it an extended scanning trip (3 Tri scanners 3 cargo pods) or a mass hauling trip (6 cargo pods)
This ship has truly become my home away from home

I cannot recommend this ship and the creator enough

1 year ago


Excellent ship! I have been looking at this on the creators site for a while and finally purchased it after watching neocrypters ship showcase video on youtube last night. Flies great and the modular aspect of it is phenomenal not to mention the excellent customer service, this guy dropped it off for me not even an hour after I dm'd him at no cost to me. Highly recommended for anyone looking to multi task or multi-triple scan. 10/10

1 year ago


Had it a couple days, loving it. VRed to site, make order, watched as Brightly got it ready, flew with Brightly to my location, made transaction. Done. Build an extra cargo pod, and have my pocket ship attached. Will have to make a triple scanner pod soon. I would highly recommend this ship. Thank you Brightly.

1 year ago


Bought a hammerhead and forgestrike from Bright very quick delivery. Thanks a ton for all the help!

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


Had this ship a few days now, best ship i have owned. If you are a serious solo miner or in a low-mid sized ORG you want this ship. It is not just a hauler it is a flying base! Has everything you could possilby need. Most i have carried in it is 4kt but it did it with ease and flew just as easy as when it was empty, the tri scanner is easy to use i find it faster than trying to line a ship up to scan. Blueprints for all add ons are included and you get more than enough to have extras to leave on other planets to save hauling them about. Delivery was included in the the price and was even given a tour of the ship upon delivery. 100% recommend this ship.

1 year ago


I'm primarily a miner and this is my go to ship now. And it probably will be for a long time thanks to the modular design, which works a lot better than I thought it would =) Very easy to dock the pods. Lot's of great details (love the shrubbery!) and some room on the upper deck to customize the interior. I added some crew quarters and a small agg. There are a lot of advanced features geared towards coordinated mining ops that I haven't used yet, but I know will be appreciated by aserious crew. Anyway, very happy with the purchase, and great service from Bright.

1 year ago


Cant wait to get my hands on 1 of these - seems super versatile and configs seems to make it a good all rounder for miners.....

1 year ago


One of my favorite ships in Game so far. This ship is a game changer, worth every bit of the price asked for. So many configurations and possibilities, and I know the builder is expanding on the whole logistics system and possibilities of this whole line. Can't wait to see more from this builder.

1 year ago


This ship is absolutely worth the price. With max mining skills, mine paid for itself in one day with one haul. If you’re new to mining it should take just a few days, maybe a week. It flies great. It’ll quickly become your go to hauler. Overall, this ship checks all the boxes. I had a longer review but got a "should be at most 1000 character(s)" message.
I'll just say that if you need a hauler and you can afford this, buy one.

1 year ago


Love Modular ship ideas and the execution on this one is great, the ship itself handles very well, though if you are carrying a very heavy load off Alioth you really need to use the massive amount of lift the ship has vs the thrust output, this is not a bad thing just different then the way most people have designed their ships so it may take a bit of getting used to. the ship also has space for an AGG which I do plan on installing on mine for those times im carrying 8 cargo pods and overloading the poor thing ;) Overall it is a wonderful multi role ship with way more potential uses then any other ship currently available that i have seen

1 year ago


Bought one this morning, it handles well and performance as expected. I am also a big fan of the modular platform design and the detachable pods. Mine came with 12 cargo pod blueprints and a number of Scanner blueprints to create additional pods to attach to the ship. I quickly crafted the scanner pod attachments and in minutes of going to a number tiles dropping of a pod and moving on to the next I was scanning 10+ title at once.

1 year ago


The best way I can think to describe this ship in a few words is YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. There and no limits in the ways you can use this ship its very versatile. Thats all i got .. I am sure some word wizard will give a more indepth review.

1 year ago


An outstanding build with otherworldy customer service. Was having a hard time finding mega nodes so the builder gave me 3 locations of her own nodes. very ingenuitive build the modular design makes it a ship ready to accomplish any task you put it up to
will buy again!

1 year ago


Bought one yesterday. Fantastic ship and configuration. Absolutely perfect for an organization mining foreman. Also works well for extended mining trips. While I have only been using less than 24 hours it will be my goto ship for hauling and mining.

1 year ago


All I can say is this ship FANTASTIC!! The Hammerhead is the miners game changer. The customer service that BlindingBright provides is unsurpassed. Thank you for going above and beyond!!

1 year ago


Bought one last night, it handles well (well once BlindingBright reminded me that the top pilot seat is the one using Dimencia HUD which I was expecting but the lower pilots seat uses Aviator 1280 which I wasn't that is) and it is economical on fuel for the size.
Great idea these detachable pods I finished setting them up this morning. Whip them off if travelling light, slap them on when going for an extended mining trip.
Although it is advertised as able to carry xs vessels it was happy enough flying through atmosphere and space with an s core ship slapped on to the side like a fridge magnet.

1 year ago


A+++++! What a great logistic and hauling ship! I was able to put 24 large containers(4x 6 container pods), my tri-scanning platform, and my warp shuttle on this bad boy. Highly recommended. Would buy again!!!

My ship!

Bright Industries


Dry Weight:

2,310 t

Cargo Space:

6,912 kL


Cargo Lift:

5,000 t

Max Speed:

2,073 km/h

Atmo Hover:

174 MN

Sustentation Speed:

242 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

92.1 MN

Atmo Brake:

1,009 MN

Wing Lift:

138 MN


Space Thrust:

134 MN

Space Brake:

187 MN

Space Hover:

84 MN

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space
    • Ground

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Combat
    • Hauler
    • Courier
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • Scanner
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp
    • Shield
    • DSAT