The Circle



No attributes :-(

BP dispenser located on Alioth at ---> ::pos{0,2,24.6416,120.5044,3.8850} That building is in an L Core. I don't like the huge factory blocks at all, so I took an L Core and gave myself free rein in the dimensions and design of the building. From my point of view, the entire core does not always have to be used. It is important to me that buildings fit in well with their surroundings, be it in the city or in the country. The building is an empty shell! Setting up the factory or your office in the building is entirely up to you. Below the asphalt there is enough space for you to build your own cellar with containers and industry. you can find the core in the center below the floor if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please let me know! VR: "Calpone Showroom" dispenser ---> ::pos{0,2,24.6416,120.5044,3.8850}

BP: 5 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

BP dispenser located on Alioth at ---> ::pos{0,2,24.5909,120.4644,4.2185} The Drake is a hauler with a very unique design. She can safely launch 3000 tons into space from Alioth without AGG. If you have to lift more, there is still enough space in the machine room to install an AGG. Features: 10 x Advanced Military Atmospheric Engine L 2 x Advanced Maneuver Space Engine XL 4 x Basic containers XL Warp drive interior Autopilot with ArchHUD ShipInfo if you need more power you can simply swap out the engines as they are easily accessible. Listed stats are with maxed technician talents! If you want to boost ALL attributes of the Drake to LVL 5 I have an offer for you. just write "Surlick-Zek#8035" in the discord. He is a gifted mechanic and gets every engine running. For a small tip of just 250,000 Quantas, you can fly back home with a fully boosted ship. VR: "Calpone Showroom" Dispenser---> ::pos{0,2,24.5909,120.4644,4.2185}

BP: 10 Mħ




Cargo Space: 2,700 kL

Many of you will know this ship from another well-known game. Since I've always been fascinated by this ship and I've always wanted to fly it, I decided to build it. Many hours have been invested in this ship and I can now say with a clear conscience that I am very satisfied with it and I am very happy to finally be able to offer you the Reclaimer. What can you expect from the Reclaimer: -It's huge! -It's massive! -It's an eye catcher! -It is expensive! -It burns a lot of fuel! But that's fun ;) If the 14 "Basic Container L" don't offer you enough space either, you can easily exchange them with optimized containers. And if that is still not enough, there is still enough space on the upper deck behind the AGG to place more containers. Thanks to the 4 "Adv. Safe Space engines XL", the Reclaimer can easily lift 10kt into space without AGG. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Token price with AGG: 170 mill Token price without AGG: 145 mill -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Tokens are available at: - Hadron HQ VR: "Hadron HQ Alioth" Pos--> ::pos{0,2,-21.6938,122.4977,129.7615} -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- BP's with lvl5 skills are available at: - Hadron HQ VR: "Hadron HQ Alioth" Pos--> ::pos{0,2,-21.6938,122.4977,129.7615} Discord: RyanPryde#8917 -Calpone VR: "Calpone Showroom" Pos--> ::pos{0,2,24.5979,120.4677,4.1708} Discord: Calpone#6240

Token: 170 Mħ
BP: 50 Mħ