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“Let us not forget why we are here. Why we have spent ten thousand years traveling the void…

We are the sons and daughters of old Earth. We have come to reclaim our future.. to build a new world for our people….

We are the Pioneers…”

Excerpt: Book of Novea, Author: Unknown.

Some say that it was these words that inspired Captain’s Customs vision. That it was these words that made the shipwrights cross the line from practical and reliable Medium Freighters into truly astonishing Large Core ships of the line…

All we know is the result: The Pioneers.

The 2023 Pioneer is around 120 meters long, has a barracks, a bar, an executive suite, and a captain’s ready room. It has 70 advanced atmospheric engines, 62 L Containers, AGG, and around 22,200 cubic meters of the best voxel design that money can buy.

All this adds up to a ship that can lift 22Kt of cargo into space, move an entire organization between planets, and carry a small fleet of utility vehicles around the world.

Simply put… this is The Ship.

The Ship you take to strip mine a planet or asteroid.

The Ship you take to curdle the willpower of those wanting to negotiate with you on ore prices.

The Ship you take to restart civilization in a new star system, a million light-years from home.

This Ship, is the most in-demand ship in the game.

Building a Pioneer will monopolize the entire production capacity of a small Aliothian nation. Running it will devastate the local economy.

Deploying it should be an achievement.

This is not the ship for you. You can't afford it…. But you know you want it anyway.

Come see us in person at Captain’s showroom 12km Southwest of Alioth Market 16 ::pos{0,2,19.3636,110.1164,13.5872} or visit Captain’s Customs Ship Showroom in VR

Ask about token prices! Markets are changing fast.

Created 3 years ago
Updated 9 months ago

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3 years ago | Edited 3 years ago


HONEST REVIEW!! I Have been looking at this ship for months now being very hesitant on spending the quanta it takes to own something like this. After purchasing this ship. Probably because I was exhausted, and hyped up on caffeine and had a small case of feeling like a high roller. This is one purchase I DO NOT regret in the smallest ways possible. It performs better than it looks, and it's easy to say it looks amazing. Inside and out. Now, you cant call me a Captain customs fanboy or promoter because seriously. Am I the only one in DU that doesnt own a horizon? I never do these reviews but I feel the need to give credit where credit is due. This ship is truly amazing. It's big. Its powerful and its style vs performance is unmatched If you have the quanta and the need for L core. This ship is a no brainer. I wish I would have pulled the trigger and bought one sooner.

3 years ago


Just picked one up yesterday. This is one heck of a ship. I couldn't be happier. I keep looking around and finding more and more details. Flies beautiful for a big hauler. Worth every hard earned penny spent. I couldn't say enough good about this ship. Thank you again Captain. You and your crew do outstanding work.

3 years ago


Yesterday we packed up an entire corporation, all buildings, manufacturing facilities, ships, ore, elements, etc and piled all ships onto the top of the Pioneer. Even with 1/2 assed piloting skills it shot to space on 1G planet and landed like a feather on 2 other planets. A completely mobile Corporation that can chase the resources. In DU, planet/moon resources are limited (and already taken or under the control of PVP squatters) but with asteroids coming up having a mobile corporation piled onto a Pioneer is a massive competitive edge. No other ship in the game can compare with the Pioneer. It makes logistics childs play. Agility and mobility are more important than a big stationary headquarters. Our logistics combined with Captain Miller ships (and a few other specific tools not in the captains lineup) I expect a 2 week turn around and the Pioneer would have paid for itself

3 years ago | Edited 3 years ago


Pull nice and steady out from the show room start heading for space 65% power 30% pitch not to push the new ship hard and to get a feel for the new girl had a crew-member on board joy riding who to my luck spots a ship in the flight path we where on push the power to 100% pitch to 90% (like a fighter scrambling to a fight the grin on my face going from a 600 something to 1200 burn in few seconds was definitely worth the 290mill tho cargo test to follow tho so far I recommend this to anybody look for a L core with cargo room and some looks here’s the ship for you

3 years ago

Revo Ships And Statics

youve done it again sir! well done

3 years ago


Nice price for one of best ship of this game

Captains Customs - Ship Sales
Not given


Dry Weight:

6,000 t

Cargo Space:

11,904 kL


Cargo Lift:

22,000 t

Max Speed:

1,898 km/h

Atmo Hover:

354 MN

Sustentation Speed:

292 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

349 MN

Atmo Brake:

2,436 MN


Space Thrust:

266 MN

Space Brake:

368 MN

Space Hover:

354 MN

  • Core
    • L

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • AntiGrav
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp