CCU Modular Tile Set


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New to our collection the CCU Modular Tile Set (whit cracks).

Here at CCU we like to share our new creations whit the public, and so our new set will be added to our collection and open to public. This tile set was made for our own factory floor initially but i could not stop and it turned into a full set of all kind of different tiles.

It is a very modular set where u can mix and match as much as u like to make different looks, layout's or patterns. It is made to be used as floor or ceiling but whit a little creativity u can do all kind of things whit it.

This set contains the following:
- 7 clean tiles in different sizes
- 3 sizes whit random cracks
- seams to fill in between the tiles
- seams to fill in the cracks

All of these come whit 5 different bevel edges which u can mix whit each other to create a new unique tile.

Asking price for this set BP (DRM Free) is 350k / 350.000 quanta

All the honeycomb material needed for this set is available for 50k / 50.000 quanta

U can visit us in VR at : CCU Voxel library
or in person at our location : ::pos{0,2,34.7581,72.5932,-0.0001} (Alioth)

We hope u like and enjoy this set, and would love to see how or where u will put it to use.

Enjoy your day and stay safe Novean's
Greetings from CrazyHenky

Created 1 year ago
Updated 8 months ago

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