CCU Voxel Set V2


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We are happy to announce that our new voxel set is available to public ! Here at CCU ( Crazy Crew Universe ) we belive at sharing is caring. We did this whit our first Voxel Magic Set, and now again whit our brand new and more advanced set.

About 85% of this set is 100% made in house by our own voxel mancy expert(s). A few other pieces are donated to the set and we are happy to be able to share them whit u. This is all whit full 100% agreement of the persons who donated theire work.

And ofcourse as u are used from us, we offer u not only the BluePrint but also the voxel material to spawn in 1 set. Also a Dynamic core available.

As always we hope u will enjoy this new set and create alot of awsome cool things whit it. There are quite alot of interesting pieces and more advanced voxel mancy on here, and we are curious what ppl can create whit em. Feel free to send any creations via DM on discord.

Credits to people that have donated or agreed whit sharing some of there work (wich u find in this set):

Visit us trow VR : CCU Voxel Magic
Or come in person, location Alioth > ::pos{0,2,-4.5710,127.2877,36.1803}

Take care and enjoy Noveans!


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1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago

Blue Star

(About my previous messages)
Ok, we clarified this. CrazyHenky got some of my stuff by the peoples who stole from me and wasn't aware of that. We are good now, enjoy this set guys !

1 month ago


@Watanka, iam not sure what piece ur refering to. As far as iam aware i didnt put something from u in here. But ill contact u on Discord and we can talk it out. I have no problems giving someone credit where its due

1 month ago


I can only do one thing with this guy:
RECOMMENDING HIM. He did a great work as voxel mancer for me, and the result is exactly what I hoped for.
I am Hirnsausen, and if you look at my own items for sale here on this website, you will see that I know what I am talking about in regards to voxel skills.

1 month ago

Blue Star

Also :
"This is all whit full 100% agreement of the persons who donated theire work."

Ehhh nope.

1 month ago

Blue Star

"About 85% of this set is 100% made in house"
What about the remaining 15% you didn't even asked permission ?
Could you, at least, give some credit considering you are making profit from the set ?

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