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*I want to apologize to anyone who may have come to get either BP from my dispensers, I went out of town and when I made the price drop I failed to change the price on the dispensers. The problems has been fixed.*


We all dream about having a nice cabin by the water. Well this is the DU equivalent, luxury and down home combined to create this very spacious and warm log cabin. With 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, formal dinning room, large open kitchen with breakfast area, huge living room and entry and last but not least, no cabin on the water is complete without a theater room. All surrounded by a full wrap around porch designed to be backed up to a waterfront were you can build your dock or runway leading to your personal oasis on the water. Out on the back deck you'll find a large pool and functional fire pit. The house is built on a large core and is edged with a nice split rail fence to let the neighbors know your property lines at a glance. The entire house is made from wood, plastic, marble, brick, stainless steel and just a few hints of gold.

This is a BP only. You will need to source the materials or buy them from the market. If you need materials for this you can contact me and I can make them for you.

You can view this spacious heaven on the water on Alioth, Vr to Crazyhorses Log Home, or fly on by and get the real in person view at ::pos{0,2,55.6756,64.2959,17.1461}

BP dispenser on site, remember not to buy Bp's in vr!


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14 days ago | Edited 13 days ago


nice build even though i am not using it as a log cabin on the banks of a lake but as a marina for my water craft.
tips: when placing the dock is facing you, the fire pit rgb is 255,120,0, the hobs are 255,10,0.
The HTML did not carry over for the fire place and Crazyhorse68 gave me them

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